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"Die Me, Dichotomy"
An extreme case of split personality leads to a tragedy for one of Moya

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Rygel goes to give Zhaan her riches (see log Plan B), when she suddenly lashes out at him because he's thinking about money when they burnt Moya. He tells her that they're all taking a few bits, and are using the rest to pay any fee to a healer, located by Crais and Talyn, to help Moya. She apologises for misjudging him.

Crichton sees visions of Scorpius in a mirror, and smashes it repeatedly with his fist. Aeryn comes in to calm him down, and reminds him that he must fight it. They're going to see if the surgeon can remove the chip, and she tells him he must be strong, and there's no Scorpius here. He agrees, but we see him morph back and forth between himself, and himself as Scorpius...

The Diagnosan, and his assistant Grunchlk are assessing the damage to Moya, and Grunchlk says that it looks good – they should be able to help. Aeryn asks how much it will cost, and Grunchlk says 12000 krekmas, which they say is outrageous. Grunchlk pushes the price up to 15000, and then Chiana asks why the Diagnosan wears a mask. Grunchlk says he gets diseases through inhalation – any bacteria that gets into his nose and mouth simultaneously would kill it.

Rygel attempts to have a word with Crichton, but he hits Rygel in the face, and again we see the image of Scorpius-Crichton. D'Argo is talking to Jothee, and Aeryn tells Rygel she'll take care of Crichton. D'Argo wants Jothee to have his tentas restored, but he mutilated himself through his hatred. Chiana comes to talk, and D'Argo snaps, before leaving upset. Grunchlk has again raised the price, to 20000, so Zhaan and Stark are forced to agree to it.

Crichton is reconfiguring a comm. outside Pilot's control; he says to eavesdrop on Crais. He says the Scorpius in his head is under house arrest. Aeryn wants him to stop, but he says that as long as he stays busy the Scorpius clone leaves him alone. Aeryn says the Diagnosan will look at him after Moya's healed, and reminds him of the word "hope", which he brought to this ship. He says he'd be lost without her; she's worked her way into his heart. They both say, "I love you", when Scorpius-Crichton whacks her head against the wall, knocking her unconscious.

Crais is telling Talyn that Aeryn cannot be blackmailed – if she is to join them it'll have to be of her own volition. He says that if she joins them freely, they'll tell her the truth. Talyn detects a signal – a special pulse code known only by Peacekeeper captains and above.

Jothee goes to stop Crichton, who is sending the signal, and tries to tongue-lash him, but Scorpius-Crichton catches his tongue and throws him against the wall. D'Argo enters, and tongue-lashes him from behind.

Down on the planet, Stark and Crais come to support Crichton whilst the Diagnosan sees what he can do. He looks at Crichton's brain, which is covered in black tendrils – the neural clone. Grunchlk says the doctor doesn't know what he can do – he doesn't think he can remove it without killing him. Meanwhile, D'Argo goes to help Stark numb Moya, and again snaps at Chiana.

Aeryn and Crichton are looking at bodies stored by Tocot. Crichton asks if he said anything to piss her off, but she asks if he's serious. They're interrupted by Zhaan and Grunchlk, who says he thinks he's found a match for Crichton. Zhaan says it's an abomination against nature; the specimens are alive. Grunchlk says that they're frozen a microt before death – none of them would survive restoration. Crichton asks if it's possible that they're near Earth, to which she replies that she doesn't know.

D'Argo and Stark are dopey from the anaesthetic they used to numb Moya, whilst Chiana and Jothee are in Pilot's den. Jothee says that D'Argo wants to use his money to settle down and live on a farm, but he says that he wants to live loudly. Chiana says that she supposes he meant just him and Jothee, when a high Pilot shows a DRD recording of D'Argo practising his proposal to Chiana!

Rygel and Grunchlk are eating, when Aeryn enters and asks how long it will be before they start Crichton's surgery. Grunchlk says it'll be about eight arns; the doctor wants to supervise the healing of Moya first. Rygel tells her to leave, as he talks to Grunchlk about securing passage off of Moya, since she won't be able to starburst for a while.

Crichton asks Zhaan to join with him in unity, so he can show her what he wants to say to his friends and family should he die. She goes to initiate unity, but Scorpius-Crichton grabs her, in a mental link, saying a twelfth level Pa'u could break the bond, but she's only a ten.

Meanwhile Crais asks Aeryn what her next move is, since Crichton could die here and the others are talking about what to do next. She says that he must have a suggestion, and he says Talyn needs guidance, and has chosen her, and he agrees with that decision. Before she can answer, Talyn informs Crais that Crichton has left Moya in his pod. Crichton tells Aeryn not to come after him, since he's not in control. Crais says that he's broadcasting their location to Scorpius, and he must be stopped. Aeryn thanks Crais for his offer, then goes after Crichton. Crais gets Talyn to block the transmission as best he can.

