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"Dream a Little Dream / Re: Union"
Zhaan crosses the road and gets arrested, and is soon charged with murder...

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NOTE: "Dream a Little Dream" was originally filmed under the title "Re: Union" as the first episode of season 2. However, for various reasons, it was held back and "Mind the Baby", originally the second episode, was aired first in its place. "Re: Union" was re-edited to include two newly filmed scenes with Crichton and Zhaan at the beginning and end, turning it into a flashback story. It was renamed "Dream a Little Dream" and aired eighth.

However, on June 1st 2001, the US SciFi channel aired the original cut of "Re: Union" as a special presentation. Both versions are covered in this synopsis, and the differences noted as such.

Dream a Little Dream: Zhaan has been having dreams of Crichton, Aeryn and D'Argo dying when they were left by Moya (see log Family Ties). She and Crichton are stuck on a transport pod waiting for Moya, as Rygel left something in the nav. linkage. When Crichton starts singing "I dream a little dream of you", Zhaan says that she was, and tells him that she keeps seeing him die. She tells him that they searched for 20 solar days every planet within possible distance, and the last they found was Litigara. So back we go, to that point in time...

Re: Union: Zhaan is with Pilot in his chamber. Pilot is feeling great sorrow over the loss of Crichton, Aeryn and D'Argo (see log Family Ties), and he asks Zhaan why the loss troubles him so much. As she tells him that their sacrifice was an act of heroic charity, she begins to get upset, so Pilot has to calm her down. They have searched 24 planets, countless moons and asteroids with no sign of them, and Litigara is their last hope. Zhaan leaves to go and collect Rygel and Chiana, who have been on the surface gathering information.

In a bar on Litigara, Zhaan asks the barman if he's seen two Sebaceans and a Luxan, but he hasn't. Rygel is drunk, and Chiana is playing with the locals. Zhaan grabs them and leaves, and speaks to Pilot who says that Moya is demanding they return so she can continue the search for her offspring. Zhaan goes to cross the road when the light she can, but she is hit by a vehicle. Police come and arrest her, to Chiana and Rygel's objections, saying that she'll pay for her crime...

Pilot tells Chiana that Moya is ready to leave, and she must tell Zhaan. Chiana goes to see Zhaan, who says that she shouldn't have come, when Zhaan's lawyer appears. He says that she can expect the minimum sentence – ten solar days. Chiana suggests getting another lawyer, and he says they're welcome to try; over 90% of the population are lawyers. Zhaan tells Chiana that she and Rygel must get out of here, and then she attacks her lawyer.

A man called Ja Rhumann is speaking to a man over the comm., and says that even though it's not safe for the man to be out that night, they've found the perfect subject. Meanwhile, back in her cell, Zhaan sees Crichton, D'Argo and Aeryn come up to her to get her out of the cell, but before they do they disappear; they're hallucinations. But Crichton comes through the bars and sits next to her, and she says that she wishes he and the others were there because she's alone and afraid so she needs them; Rygel and Chiana are like children, and without the others she can't be responsible for everyone.

Crichton's image vanishes when a woman comes up to her cell and opens the door, giving her a map to the transport. She says the guards will return soon, so this is Zhaan's only chance to escape. But as Zhaan runs and sees Rygel and Chiana, she trips over a dead body, and the police arrest her again – only this time the charge is murder.

Her lawyer says that the man she killed was a rising advocate for the utilities; the 10% of the population who aren't lawyers. The charge is that she murdered him with her bare hands, although because of his radical ideas about the law nobody's too cut up about it. When Chiana asks what happens next, he says that in three solar days she will be executed!

In court, Rygel explains to Chiana that Litigara is run by law firms, and the one currently in power is run by Ja Rhumann. The judge is about to give the verdict, when Zhaan asks if it matters that she is innocent. She says that she is guilty of many evils but this is not one of them. Her counsel says that it was not discussed and he will not represent her in a plea of not guilty. The judge says that she can't change her plea without representation, so Chiana objects. Zhaan tells her to return to Moya, but she and Rygel say they'll represent her, which the judge allows. Later, Chiana tells Rygel that if they fail, they share the same punishment as the client.

Chiana and Rygel are in the bar researching, when a lawyer has a go at one of the bar staff. The barman tells Chiana that he's a lawyer, and it's his right. That's why Wesley Kenn, the man who was murdered, was so important, as he was fighting for utilities' rights. He says that their law system wasn't always complicated, and gives them "The Axiom" – the book that all other law books are based on. He says that it's the only book the really need.

