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"Home on the Remains"
Down on the Budong there's a lot of killing. On Moya, Zhaan buds...

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The crew are suffering from starvation, and have visited the remains of a Budong, where Chiana once lived, in hopes of getting some food. However, Chiana stole from some friends before she left, so she may not be welcome. All the while, Crichton is frying some dentics, only to find out that there's a reason why no-one eats them. Aeryn says that she wants to leave, when Zhaan enters. She's budding, and says that she must have food, or she'll die.

On the Budong, Chiana says she has a plan to get them food, when an attack occurs. Chiana's friend Temmon is hurt badly, so she finishes him off. B'Sogg enters, saying that he's closed the mines until they find the Keedva – the animal that attacked. He asks why Chiana is here, and she tells him her ship is dying of starvation. After being forced to hand over their weapons, B'Sogg says that he'll feed her friends but not her; she used up his charity. As the others leave, Chiana is met by an old friend, Altana, who she goes to eat with. Whilst discussing old times, Altana says that she's leaving as she hit it big – she has found some Nogelti crystals, and she wants to give Chiana half.

Back on Moya, Aeryn begins to mix a salve under Zhaan's instructions, when Zhaan goes into a catatonic state. Pilot warns Aeryn that Moya is beginning to numb from Zhaan's spores. Meanwhile, Rygel complains about his food, so B'Sogg goes to take it but the others say no; they appreciate it. D'Argo says that they'll work to get the meat they need, as they have no choice.

Crichton takes some food to Zhaan, but she grabs his hand and says she needs meat. She says that for Delvians, animal proteins stop the budding cycle, as the buds have evolved for protection, and will poison predators so they can be eaten, since the Delvian is immobilised.

Rygel is playing Vija at a game, but Vija cheats and wins, and when he realises that Rygel has no crystals, Rygel is forced to go to the mines. Meanwhile, Chiana attempts to B'Sogg, but D'Argo walks in on them. He says that they need meat now, but B'Sogg says they must pay for it. The only the he wants is Chiana, but D'Argo refuses and punches him. B'Sogg says that he hid all the meat, and he wants Chiana for good.

D'Argo and Chiana argue over what just happened, and she says that she doesn't need another brother. D'Argo says that he doesn't want to be; he just wants to help. He will go down to the mines with Altana to get the crystals.

Aeryn tries to help Zhaan by shining light on her, but it increases the budding, and Zhaan accuses Aeryn of trying to kill her. Meanwhile, Crichton sees Chiana talking with B'Sogg, who says he won't negotiate how long she must stay with him. Chiana then tells Crichton where D'Argo is, so Crichton goes to get him.

Moya's sensors are weakening from the spores, and if they aren't gone soon she may be permanently blinded. Aeryn gets Pilot to prepare a transports pod to get Zhaan away from Moya, but Zhaan has vanished.

Crichton finds Rygel mining a crystal, and goes to drag him away, when a whistle noise sounds and the Keedva attacks. Rygel floats up on his throne sled, so Crichton grabs on and won't let go. The whistle sounds again, and the Keedva runs off, and Crichton headbutts Rygel for biting his finger.

Zhaan is still on Moya, but budding even more. Aeryn still can't find her, and Pilot says that they may have to flush the atmosphere anyway. Meanwhile, as D'Argo and Altana return with the crystals, the Keedva stalks them. They talk about Chiana, and when Altana asks if they're together D'Argo says that's up to Chiana.

Aeryn tells Pilot to seal off command and decompress Moya, as it's the only way. As Aeryn feels guilty, Pilot begins to repressurise. Meanwhile, the Keedva attacks and kills Altana, and again runs off on hearing the whistle.

Chiana is worried about D'Argo, when the creature alarm goes off. B'Sogg tells Crichton that he found their friends too late, but managed to scare the creature off. A bloodied D'Argo calls out and says that he couldn't protect Altana, and she's now dead. Chiana asks B'Sogg how this could happen, and he says that he closed the mines and they should have stayed out, but Chiana tells Crichton that she believes he killed Altana.

On Moya, Zhaan attacks Aeryn, saying she is trying to kill her, that Aeryn has always hated her, that she came to Delvia and imprisoned her, and plotted with Pilot against her. Aeryn says that she's harming Moya with the spores, but Zhaan says that she would never harm Moya, and she can't think. Zhaan asks Aeryn to help her, so Aeryn says she will and headbutts her, and asks Pilot to prime the transport.

Crichton is back in the mines, and finds B'Sogg's stash. B'Sogg appears and unleashes the Keedva, which B'Sogg says he has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with. Chiana calls for Crichton, and B'Sogg leaves him and the Keedva alone. Crichton manages to trap it in some bars, killing it.

Chiana pulls a gun on B'Sogg, who says she's not a killer. She says that she's evolving, but he's persistent that she won't kill him in cold blood. She says he's right, and shoots the Budong, and the blood pours over his arm, shrivelling it.

Back on Moya, the crew are feasting, with Zhaan on her 5th helping of barbecued Keedva. Chiana draws D'Argo away, and Zhaan apologises to Aeryn for what she said. Meanwhile D'Argo joins Chiana on command, and says that she doesn't have to act around him. She says that she only lets her guard down when she feels safe. He says that she is, and when she questions it he kisses her, and she says "Whoa!"

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 7 - "Home on the Remains"
Writer: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Jr.
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10208
First UK Transmission: 7th Aug 2000
First US Transmission: 16th Jun 2000
Guest Stars:
John Brumpton (B'Sogg); Justine Saunders (Altana); Rob Carlton (Vija); Gavin Robins (The Keedva); Hunter Peske (Temmon)
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