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"Mind the Baby"
Aeryn managed to save D'Argo and John, but not without having to make a deal with the devil...

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Zhaan, Chiana and Rygel are on Moya, who is about to be attacked by a Sheyang vessel. Rygel wants to starburst, but Moya can't, and Zhaan has gone a bit mad from losing the others, when suddenly the Sheyangs fire.

Crichton is with D'Argo, who is lying unconscious. He suddenly awakes on hearing Crichton's voice, and asks him if he's dead! He thought they were, but Crichton tells him that Aeryn managed to pick them up (following the events of Family Ties). Meanwhile, Aeryn, in her prowler, communicates with Crais, who is aboard Talyn, and mentions an agreement they have...

D'Argo asks Crichton if Moya got away, and he says yes, but Crais made off with Talyn. Aeryn comes in, and D'Argo says he's happy to see her. She says she could not find many supplies, so Crichton and D'Argo suggest they relocate to another asteroid, but she refuses. They say that the prowler will run out of fuel soon, and Scorpius wants Crichton bad, but Aeryn says he won't look forever, and she has a real go at them telling them to stop fighting her, and storms out.

On Moya, Rygel tells Chiana that he's not hungry. When Chiana questions why, since he's always hungry, Pilot reveals that Moya is returning to the asteroid field where she last saw Talyn. They have picked a path so they should re-enter he field undetected by Scorpius' Command Carrier.

Scorpius meanwhile has his cooling rod changed, when Lt. Braca enters and says that they still haven't detected anything. Apparently he let Crichton and D'Argo be rescued by Aeryn, knowing Crichton would rather die than go to him, but it's Braca's fault that the prowler eluded capture.

Crais is trying to stop Talyn from powering up, telling him that his mother abandoned him. He continues, when Aeryn walks in and gets Talyn to show them what's upsetting him. It's some random transmissions from Scorpius to try and scare Talyn into revealing himself. Crais tells him to be brave, so Talyn powers down.

D'Argo and Crichton are playing rock, paper, scissors when Aeryn returns. She says she doesn't want help in bringing the supplies. Crichton thinks that she's holding back, which she can't deny to him. She says that they won't like what she has to say: in order to save their lives she had to make a deal with Crais, because by the time she retrieved them they were about to suffocate. Crais signalled the coordinates for an oxygen-based atmosphere asteroid, which she couldn't have found in time alone. When Moya left, Talyn got upset and stopped obeying Crais' commands, so she agreed to help calm him and teach him to obey Crais' orders. She says that Crais' control is better than none at all, or Scorpius getting hold of him, but Crichton and D'Argo are angry, but she says she couldn't have let them die. D'Argo tongues her unconscious, and they both want to go and get Crais. They decide who will go with rock, paper, scissors, which Crichton wins.

On Moya, Chiana visits Zhaan who's performing the ceremony to become a Pa'u again. She gives Chiana 30 microts to talk. Chiana explains what Moya is doing, but Zhaan refuses to go and talk to Pilot and starts meditating again.

Aeryn tells D'Argo that they've killed them all by letting Crichton go to Crais, but D'Argo says that as a fugitive Crais' goals are only for himself, which only makes him more dangerous.

Aboard Talyn, Crais communicates with Scorpius, saying that building Aeryn's trust is time consuming, as is building the trust of the gunship, which is not made easier by Scorpius' transmissions. Scorpius says that his report was overdue – he thought he was incapacitated and tried to retrieve the gunship. He says that Crais can keep the gunship if he delivers Crichton, and Crais tells him to display the patience that he always brags that he possesses.

Crais then tells Talyn that he heard what Scorpius said: Talyn is no longer his concern. He says that is how Peacekeepers treat their own, and that he, Talyn and Aeryn are alike now, and tells Talyn to trust him, when suddenly Crichton appears! Crais says that he is unarmed, so Crichton can kill him at any time, but he should be warned that Talyn considers him a friend. Crais says that neither of them wants to see Talyn in Scorpius' hands. Crichton agrees, and asks what Crais wants. He says that he wants escape from Scorpius, and to travel even deeper into the Uncharted Territories to re-evaluate his path. Crichton says he doesn't get to keep Talyn, so Crais calls him an intruder. Talyn puts a gun on Crichton, but Crichton grabs Crais and pulls his gun on him. He drags Crais away.

