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Look at the Princess, Part 2:
"I Do, I Think"

This is not John Crichton

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As Crichton is about to be dissolved by the assassins, Jenavian saves him, downing all the guards. She tells him that she's a Disruptor, of the Peacekeeper Special Directorate, and asks Crichton which branch he is from. Crichton plays along, saying that he didn't know he'd be getting backup. She says that she is to stay close to Clavor, and if he assumes the thrown she will kill him. She says that she will kill Crichton if he wavers and jeopardises the mission.

Crichton confronts Clavor, and after punching him says that he is not happy that he was nearly killed and wants off this planet. Jena is behind a silkscreen, and ro-NA enters. Crichton says that he wants Scorpius off his back, Katralla to be able to marry who she wants and he can be king. He warns Clavor not to try to kill him again, and when he leaves Clavor orders ro-NA to get his mother.

Crichton is telling Tyno what happened, with D'Argo backing him up but Chiana sceptical, and Tyno says he can find no evidence. He believes Crichton, and will upgrade security but he can't accuse Clavor without proof, because the royal family abhors violence. Katralla enters and slaps Crichton, and then takes him to a room, where she tells him he made a fool out of her. She knows Clavor poisoned her DNA, but doesn't believe that he'd kill anyone. The Empress now considers Crichton unstable and wants more tests on him. Katralla refuses to believe him, accusing him of lying, and if so, she can't marry him.

On Moya, smoke has infiltrated her and Zhaan goes to see what it is. A being comes out of it, proclaiming himself to be Kahaynu, who gave Moya a soul. He says that Moya is well, and gave birth, but to a gunship. He says that he created these ships as beings of peace, but Moya's offspring can dispense carnage. He is here to decommission Moya, and end her existence.

Aeryn and Chiana are outside the palace, with Chiana trying to convince Aeryn that she needs to tell Crichton how she feels. Dregon approaches and offers himself as a diversion, wanting her to go to the Barren Lands with him. Aeryn refuses point blank, saying she doesn't like him.

Meanwhile, Katralla still refuses to believe Crichton, when a floating robot comes into the room. The door is locked and the machine releases gas into the room. ro-NA enters to lead Crichton and Katralla away, before they fall unconscious. Katralla apologises for doubting Crichton; she will marry him.

Rygel is talking to Empress Novia, but she is refusing to let Crichton leave the planet and continues to deny Clavor's involvement. Rygel suggests that she stash Crichton somewhere, and she says that ro-NA has a ship full of gifts in orbit that they can use. Rygel suggests that they tell no one, not even Moya's crew, to throw the assailants off the scent, so they become careless. Rygel asks Novia if she trusts ro-NA, and she says that ro-NA will not betray them.

ro-NA receives money from Scorpius, as a down payment for her work, with the rest to come on the completion of her mission. Scorpius wants no witnesses left behind.

On the transport, ro-NA gives Crichton the tracking device that Scorpius gave her to stop anyone knowing where they are going, and although reluctant he does use it.

Moya is shutting down her systems in sequence, but Zhaan tries to stop her, telling Kahaynu that all life cherishes life. She is not convinced that Moya is doing this willingly, so Kahaynu says he will let her do the convincing. Moya speaks, saying that she's fulfilled and will go willingly in peace, making Zhaan extremely upset.

D'Argo has a go at Rygel for not saying Crichton was leaving, while Tyno says that the transport disappeared and no signal has been received. D'Argo thinks it's Scorpius, while Aeryn says the Scarran, so Chiana goes to speak with the latter.

Crichton wonders why ro-NA's ship is so far away from the others, and Crichton and ro-NA discuss possessions, because she claims to have none. Meanwhile, Katralla and Jena are both in the ladies', and start slagging each other off, before Aeryn comes in and grabs them both up against the mirror, and warns them what will happen if anything happens to Crichton.

Clavor tells Cargn what Crichton did to him, but neither of them gassed him. Chiana enters the room, and Cargn tells her to leave. She tries to tell them that the Nebari will get retribution if anything happens to Crichton. She leaves, and Cargn realises that they don't know where Crichton is either.

