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"Out of Their Minds"
Invasion of the body snatchers...

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Moya has been targeted by an alien ship, with the crew rallying to rejuvenate the defence screen, acquired in PK Tech Girl. Zhaan has gone over to the Halosian ship, which is badly damaged, to try and stop them from firing. She is confronted by a bird-like creature called Tak, who is feigning injury, and says that his ship was attacked by Moya's smaller ship, Talyn! Zhaan says she can help them, and that Moya has no weapons. Hearing this, Tak strikes her down and orders his second, Yoz, to fire. D'Argo and Chiana manage to get the defence screen up in time, but the effect of the beam on it causes a problem for the crew: when they come to, Crichton is in Aeryn's body, Aeryn's in Rygel's body and Rygel's in Crichton's body!

Amongst much confusion, they find that the three in Pilot's den have also switched bodies: D'Argo is in Pilot, Pilot's in Chiana and Chiana is in D'Argo's body. D'Argo is having trouble sorting out the sounds he can hear from Moya, so Pilot tries to explain to him what to do. Meanwhile Rygel thinks it's all a dream, but when Crichton whacks him round the head and he finds himself still in Crichton's body, he attacks Aeryn, desperate to get his old body back.

Tak says that Zhaan lied they have a defence shield. He shows her Talyn firing, and says that 30 of his crew are dead. It will take 3 arns to recharge the weapon, and Zhaan tells them they're wrong about Moya, bur they remain unconvinced.

Pilot tells D'Argo how to distinguish between the sounds that he can hear, and with everyone in Pilot's den Crichton gives them all picture tags to hang around their necks so they know who is in whom. Pilot explains what he last remembers Zhaan docked on the Halosian vessel and the defence screen was damaged by the shot, and it needs repair. Pilot thinks that if they align the defence screen to 62% like it was during the first shot, they may switch back, so Crichton and Aeryn get to work. Meanwhile Tak agrees to go over to Moya to see that it she has no weapons, but Zhaan must stay as insurance.

Pilot is getting queasy, when Zhaan gets in touch to explain the situation. Pilot begins foaming at the mouth, apparently rejecting Chiana's body. The Halosian shuttle arrives, and Rygel, Aeryn, Chiana and Crichton go to meet Tak. As he arrives, Rygel suddenly needs to pee, and has to go in the middle of the maintenance bay.

Pilot tells D'Argo that if he stays calm he's fine, but he feels like all his senses are gone. D'Argo says that everything Pilot goes through makes his own life feel insignificant, but Pilot says that he doesn't experience love and friendship.

Zhaan is praying, when Yoz says that she believes Moya is harmless, and shows a video of Crais saying that he travels in peace, but the Halosians fire so Crais defended himself, but he and Talyn left them alive. Meanwhile, Crichton has fixed the defence screen, when he notices his (or rather Aeryn's) breasts. As Chiana and Aeryn walk in, he gives them a wiggle and a feel, and on noticing the others in the doorway, his only excuse is "I'm a guy!"

Rygel is showing around Tak, who throws up on Moya's neural nexus, and Rygel again asks to be changed back. As they leave, the sick starts to attack Moya's circuitry! Tak returns to his ship, where he asks Zhaan what they meant by "switching back", but she doesn't know. He says that he'll destroy Moya, so Zhaan tries to convince Yoz to remove him, so she can "evolve" quicker, since he failed to destroy Moya first time.

Chiana (in D'Argo's body) corners Rygel (who's in Crichton's body), and says she wants to get off the ship. In an amusing scene she tries to convince him by offering to perform sexual acts, but Rygel refuses saying he wants to regain his thrown, and only a Dominar can do that. Crichton and Aeryn come along, and Rygel mentions the sick, so they figure that must be causing the trouble on Moya. They go to the conduits, and find the sick destroying them. Crichton comes up with a plan, although he doesn't really know what he's doing since he's making it up as he goes.

They shut down the defence screen and neutralise the acid. The Halosians fire just as they put the defence screen back up, and they switch again: Crichton in Rygel, Aeryn in Crichton, Rygel in Aeryn, and in Pilot's den Pilot is in D'Argo, D'Argo in Chiana and Chiana is in Pilot, but D'Argo and Chiana can't wake an unconscious Pilot, and think he may be dying.

Tak says that he'll ram Moya since his weapons won't work, but Zhaan manages to convince Yoz to take over. Back on Moya, Crichton comes up with a plan; get the power of the defence screen to 62% again and let them fire to switch bodies. The Halosians remain on a ramming course, and Moya is attempting to starburst.

Zhaan uses her plant-power to pull her hand out of the handcuff, knocks out Yoz, and manages to steer the ship around Moya. Zhaan contacts Moya and says she has control. Crichton (in Rygel's body) asks her to fire again, but she thinks he's mad and asks to speak to Crichton (but Aeryn's in his body). Rygel says that they think he's paranoid when they say no-one ever listens to him, but it's the truth. She shoots again, and everyone switches back to their own body.

Everyone is happy to be back in their own bodies, and Pilot asks Zhaan about Talyn, but quickly goes to tell Moya, whom he says wants to know all his experiences whilst he was away from her. Zhaan tells Rygel that the damage to her hand may never completely heal.

D'Argo asks Chiana what she did with his tenkas, since they feel different. He says that he enjoyed being inside her body, but quickly corrects himself saying he likes her body, and they hastily leave together... Aeryn mentions what Crichton did in her body, and he says it was interesting to be in other's shoes, to which she replies, "you were in my shoes, I was in your pants!"

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 9 - "Out of Their Minds"
Writer: Michael Cassutt
Director: Ian Watson
Production number: 10209
First UK Transmission: 4th Sep 2000
First US Transmission: 7th Jul 2000
Guest Stars:
Lani Tupu (Bialar Crais); Dominique Sweeney (Yoz); Thomas Holesgrove (Tak); Angie Milliken (Voice of Yoz); Nicholas McKay (Voice of Tak)
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