Moya has accelerated, having detected a transmission from a distressed Talyn. Chiana and Rygel talk about leaving Moya, but Chiana then says that Moya didn't abandon them during Zhaan's trial, so they have to stay. Meanwhile, Scorpius has detected a Leviathan distress signal, so knows that she is returning, but he says that if she joins her offspring in concealment then they've gained nothing.

Moya returns to the field, but before she gets to Talyn a prowler approaches. As Chiana and Rygel discuss their coming downfall, Pilot announces that it isn't sending signals to the Command Carrier, so Chiana says to let it dock. She waits with a gun, when Crichton steps out with Crais. After quizzing him to ensure he's really Crichton, she jumps into his arms in happiness! He goes to see Zhaan, who's not exactly ecstatic. She thinks that it is his spirit, so continues praying.

He goes to pick up D'Argo and Aeryn, but Pilot says that Moya is communicating with Talyn, and he's about to leave the asteroid field. Scorpius finds out that Talyn's leaving, and Moya's pursuing, so he tells Braca that on his signal they'll cripple both ships and send commando units to take over. He wants Crichton alive but cares for no one else.

Crichton and D'Argo go and say hi to Rygel, who seizes up. Just as he's regaining his breath, Aeryn walks in and he seizes again. Apparently he's having an airwave seizure caused by strong emotions. Aeryn asks to speak to Talyn, as he's not listening to Moya, but he won’t listen to her either. She goes to see Zhaan, who says she loves all living things. Aeryn tells her to look at what's going on, and says if she truly loves her then she'll snap out of it and help them.

Crais is talking with D'Argo, who is watching over him in his cell. He says that he can't stay here – Talyn needs him. He says that he can keep Talyn from the Peacekeepers. Meanwhile Braca tells Scorpius that both Leviathans have increased their speed, so Scorpius orders them to overtake, and engage!

Everyone on Moya rushes to command, when Talyn suddenly opens fire on Moya! He demands Crais, as he's confused. He doesn't know what to do about the Carrier. Moya won't evade his fire, so they put up the leftover defence screen from the Zelbinion (see log PK Tech Girl), but Talyn destroys it in one shot. He says that was a warning shot, and Pilot says that one more shot will damage Moya, so Aeryn says she will take Crais to Talyn, and will stay aboard with him. Crichton says that Crais will object, but she says he won't since he's already offered to take her with him. Crichton says that she can't go, but she says that there's no other solution.

Crichton and Aeryn release Crais, who tells her to decide. She says that she wants to go with him, and Crichton warns him that if he harms either her or Talyn that he'll hunt him down. Crichton and Aeryn once again don't say goodbye, in hope they'll see each other again, and they leave.

Crais and Aeryn get on Talyn, who extends the "hand of friendship", the greatest honour it can bestow. It's for Crais, who accepts it. He now has a direct link to Talyn's systems through a neural interface. Crais says that they no longer need Aeryn, and says that he and Talyn agree that she should leave. She starts a fight to get the interface off, but Crais knocks her down. She tells Talyn that she's not the enemy, and Crais says that they know that but she can't stay aboard.

On Moya, they wonder why Talyn hasn't tucked in close for starburst yet, when Aeryn returns. Scorpius prepares to fire, when Crais contacts him. Crais says that he resigns as a Peacekeeper, and says that Crichton is dead by his hands. Scorpius fires but Talyn starbursts! Moya then starbursts too. Scorpius wants Braca's tactical expert, who said that Talyn wouldn't be able to starburst for an arn brought to him so he can "educate" him. He orders a search for Moya, saying Crichton's not dead, and he will find him.

D'Argo goes to see Zhaan, who says that she cannot abandon them and so she'll slow down the seek. Meanwhile Crichton and Aeryn are in Pilot's den. She says that she failed, but Pilot says that Talyn told Moya he chose Crais of his own volition, and he said he'll contact Moya from time to time to let her know that he's okay. Aeryn asks Crichton if he'll be all right, and Crichton says he'll make mistakes since he's young, but he'll be okay. She doesn't think Crais will mistreat him, since he could have killed them at any time but didn't. She says maybe he has really changed. Crichton says that he's changed, and she's changed, but Crais?

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 1 - "Mind the Baby"
Writer: Richard Manning
Director: Andrew Prowse
Production number: 10202
First UK Transmission: 12th Jun 2000
First US Transmission: 17th Mar 2000
Guest Stars:
Lani Tupu (Bialar Crais); Wayne Pygram (Scorpius); David Franklin (Lt. Braca); Jennifer Fischer (PK Nurse)
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