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"Family Ties"
Side-switching, betrayal, friendship, evil, tears and getting lost in space make up the first season finale...

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Moya is still trapped in the asteroid field, continuing from Bone to be Wild, but there is now a bigger problem. Rygel has taken a transport pod and is headed towards Crais' Command Carrier. The rest of Moya's crew aren't happy, apparently his eminence is out to strike a deal with Scorpius and Crais...

Crais, meanwhile, wonders why Rygel is on his way to them alone, and Scorpius remarks that perhaps he wants to become part of Crais' collection (referring to the Hynerian trophies in Crais' quarters). Crais thinks it's all just a game to Scorpius, however he denies it saying he cares a great deal about one thing – the wormhole technology that Crichton holds. Lt. Braca brings in Rygel, who says they want the Leviathan, its gunship offspring, the defector Aeryn Sun and especially Crichton. Are they interested?

Pilot has plotted a course out of the asteroid field using the charts from Br'Nee (see Bone to be Wild), but Moya refuses to leave her offspring who cannot Starburst. It can't use its weaponry effectively until it's fully grown. John tells Aeryn and D'Argo he will not be taken alive by the Peacekeepers – he's been in the Chair, and he will not go back. He asks what would happen if one of them pretends to dock at the Command Carrier but at the last second drives the transport pod straight into the bridge. Aeryn says it won't cripple their operations, but Crichton asks what would happen if it is loaded with explosives.

Rygel is now having a full on meal on the Carrier, when Scorpius says he could easily put Rygel in the Chair, but he says it will not work, and Crais agrees that a Hynerian would die instantly. Scorpius agrees that he will exchange Rygel's freedom for Crichton, saying the rest is insignificant, however Rygel wants a ship, crew and more. Scorpius says he's lying about why he's here, but Rygel denies it. Scorpius tells the guards to lock him up, but he says no – Crichton will not be taken alive. Scorpius asks him if he will help them capture Crichton... and we fade out!

D'Argo tries o convince Chiana to wear chains when the Peacekeepers come, so they think she's a prisoner, but she rejects that with a vengeance. Meanwhile Zhaan is whipping up a substance that becomes explosive when mixed with certain items, and she says that she has made a family on Moya but feels it's all coming to an end. John replies that for what it's worth, she is family.

Aeryn is with Pilot, trying to comfort him, since he is sharing Moya's pain. He says that they have grown close in their time together, and her prowler is still on board so she can leave and not be captured. She tells him she is not going anywhere, and when she finally has a name for Moya's son, she will give him one that it will bear proudly, it's her honour, and she will do it in freedom. John is trying to record a message to his father, but cannot find the right words for it, when Aeryn walks in on him and tells him how lucky he is, because she knows little about her mother, and even less about her father.

Crais walks in on Rygel having a bath, and says he must discuss Rygel's future. Scorpius has ordered his execution, and asks if he really thought he could strike a bargain with a Scarran half-breed. Rygel asks why Crais tells him this, and he says they are in similar situations, but he wants to survive.

Rygel returns to Moya, and the others fear it is a trap, even though he was not followed. D'Argo, Zhaan, Crichton and Aeryn all point their guns at the door, as Rygel hovers in saying not to shoot. He tells them not to let their reaction to what they will see next include weapons fire, as Crais follows behind!!! He says he asked Rygel for asylum, and had it granted! He asks to be placed in a cell so he won't be harmed. D'Argo takes exception to his presence, and beats on him until he reveals that D'Argo was wrongfully imprisoned – the PKs knew his wife's brother killed her, but they could not go back on the conviction.

Rygel tells Zhaan and Chiana what he saw – it was no act, Scorpius was in control on the Carrier. Rygel recognises Crais' value, but Zhaan says he went to sell them out. Rygel replies, "You bet I did... but I didn't!" D'Argo and Aeryn are preparing the explosives, when they say they have come to rely on each other, and she wishes she'd seen his son. He tells her he misses him more every day, and she says he has his father's blood, so he's probably just like him.

John is watching over Crais, saying he wants a male-to-male conversation. Crais says he understands now that John didn't purposely kill his brother. He says he thought at first it was about his brother, but somewhere along the line it became about him.

Later, Crais tells the crew that Scorpius will attack as soon as he detects the transport pod, destroying it once they detect explosives before it hits. D'Argo mentions there's one thing he values more than anything – the Gammack Base. They can ignite the moon's oil surface and destroy it as a distraction allowing their escape, but someone will have to fly the pod. Crais says it won't work because there's one thing Scorpius values more than anything – Crichton.

D'Argo volunteers, then Chiana sees John saying she knows he will go too. He says that he is what Scorpy wants, and she thanks John for saving her life, giving him a goodbye kiss. He says one day she can return the favour.

Lt. Braca tells Scorpius that Crais has been deemed irrevocably contaminated; Scorpius is now in full control. Scorpius' orders are to cripple the Leviathan, if the offspring responds to their signal bring it in, or else destroy it. He says everyone but Crichton is dispensable.

Crais and Aeryn are on the offspring, and he says it's amazing. All other attempts have failed, and it must be because they were in captivity. The offspring can have a Pilot, but doesn't require one as it responds to direct voice commands. Aeryn and Crais agree that it should be left out of their conflicts.

John says he allows Rygel to have is possessions if he doesn't make it; Rygel says he can be selfish but please don't hold it against him. Chiana has cooked everyone's favourite meals as appreciation for all they've done for her. In the mean time John leaves the message to his father, saying he thinks his time has come, but he's not afraid, his Dad did good.

Zhaan blesses John and D'Argo, and they all say their goodbyes. D'Argo gives the holo-image of his wife and son (seen in They've Got A Secret) to Zhaan, so she can give it to him. Aeryn tells them if they get it right, the PKs won't notice them, and she'll be there.

The Peacekeepers detect the transport pod, but Scorpius won't change course until they know more information. D'Argo and John are on the pod, and Pilot wishes them luck. Initial Peacekeeper scans reveal a Luxan and Human on board, so Scorpius changes course, and says he wants the prisoners alive. John arms the explosives, whilst Pilot tells Aeryn, who's in her prowler, that the offspring is not responding to Moya. She tells him to call it by its name – Talyn, which was her father's name. Braca reveals there are explosives on the pod, and Scorpius says if they ignite the oil surface of the moon, the Base will have to be evacuated. D'Argo says it's time to go, and John says he loves hanging with him, giving him his Dad's good luck charm. They exit the pod, leaving them drifting in space! Aeryn has to get them, as D'Argo can only survive for one quarter of an arn. The transport hits the moon, and the surface ignites behind them!

Crais has boarded Talyn, and Aeryn can't get to John and D'Argo, as there are too many prowlers around. Talyn is operating by himself, and flies with Crais back into the asteroid field! The Command Carrier is moving in on Moya, but no one including Rygel wants to leave the others. Moya refuses to go without Talyn, so John speaks to her, saying her only chance to rescue her son is to save herself first, and thanks Moya for everything. Watched by D'Argo, John and Aeryn, Moya Starbursts away, as D'Argo falls unconscious. With Aeryn unable to rescue them, and John and D'Argo floating in space, we end season 1!

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 1, Episode 22 - "Family Ties"
Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon & David Kemper
Director: Tony Tilse
Production number: 10122
First UK Transmission: 5th Jun 2000
First US Transmission: 28th Jan 2000
Guest Stars:
Lani Tupu (Cpt. Bialar Crais); Wayne Pygram (Scorpius); David Franklin (Lt. Braca)
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