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Liars, Guns and Money, Part 2:
"With Friends Like These..."

The crew go in search of some old friends to help rescue Jothee, but in the end it's up to a true friend to do what he thinks is right...

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Rygel and Chiana are drowning their sorrows after finding out that the slaves in the auctions are sold in lots of 10 000; they'll have to buy them all just to get Jothee, so will have little money left. D'Argo meanwhile is telling Aeryn of his anxiousness at the thought of seeing his son after abandoning him, when Moya comes within range of the Katan Mines to contact the slavers. However, the lot they want has been sold to a special buyer for triple the asking price: yes, it's Scorpius! He left a message for Crichton. He has Ka D'Argo's son, and Crichton must surrender himself, or the boy dies!

Crichton asks Stark how Scorpius could have got the information, and Stark says he though he blocked Scorpius' attempt to trace the link from his console; they led him straight to Jothee. D'Argo blames Crichton for what happened and says he can't lose Jothee again, not like this. He leaves and sees a vision of Jothee in his quarters, who says he failed him again, and he knows what he has to do. Chiana goes to comfort him, and he says he was prepared to take Crichton by force and give him to Scorpius. He says that Jothee is blood and all he has left of his wife, and asks why is that not enough.

On the Shadow Depository, Scorpius wants Jothee, but Akkor tells him the slavers won't search the lot just for one slave. Natira considers things between them settled, but Scorpius doesn’t, not until he gets Crichton. He orders Lt. Braca to bring Jothee to him at maximum speed, and says Natira can have the other slaves.

Moya is suffering from metal fatigue all of a sudden. Meanwhile Crichton has come up with a plan since he knows that Jothee is still in transit, and since Scorpius doesn't have him they still have time. He tells the others that they need help to break in to the depository: a Vorcarian Blood Tracker, a Sheyang, a Tavlek and the Zenetan Pirates, for the flax. He says they will use them to kill Scorpius, when suddenly Stark has a fit saying they're all dead (the slaves). Apparently, since he's a Starkara he is attuned to the dead. But Crichton says Jothee is not dead, everyone has to trust him, so he, Aeryn and D'Argo leave. In his pod, Crichton starts taunting Scorpius' neural clone, who says that the task is almost complete. Crichton says now they're sharing, he knows how Scorpius thinks.

Jothee is on his way to Scorpius, when Natira asks why Crichton is so important to him. Scorpius says he destroyed his Gammak Base (see log Family Ties), but she says that he wouldn't waste his revenge on anything but a Scarran.

Chiana goes to take a bit of their money, when Rygel sneaks up on her, clearly to do the same. They agree to 50-50 of a small portion, but when they look in the crates they find that all their money has gone! They hear he noise of tearing metal, when Chiana falls through the floor! She's approached by hundreds of creatures, and uses a fire extinguisher, but their money is alive...

Crichton arrives at his destination to find the Tavlek Bekhesh (see log Throne for a Loss) sitting on the floor praying. He's no longer wearing a gauntlet – he apparently doesn't practice violence anymore, but the gauntlet is exactly what Crichton wants.

Moya's suffering great pain, and the creatures can't be repelled into space as they're unaffected by the vacuum. Chiana manages to bag a sample, whilst Rygel starts on Stark only for Zhaan to step in and say they're all in part to blame.

Aeryn approaches the Sheyang vessel, offering an opportunity for profit. D'Argo meanwhile rescues two Vorcarians, Rorf and Rorg (see log Till the Blood Runs Clear), from Peacekeepers. Rorg is now carrying a child. Aeryn gets the Sheyang, Teurac (see log PK Tech Girl), to join them in their attack on the depository, although since he's injured he can't produce big enough flames, but he says he can do better. Rorg agrees to Rorf helping D'Argo since he save their lives.

Jothee arrives at the depository, where Scorpius introduces himself. Jothee asks what he wants, and he replies that Jothee's father can give him something he wants very much.

Zhaan's tests reveal that the creatures explode at too high a temperature for Moya to handle, but there are over 2000 on board that have to be killed. Scorpius contacts them, wanting to speak with D'Argo, but Zhaan speaks. Stark suddenly steps in and says that Scorpius can kill Jothee if he wants, he's not getting Crichton. Zhaan and Chiana are angered by his words but Stark says that Scorpius can't kill Jothee, and they can't show him any sign of weakness. Power begins to fail on Moya, and Pilot says if they don't kill the creatures soon, Moya may die.

Scorpius and Natira are getting down and dirty, when he asks what she really put in his container. She says they are Karack Metalites that lie dormant and look like ingots, but when they awake they eat through metal. She says the Leviathan will die within a couple of days.

Crichton finds Bekhesh's gauntlet, and so Bekhesh agrees to help for the money. Meanwhile Zhaan has found a solution: they can flood Moya with Adraxan vapour then ignite it – the flames will destroy the creatures. Pilot is reluctant to burn Moya, but it may be her last hope. Rygel leaves to barter with the Zenetans, whilst Pilot seals Moya and releases the vapour through the affected areas - more than a ninth of Moya.

Rygel meets the Zenetans, only to find their commander was deposed by Durka (see log Durka Returns)! He attempts to bargain with Durka, but clearly not having changed he goes to kill Rygel, but he's prepared and electrocutes Durka!

The vapour is absorbed, and Zhaan has found no other way. She and Stark share Moya's pain, as they ignite the vapour... Crichton returns with Bekhesh, only to find Moya on fire! Everyone is okay, except Moya. Aeryn also returns, and she and Crichton find that Moya can't starburst, as Zhaan is weeping over Moya's pain. Aeryn says that since they have no money to pay the mercenaries Scorpius will kill Jothee, but Crichton just looks. The mercenaries are arguing, until Rygel comes in with Durka's head and takes control.

D'Argo asks Aeryn where Crichton would've gone at a time like this, and says he wants him confined to quarters. Aeryn reminds D'Argo that he's been trying to help. A transport pod returns, and out steps Jothee! He and D'Argo hug in a moment of joy. D'Argo apologises for what Jothee's been through, saying he never stopped thinking about him. Jothee says he never lost hope, when D'Argo asks how he escaped from Scorpius. Jothee says he let him go, when Aeryn asks why, she and D'Argo just make a sudden, horrific realisation...

As we cut to Crichton, approached by Scorpius on the Depository. He says that Scorpius wants the wormhole technology, and he wants the chip out of his head, finally the rift between them is not so great and he should do what he has to do. He says he wins, to which Scorpius replies "As if there was ever any doubt..."


Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 20 - Liars, Guns and Money, Part 2: "With Friends Like These..." (Part 2 of 3)
Writer: Naren Shankar
Director: Catherine Millar
Production number: 10219
First UK Transmission: 11th Dec 2000
First US Transmission: 12th Jan 2001
Guest Stars:
Wayne Pygram (Scorpius); Paul Goddard (Stark); Claudia Karvan (Natira); Jeremy Sims (Rorf); Matt Newton (Jothee); Nicholas Hope (Akkor); David Franklin (Lt. Braca); John Adam (Bekhesh); David Wheeler (Selto Durka); Phillip Hinton (Voice of Teurac); Thomas Holesgrove (Teurac); Jo Kerrigan (Rorg); Linal Haft (Zelkin); David Bowers (Kurz)
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