Crichton, ro-NA and the guards board her ship, when the guards are shot. A gun is put to Crichton's head, by Lieutenant Braca, who tells ro-NA to notify Scorpius. The transport is cut loose, and ro-NA wants payment. Scorpius appears as an image and congratulates Crichton. When ro-NA asks for payment, Scorpius tells Braca to give her something special. Scorpius tells Crichton that D'Argo just visited him and doesn't seem to know where he is. Crichton asks what he wants, and Scorpius says that the wormhole technology in his brain makes him unique in the galaxy, and unique is always valuable. Crichton starts acting mad, knowing that Braca won't shoot him, but tries to get him to. Crichton starts punching controls, and Braca can't control him. Crichton has engaged weapons, and auto-defences will fire if they don't identify themselves. No one manages to, and the defences fire, and as Braca tries to get control, ro-NA attacks him, but she ends up getting electrocuted. Braca calls Crichton insane, and leaves the ship with the only spacesuit and helmet. Comms are down, when Crichton suddenly hears Scorpius' voice telling him to focus, and that he must survive. Crichton picks up a gun, and as the pod is destroyed Crichton jumps out into open space, and uses the force of the gunfire to carry him over to the pod.

Zhaan summons Kahaynu, and asks him to build Pilot a new ship so that he does not perish as well. Kahaynu refuses and tells her to say goodbye.

Crichton is lying on a table with breathing apparatus on his face. D'Argo says that he's spoken with the Empress, and she won't do anything. She's put everyone on notice. Crichton asks what he can do, and D'Argo says either run away or stay here, he'll back Crichton whatever he chooses. Aeryn enters and D'Argo leaves them alone. She says that she's proud of Crichton, for being the John she always new – fighting, resisting, never giving up. Crichton asks if she's stopped Scorpius chasing him, or convinced the Empress not to make him marry the princess. She says that's no reason to get married. Crichton says that eighty cycles isn't that long if it will stop Clavor taking the throne and save lives. He says that he's tired, and asks what he's supposed to do when there's no fight left. Aeryn says that he runs away, and he asks "with you?" She says with all of them, together, but at her response he just lays down on the bed. She says that he can't quit, but he says he just can't go on. Aeryn asks if he's no longer the Crichton she knew, but he doesn't answer, and she leaves. She goes to Dregon, and asks him to explore the Barren Lands if he thinks he can keep up. Crichton is left on the bed, all alone.

Pilot tells Zhaan that Moya has slipped from consciousness, and he will soon follow. He tells Zhaan not to feel sad – his life was good, Moya was right, they are fulfilled. Zhaan says it's been a pleasure, and Pilot says he's ready no, he's seen the stars.

Crichton is in the hall for the wedding, and Scorpius tells him that he's making a mistake. Crichton tells him that his one request for a wedding present was that Scorpius be banned from the planet, forever, and they said yes. The ceremony takes place, with everyone but Aeryn in attendance.

When it's over, Crichton asks D'Argo where Aeryn was, but D'Argo says to forget about her. Crichton gives Chiana recordings for Pilot, Zhaan and Aeryn, and Chiana hugs him and says she loves him. Katralla is turned into a statue, and Tyno says that it's calibrated only for Sebaceans, so to endure the pain and rule wisely. D'Argo says he has good and bad news. The bad: He is married, and must endure eighty cycles as a statue on a strange world. The good: He and Chiana are having fantastic sex! He and Crichton laugh, as Crichton is turned into a statue...


Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 11 - Look at the Princess, Part 2: "I Do, I Think" (Part 2 of 3)
Writer: David Kemper
Director: Andrew Prowse & Tony Tilse
Production number: 10221
First UK Transmission: 18th Sep 2000
First US Transmission: 28th Jul 2000
Guest Stars:
Matt Day (Counsellor Tyno); Felicity Price (Princess Katralla); Wayne Pygram (Scorpius); Jonathan Hardy (Kahaynu); Francesca Buller (ro-NA); Tina Bursill (Empress Novia); Felix Williamson (Prince Clavor); David Franklin (Lt. Braca); Nicholas McKay (Voice of Cargn); Thomas Holesgrove (Cargn the Scarran); Bianca Chiminello (Jenavian Charto); Aaron Cash (Dregon); Jennifer Fisher (PK Nurse)
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