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"The Locket"
Moya gets caught in... umm... sorry, what was I saying?

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Moya is in a stellar mist, which is so compressed that her sensors can only read what is right in front of her, and it's also causing difficulties with navigation. D'Argo and John are on command; John is waiting for Aeryn, who has gone ahead on long-range recon.

Zhaan has been meditating, and finds an old friend outside her quarters – Stark (see logs Nerve and The Hidden Memory) has returned, and says he has something important to tell her. They go to command, where Crichton says that Aeryn's been gone one solar day. Suddenly Aeryn signals Moya, and wants to come aboard. Pilot sees an opening forming in the mist with a planet below, and Aeryn's pod comes through.

Everyone goes to greet Aeryn, but when she doesn't step out, they all go in, noting that the transport looks like it's been in a battle. A plant has overgrown in the pod, and Zhaan says it's the same type of plant that she gave Aeryn to recover from her headaches shortly before she left. Crichton finds Aeryn lying face down on the floor, and when he turns her over she looks extremely old, and tells Crichton that they must get out of here now...

Aeryn wants to go back to the planet; she says that the opening won't last long, and her granddaughter won't survive without the transport pod. She only came back to warn them to get out while they can, but Crichton tells her that she's only been gone for one solar day. She says that she forgot how beautiful and young he was, and asks if she's only been gone one day, how has her locket got so old. She's adamant that she lived for 165 cycles, had three sons and watched them die, but then she starts going a little crazy, so Stark takes off his mask and soothes her.

Zhaan tells Crichton that her tests show she's really Aeryn and she has aged 165 cycles. Pilot has analysed the must and found nothing, but says the planet is acidic and Aeryn couldn't even survive one cycle down there.

Rygel and Chiana are snurching Aeryn's pod, when D'Argo comes along, and tells Chiana there's no dignity in what she's doing. He asks her to go look after Aeryn – who may be dying.

Chiana is with Aeryn when she wakes up, and Aeryn distracts her then knocks her out with a needle. She goes to Pilot to convince the others to stay out of the mist. She tells Pilot that he won't see her again, but she's glad she got to see him one last time. She returns to the planet in the pod, and when Crichton finds out he wants to go after her. Pilot says that the mist itself is harmless, and Crichton says that he'll be on the surface 30 microts maximum.

He finds Aeryn on a barren planet, which is suffering from sand storms, and says she couldn't have lived here. She says that she lived on another planet, and he tries to take her back by force, but someone shoots at him and tells him that she'll kill him if he touches her grandmother again.

The woman asks who he is, and when he says "John Crichton" she is surprised, and says that Aeryn wasn't making it all up. All her life, her grandmother has talked about him, and the ship. Her father, Aeryn's son, even thought she was crazy. But every cycle Aeryn came back to check if Moya had returned. Aeryn wakes and says that the opening only lasts four arns; he has to go, now. He will be trapped for 55 cycles if he doesn't go back, so Aeryn tells him to go, and return in eight arns or he will be trapped.

Chiana asks D'Argo why Aeryn spiked her, but he apologises for embarrassing her in front of Rygel. He says that she's one of them now, so there's no need to act like she's not. Chiana says she knows, but she's not going to change for them. Zhaan calls them because Crichton is returning. He tells them that he met her granddaughter, when the pod hits turbulence. Pilot says that the hole is closing, and Crichton starts to break up. The planet is disappearing from Pilot's sensors, and they tell Crichton to break entry. He refuses, but he doesn't make it – Moya is gone.

Stark visits Zhaan, who is meditating for Crichton and Aeryn. He has a plan – apparently he's heard of "centre halos," where time and space join, and he thinks Moya may be stuck in one. He wants to join spirits with Zhaan, because he's heard that Delvians can sense the time continuum when they're linked. He thinks that together they may be able to see if no time exists within the mist. His mind may overpower hers, but they do it anyway. While they were joined, Moya's readings went of the scale, and then everything froze.

On another planet, sunny with trees and grass, while they plant some new trees, Aeryn tells Ennixx (her granddaughter) that Crichton was happy for a few cycles, but something must have reminded him of the past. Apparently Aeryn has never shown any of her unhappiness, and they've tried to make him happy, but Aeryn says he was always stubborn. All the while, an aged Crichton is walking along talking to a vision of Scorpius, with a full Southern accent.