Aeryn is now in Zhaan's cell (another hallucination), and asks why Zhaan left them, had she waited a few microts they would have all been back. Back in court, Zhaan confesses and says she's guilty. As the judge is about to sentence her, Rygel steps in and says that her counsel does not concur with the guilty plea, and Chiana insist that she be gagged. The judge agrees, and the trial proceeds. Rygel and Chiana cross-examine various witnesses, including the officer on patrol, who says he found Zhaan kneeling over the murdered body.

Later, in the bar, Chiana tells Pilot that they need more time, but he says that Moya will only give the, one revolution of the planet. Chiana notices the officer who arrested Zhaan, who has a burned face. The bartender says that he has blue eyes, and it was a dual full moon the other night. Litigarans with blue eyes usually stay in because it burns them. Chiana goes to "speak" with him, and says they're pleading guilty tomorrow before fishing for information. Rygel asks the bartender about the "light of truth" mentioned in The Axiom, and he says that it goes back to the very origin of the law – a burning torch that burns brighter when held up to someone meant that they were lying. Rygel gets an idea and shows the barman a picture of the murdered man.

In court, Chiana is suffering from a hangover, so Rygel gives her some pills to help, but she takes them all and they make her hyper, forcing Rygel to take over. He asks the doctor about the burn that blue-eyed Litigarans get from a dual full moon. Chiana then asks the officer why he was burnt and not the victim, and then reveals that he used to work as security for Ja Rhumann's law firm.

After the session, Pilot tells Chiana that Moya is not listening and is about to leave. As Chiana walks on, she gets caught in an electro-net and is taken to Rhumann. He threatens her to stop her line of questioning or he says she will be faced with charges, false charges. He says that it's all about utility's rights, and her comm. is destroyed and he says that she won't return to the ship unless he allows it.

Zhaan is being strapped up, when she sees D'Argo, who encourages her to take up the Pa'u Seek again, saying she is the strongest individual he has ever known. Meanwhile Chiana returns to the cell, where Rygel is with Zhaan, who is mumbling. Chiana uses his comm. to contact Pilot, who says that Moya has chosen to give them more time, as her comm. was open the whole time she was speaking with Rhumann. Rygel says that he thinks they can win, but it will involve lashings of deception and trickery.

In court, Chiana calls Rhumann to the stand, and talks about the oath they take with their hand on The Axiom. Rygel asks him, under oath, what he knows about the murder. He says that he knows no more than any ordinary citizen – namely that Zhaan did it. Chiana breaks a chair, and designates one of the legs the light of truth. Rhumann says that it's a parable, but Rygel says it says so in their most sacred book. Chiana says that it's ordinary wood, but near a witness under oath, it reacts with special properties. Chiana lights it, and Rygel asks if the death benefited his firm, and Chiana asks if finding an off-worlder to blame the death on would benefit his firm, and he agrees, hypothetically speaking. Rygel says that the victim didn't get burned, Chiana says the victim must have been killed somewhere else, and brought to the alley knowing Zhaan would be there. He says hypothetically, yes. Rygel tells Pilot "now" under his breath, and Chiana asks if he's speaking hypothetically. Rhumann says yes, but Moya projects light, and with each lie the light gets stronger. Rygel asks if the judge will believe a guilty man, or the symbol of her world. She orders Rhumann arrested and drops all charges against Zhaan.

Re: Union: Back in the bar, Chiana gives the bartender a goodbye kiss, and then calls Pilot to say they're on their way. He asks if Zhaan is with them, because he wants to ask her something. Chiana says Zhaan's not the way she was the last time he saw her, and he says he knows, and he thinks it's wonderful... Zhaan's been chanting; she is returning to the Seek to become a priest again! Chiana and Rygel are pleased, and Chiana says they'll return to Moya straight away to continue the search for Talyn. Rygel asks what about Crichton, Aeryn and D'Argo, and Chiana says they're gone, and it's time to move on, then Rygel takes Zhaan's hand and they all leave. TO BE CONTINUED – IN MIND THE BABY

Dream a Little Dream: Back to the present, and Zhaan tells Crichton that she keeps seeing them die, even though they live. She says that the experience shows that her spirituality was lacking, but he says that since she recommitted herself to the Seek it may have been worth it. Moya arrives to pick them up, and Crichton asks Zhaan if she's OK. She thanks him for his compassion, and he thanks her for hers.

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 8 - "Dream a Little Dream / Re: Union"
Writer: Steven Rae
Director: Ian Watson
Production number: 10201
First UK Transmission: 14th Aug 2000
First US Transmission: 23rd Jun 2000
Guest Stars:
Steve Jacobs (Ja Rhumann); Sandy Gore (Judge); Peter Kowitz (Tarr); Jeremy Callaghan (Bartender); Marin Mimica (Maton Dersch); Simone Kessell (Finzzi); Dean Nottle; Jessica Wilcox
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