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"Beware of Dog"
Moya gets infested, and John starts tripping...

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Crichton is in his quarters, playing chess and mumbling to himself. Aeryn questions what he's doing, and he sees a vision of Scorpius implanting something to remember him by. Aeryn wonders if he might be suffering the effects of long-term space travel, but he doesn't want to talk.

Rygel is in the cargo bay, where the crew are storing food that they recently procured. He asks Zhaan where Chiana and D'Argo are; apparently food in this region is often infested with parasites, and they are finding a cure. Suddenly, some containers topple over, making Rygel jump. Chiana and D'Argo return with a Vorc – apparently it will seek out a species of parasite and eradicate it completely. The parasites killed a ship of over 200 people, and so Aeryn suggests jettisoning the food before a problem occurs. The Vorc pees over D'Argo, and then runs off, with Chiana chasing.

Crichton is playing "golf" (or at least a rather modified Moya version of it), when he hears a noise in the ventilation shaft. On inspection he sees a creature, which he fires at but it runs off.

Aeryn and D'Argo arrive on the scene but can't find any trace of the creature, and seem to think Crichton was imagining it. Rygel comes along to protect his food, but D'Argo, already aggravated, makes him smell the Vorc piss in his clothes. Crichton guesses that he saw the Vorc, but when Aeryn describes it, he realises that it wasn't.

Zhaan is sorting out the food in the cargo bay, when containers start falling over and she is apparently attacked... Chiana comes along with a cage and they try to capture the Vorc. It avoids them, but Aeryn gets a hold of it by the neck, but it bites her and runs off.

Pilot and the DRDs can't find Crichton's creature, and after talking with Aeryn he thinks that Crichton may have been imagining it. Crichton hears something, and after creeping around he ends up pointing his gun at Rygel, who was checking his cargo.

Chiana and D'Argo are searching for the Vorc, in hopes that it'll lead them to the parasite. Aeryn enters her quarters, and steps in some poop. On seeing the Vorc on her bed, she hits it in the face, and tells D'Argo that the Vorc is there. While she speaks to him, the Vorc starts humping her leg, but then smells something and suddenly runs off, and Aeryn follows. In the cargo bay, the creature that Crichton saw is now stalking out Chiana and Rygel. Chiana goes to hit it, but it smacks her to the floor. D'Argo arrives, but it attacks him and runs.

Rygel is trying to bring D'Argo around, when Crichton comes in and checks on Chiana. When D'Argo comes around and says the parasite is real, he starts convulsing, so the others call Zhaan.

Zhaan has cleared D'Argo's wound, but apparently he has a secondary infection, and Chiana is anxious about his health. Crichton and Aeryn are searching for the parasite, but they find the Vorc instead. As Chiana and D'Argo talk, Zhaan discovers that D'Argo has been poisoned, and it's killing him. Zhaan tells Crichton that they need a live sample of his blood, so they have to keep the parasite alive. Crichton is watching DRD surveillance on a clamshell, when Scorpius appears on it and says, "You'll never see it coming, John."

Zhaan has set up D'Argo in a part of Moya so that he will get continuous air to help him breathe. Rygel joins them, apparently not wanting to be alone.

Aeryn is carrying the Vorc on her back, trying to find the parasite. Moya shakes, and Pilot says that the DRDs have found the creature. It's above the chamber where Zhaan is, but it leaves the airlock, and approaches Chiana. She shoots at it, but Crichton grabs her and reminds her that they need it alive. Pilot manages to lock the creature in command, but the three don't find it. Crichton sees Scorpius again, and then finds the Vorc. It starts to shake, and spews out the parasite! They knock it out, and take it to Zhaan.

Zhaan finds no toxin in the parasite's blood, so they don't understand what happened. Zhaan says that D'Argo's respiration is failing, and he won't last much longer.

Chiana is talking to D'Argo, and blames herself for D'Argo's condition. Crichton is trying to figure it all out, and says that the Vorc can't have poisoned D'Argo, and Aeryn realises that something else must have. Crichton suggests asking the Vorc, which Aeryn thinks is deranged. She doesn't have a better idea though, so they go with it. They inject it with translator microbes, but Aeryn doesn't think it understands so she suggests killing it. It gets upset, so Crichton tells her to take it back. Pilot seems to understand it, using a form of non-verbal communication. It starts repeating "friend," and so Crichton asks what it wants. "Bad danger here" is its reply. It says that it can kill the parasite if they free it. They agree that their only choice is to trust it.

They follow it, as Rygel tells them that if it comes near him, he'll kill it. It turns into the huge creature, and Rygel tells Pilot to fuel a transport. In the cargo bay it is after Rygel, and Crichton and Aeryn come in, telling him to say that he's its friend. It finds Rygel and he bites it, but it overpowers him. Rygel is badly injured, and the creature runs off.

Rygel is being healed by Zhaan, who found massive traces of toxins in his wound. Both Rygel and D'Argo will die without an antidote.

Aeryn and Crichton find its blood, and as Aeryn follows it, Crichton sees Scorpius behind her, and shoots at him. She jumps, wondering what he was doing. They spot the creature but miss, and realise that it's leading them into a trap. In the cargo bay, they manage to shoot it, but see a huge cocoon... Zhaan continues her analysis, as Chiana watches over D'Argo, when bugs suddenly start emerging from Rygel's body... Aeryn says that Chiana told her the parasites leave cocoons behind, and they find Rygel inside! Rygel tells them he was cocooned for his offspring to eat, and farts helium to prove he is the real Rygel. Crichton and Aeryn run off, and the parasite Rygel attacks Zhaan... Crichton and Aeryn run in and shoot it, and it explodes into loads of bugs, which Crichton kills with some coolant freezer.

Rygel tells D'Argo and Chiana what it was like in the cocoon, and wonders how they could be fooled. D'Argo says that it was a perfect copy, but Rygel says he's fortunate the courageous Vorc was here to rescue him.

Aeryn is holding the Vorc, and Pilot says that it is happy. It knows its time is near. Aeryn says that she is so sorry, and it dies in her arms as she cries.

Crichton, pulse pistol in hand, is playing chess, with Aeryn sitting across from him. She asks him what he was really firing at when he nearly shot her, and he says that he's been having flashes of Scorpius, like he's talking to him, and only to him. Aeryn asks what he is saying, and Crichton says that Scorpius tells him he's going to get him, he already has but Crichton just doesn't know it yet. Aeryn asks him why he didn't kill Scorpius when he had the chance (see log The Maltese Crichton), and Crichton says that he tried, but he couldn't – something inside stopped him. Aeryn says that if he needs help... but Crichton says that he's not going to lose his mind – it's all he has left. Aeryn leaves, and Scorpius appears, telling Crichton that he'll never see it coming. Crichton gets him in checkmate and says "you lose," but Scorpius says that wasn't the trap he meant...

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 14 - "Beware of Dog"
Writer: Naren Shankar
Director: Tony Tilse
Production number: 10213
First UK Transmission: 9th Oct 2000
First US Transmission: 11th Aug 2000
Guest Stars:
Wayne Pygram (Scorpius); Virginia Weule (Voice of the Vorc)
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