Zhaan and Stark tell the others what happened, that Aeryn might have aged as she says. Everything inside the halo becomes void of time forever when it hardens, and Pilot says it's hardening now. They want to leave, and Pilot says the opening will reform in less than one arn.

Crichton goes to Aeryn, where the trees they planted are now fully grown. Aeryn tells him to come and sit with her on a tree stump, and he tells her he thinks that Ennixx's husband is boring, and Aeryn says that she tried to want him to go back. She asks why he hasn't given up his past, but he says he doesn't want to be a gardener, and all they do is plant things. Aeryn asks if he regrets spending the last 55 cycles with her. He says that she's the one thing that's kept him alive, but it's hope that keeps him going every day. Aeryn gets a pain in her chest, and as she stands up her locket falls off. She's anxious to get it back, and Crichton asks who is in there. She says that he knows, but he doesn't think it's her husband, he thinks it's him. She denies it, and tells him to open it if he doesn't believe her – he'll see his image, the only love of her life. He says no, he doesn't want to see his ugly face.

They return to the barren planet, and Crichton breaks out the comm. he kept sealed for 50 cycles, and tries to contact Pilot. Ennixx begs Aeryn to return with her, but she says that the Peacekeepers are born in space and die in space – she belongs up there. They get nothing, and on Moya Pilot detects the opening in the mist forming. Crichton and Aeryn hear D'Argo reply, and they say that they'll come up right away. As they leave, Aeryn stumbles again, but says she's fine.

The transport is docked, and as the others come to greet them, they see Crichton holding Aeryn in his arms – she died on the way up here. She's gone.

Crichton tells everyone that if they leave the mist there is nothing there for them; a colony, some planets, but nothing to make them happy. Crichton has a theory though – if they exit the mist exactly where they entered they may be able to get out. Pilot says to get to that point, he thinks they just have to go backwards. He thinks that the mist has moved with them – Moya's back is at the edge, but the mist is now so hard that they can't move. A reverse StarBurst would possibly destroy Moya, but Crichton convinces everyone that it's worth the risk, and then he returns to Aeryn.

Crichton tells Aeryn that there are so many people and places that he wanted her to see, and says that he misses her already. He turns and says that he loves her, and kisses her one last time. Grasping her locket, he opens it to find a picture of himself when he was young; the only love of her life.

Pilot initiates reverse StarBurst, but everything starts to slow, and then stops. Zhaan and Stark manage to join, and Zhaan speaks to Crichton via their bond of Unity (see log Rhapsody in Blue), and he runs to command and just manages to manually initiate StarBurst before he stops completely, and Moya exits the mist.

On command, Crichton asks Pilot what it is, and Pilot tells him that it's some kind of stellar mist. Chiana doesn't want to go in, and Aeryn says that she'll fly a long-range recon to ensure it's safe.

Zhaan breaks her meditation, and runs to command. Her comm. isn't working, and she meets Stark on the way; they know what is about to happen.

Pilot's about to enter the mist, but Zhaan tells him to stop. They ask what's wrong, and Zhaan and Stark realise that only they remember. Zhaan tells everyone that they had a vision, and sensed great danger in there, so they avoid the mist.

Zhaan asks Stark how Aeryn and Crichton are young again, and Stark thinks that they remember because they were joined when Moya broke free. Stark says that it's time to tell D'Argo why he came aboard.

Stark and Zhaan join D'Argo on command, and Stark shows D'Argo a picture that he found of a slave being sold to some mines – the manifest lists him as Jothee, son of Ka D'Argo!

D'Argo attacks Stark, asking him how long he's known, and Zhaan tries to stop him saying that Stark wanted her awake before he told him. The auction isn't for a few days – they have time to rescue him. D'Argo tells Zhaan that they have to find a way.

Crichton tells Aeryn that he has a feeling something happened between them, but he doesn't know what. Aeryn opens the locket that Chiana found in the transport, but the contents have disintegrated.

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 16 - "The Locket"
Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Ian Watson
Production number: 10215
First UK Transmission: 6th Nov 2000
First US Transmission: 25th Aug 2000
Guest Stars:
Wayne Pygram (Scorpius); Paul Goddard (Stark); Alyson Standen (Ennixx)
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