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"Taking the Stone"
Chiana experiences a great loss and goes on a journey to live...

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Chiana goes to speak to Crichton, who is busy in the maintenance bay. He blows her off and she leaves, and extracts a small disc from her body. It stops flashing, and she says "Nerri", then smashes a DRD. A Prowler leaves Moya, and Aeryn is upset thinking that Chiana stole it. Zhaan and D'Argo bring along the disc, which Zhaan says is a life disc but it is no longer functioning. Whoever was linked to it is now dead. Down on a planet, Chiana is cornered by a group of young men...

Aeryn, Crichton and Rygel go down to the planet, which Rygel says is a royal burial planet. Crichton finds some of Chiana's clothes, and he and Aeryn go to find her in the underground caves, whilst Rygel finds a crate of jewels. Aeryn and Crichton hear Chiana screaming, and go to save her. She's in a room hanging upside down, but apparently is doing so by choice. She tells the others that they shouldn't have come looking for her, and the youths start talking some dren. Chiana has made a hasty exit, and when the boys leave Crichton tells Aeryn to go find Chiana, since she's so pissed at him.

Rygel returns to Moya, with the jewels stolen from the cemetery, where D'Argo has a go at him for leaving Crichton and Aeryn behind on the planet. Aeryn visits Chiana, and returns the disc. Chiana says it's her brother, Nerri, and he's dead. She tells Aeryn about what they do on this planet, and asks Aeryn to stay with her, at least for "the gathering".

Crichton speaks to two of the youths, who say it's time to jump. They go out into an opening, at the top of a huge put. One of the youths, Molnon, starts a short speech about how they "take the stone", and one of them jumps into the pit, only to be caught near the bottom by a sonic net, which Aeryn says is sustained by their own voices. Another jumps, but is not caught, and dies. Chiana then says that she has got to do that.

Chiana is with a pregnant girl, Vyna, and when Crichton calls her Aeryn tells him to leave her alone. She tells Crichton that it was her brother's life disc, and says that if he tries to make her leave she will stay to spite him. Molnon is then seen asking Chiana to stay on the planet. On Moya, Zhaan is chanting, saying that Rygel's items may be cursed.

Aeryn asks Vyna what she spoke to Chiana about; apparently Chiana wants to jump. Crichton goes to speak to Chiana, but she doesn't want to know and tells him to go away, sating she doesn't need his help. Crichton tells her that she doesn't need them – they're just stoned monkeys that jump off cliffs. Chiana says that at least they live before they die. Aeryn tells Crichton that it's Chiana's choice, and annoyed, Crichton leaves. Aeryn then asks Chiana if she'll really jump, and she says she might.

Crichton finds an older woman, that has been following him. She says that at 22 cycles if they don't take the stone they hide and make themselves lost, because the others don't like seeing them diseased.

Crichton talks to Molnon, saying that it's easy for them to jump knowing they will die, but Chiana isn't going to die. Molnon won't talk until Crichton takes a drug, so he does. Molnon then tells him that he's scared of dying, so Chiana will take his place in the jump. Crichton then trips out from the drug.

Aeryn finds Crichton on the floor, and he tells her that he convinced him to get Chiana not to jump. He sends Aeryn to take a sample of the youths to Zhaan to see if she can cure them. Crichton takes some Peacekeeper headache pills, and Chiana runs up to him saying that Molnon told her what they spoke about. Crichton says that it's great; now they can leave, but she says no – she's jumping. Crichton has a go at her, but she says that she wants to jump – she has to. Crichton says that she can't want to die, and injects her, knocking her unconscious. Aeryn won't let Crichton take Chiana, saying that he can't take her; if Chiana wants to kill herself then she'll find a way, if not here then elsewhere, so he has to let her jump. Crichton asks when she became so insightful, and she simply replies that she understands loss.

Rygel has decorated his quarters with the stolen goods, which all start to fall off the walls. Zhaan tells Crichton that the youths are suffering from radiation – the caves amplify the effect. Rygel has a go at Zhaan and D'Argo for making the stuff in his room cursed. Vyna is having her baby, and Crichton and Aeryn say that if they move out of the caves they'll live linger, including her baby, but she says that it's the clans that make the rules, not Molnon.

Chiana is about to take the stone, as Crichton and Aeryn come and tell them about the radiation. Molnon says that they won't move to the surface, so Crichton says he will force him to take the stone if the clans don't vote. Naturally, Molnon agrees.

In his quarters, Rygel is getting scared, so he agrees to take all the items back. Molnon tells Crichton that the clans voted to stay – all of them – they want to take the stone. Chiana has apparently gone ahead, so Crichton punches Molnon out. He then visits Chiana and tells her of the clans' vote. She tells Crichton that when she was younger she never had any courage – she followed Nerri, so she has to do this. She jumps... and is caught in the net. Both Crichton and Chiana are overjoyed that she made it.

Chiana buries Nerri's life disc, whilst Crichton asks Aeryn if he sees a bit crazy lately. Rygel's returning his stuff, as Crichton goes to Chiana to see if she's OK. She says that the jump was incredible – he should have tried it. He says that he's too old, and it's time to go.

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 3 - "Taking the Stone"
Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10204
First UK Transmission: 10th Jul 00
First US Transmission: 31st Mar 00
Guest Stars:
Anthony Hayes (Molnon); Michela Noonan (Vyna); Peter Scarf (Das); Natasha Beaumont (Janixx)
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