Aeryn addresses the chip in Crichton's head, since he's clearly not in control. He says that she won't kill him, because if she fires she'll miss. Zhaan is in pain on Moya, telling Stark that Crichton is gone; his body is filled with horrific evil. Crichton's taken his ship into the atmosphere, where he has had more flight experience. D'Argo reminds Aeryn that Crichton has said he'd rather die than go to Scorpius, so not to hesitate. She asks why she would, and he says because if their positions were reversed, he would.

Scorpius-Crichton loses her by flying through some sort of rock, and when she comes out he appears flying above her. She tries to plea with Crichton, but Scorpius-Crichton says she doesn't realise the extent of Crichton's misery. She says that he must recognise she is the superior pilot, to which he agrees, and she tells him to land. Scorpius-Crichton says he has no alternative, and proceeds to attempt to land on top of her prowler, smashing through it with the landing gears! She announces that she is under attack, and is forced to eject. Her prowler explodes, but the decent brakes auto-ignite, so she's okay. Scorpius-Crichton informs her that she's not over land, but rather a frozen lake, which she confirms...

She cannot separate from the ejection pod, and Crichton takes control saying that she has to get out of the seat, but she says the harness is jammed. She says all her options are depleted, and she hopes that Crichton meant what he said in the neural cluster, because she did. As the others on Moya listen on, and Crichton watches in horror as she descends into the lake, resurfacing only long enough to call Crichton's name, before falling back under water, as Crichton, in tears, witnesses what he has done...

We cut to Aeryn's funeral; performed by Zhaan, as in turn the crew pay their respects. D'Argo gives her his Qualta Blade, and Rygel gives her his medallion, saying she is more worthy of it than he is, and asks her to be at piece. Zhaan finishes her prayer, as Crichton goes to her, and asks D'Argo for his knife. Reluctantly, he hands it to him, and Crichton leans over her, asking for her forgiveness and saying he loves her, and he kisses her and cuts a lock of her hair, then says he's ready.

The Diagnosan tells Crichton he's not responsible for Aeryn's death, but Crichton says he is. Grunchlk explains that the doctor is going to cut the tendrils then remove the chip, but Crichton must tell him what memories he wants to keep.

On Talyn, an upset Crais says he too would have liked to have shown Aeryn the information on the chip he has, as he thinks it would have made her the happiest soul among them. Zhaan is comforting Pilot, when Stark tells her that everyone's moving on, and asks what she will do. She says her concern is for Pilot and Moya now, and Stark asks to share the future with her.

The surgery continues, with Crichton telling Tocot what memories to keep. He says to get rid of American History, but to keep the memories of his dogs if possible. Meanwhile Grunchlk tells Rygel that his ship will be here shortly. He says that it's too bad about Aeryn, and Rygel in a humble tone says yes, but that's life. The doctor asks Crichton about the memories of Aeryn, but we don't hear his answer.

Jothee is apparently preparing to leave, and saying goodbye to Chiana. As they're about to kiss, D'Argo comes in and says that they should stay close. Meanwhile Tocot finds the wormhole memories, as suddenly a horde of Peacekeepers storm the building! The doctor says that Crichton's speech is close to the implant, so he'll have to take it out then attempt to restore Crichton's speech. He removes the chip and shows it to Crichton.

We see Aeryn in one of the storage containers, when Lt. Braca sees Grunchlk hiding in one. Tocot is about to replace Crichton's brain, when Scorpius walks in to the operating room! He greets the doctor, and says his cooling apparatus is as functional as the day Tocot installed it. He then removes the doctor's mask and breathes on him. He tells Crichton that there's so much to say, but so little capacity. He takes the chip, and says he hopes all this work was worth it. He says that he condemns Crichton... to live, so that his thirst for unfulfilled revenge will consume him. With that, he says goodbye, and after a shot of Crichton with brains on an operating table and literally speechless, we end season 2...


Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 22 - "Die Me, Dichotomy" (Part 1 of 2)
Writer: David Kemper
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10222
First UK Transmission: 19th Dec 2000
First US Transmission: 26th Jan 2001
Guest Stars:
Hugh Keays-Byrne (Grunchlk); Wayne Pygram (Scorpius); Matt Newton (Jothee); Lani Tupu (Bialar Crais); Paul Goddard (Stark); Thomas Holesgrove (Diagnosan Tocot); David Franklin (Lt. Braca)
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