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"Bone to be Wild"
Mmm... hungry... Our crew may be about to become food, amidst a massive power struggle...

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Moya is being scanned by Crais' Command Carrier whilst hiding in an asteroid field, following the events of The Hidden Memory. The temperature has been reduced so as to avoid the scan. The scan passes leaving Moya and her offspring undetected, but Pilot picks up a distress call from a nearby asteroid, revealing an alien female is under attack from an unseen creature.

Meanwhile Crais is unhappy that Moya has still not been found, and wants to enter the asteroid field to find her. Scorpius disturbs Crais to suggest that he bombard the area with signals to try and make the offspring reveal itself in panic, figuring that the mother would not abandon her child. Crais says his orders stand, and the will change position.

Zhaan, D'Argo and Crichton go down to the asteroid, in hope they'll also find charts to help get them out of the asteroid field, since without charts they'll be stuck there. On the asteroid, they hear screams and encounter the beast attacking the female, and scare the beast off. The female reveals she is called M'Lee, and she does not want to be left alone. They return to the transport pod where the beast is lying in wait, and attacks, injuring D'Argo with internal injuries, before leaving.

Pilot tells Aeryn on Moya that she is the only one he feels he can trust, and tells her that Moya is having problems communicating with her offspring; there is tension between them. He asks Aeryn to tell Moya why the Peacekeepers did this to her son, and since she should have more of an idea than anyone, could she go aboard the offspring to make him understand. Aeryn goes aboard and mentions what an astounding amalgamation of Peacekeeper and Leviathan technology the baby is. When Pilot suggests turning off the comm. array since the Peacekeepers may use it to find them, Aeryn finds it quickly since panels keep lighting up, and she begins talking to the offspring.

Scorpius is in Crais' quarters, playing more mind games with him. Crais says he wants him off his ship, but Scorpius reminds him of all his failures, and threatens to take over.

On the asteroid, Zhaan is trying to heal D'Argo, but she requires more substances so John is about to go off to get some, as M'Lee begins to sniff Zhaan, saying her scent is different and she smells like outside. Zhaan reveals that M'Lee is right - she is also flora! John can't believe that Zhaan's a plant, even though D'Argo says that everyone knows Delvians are flora-evolved. Apparently flora species are quite common. M'Lee detects that the creature is coming, and she runs off after it. Crichton runs after her and when the creature comes, Zhaan disappears, camouflaging herself from the creatures view.

D'Argo is upset with John for allowing Zhaan to get captured, but M'Lee reveals she won't be eaten but taken to the beast's hunting ground and killed. John and M'Lee set off to rescue her, but M'Lee is getting hungry and attacks John in the foliage. The creature appears and knocks down John, while M'Lee runs away. The beast tells John he is not the enemy.

Crais meanwhile, is angry that Scorpius is undermining him with his bridge officers, saying if his command were under question then he would have been recalled. Scorpius reminds him that he was.

The creature, named Br'Nee, finds the atmosphere thin so was too out of breath to say anything to John, saying that was why he attacked him. Earlier in the transport pod, he was trying to warn them. M'Lee is a "calcivore" - she feeds on bone, and would have eaten John. Br'Nee is a botanist, who led a team on the asteroid, but M'Lee killed his team.

In the mean time, the Peacekeepers again scan, so Aeryn has to reduce the offspring's energy signature, but he won't let her. She makes him understand that though the Peacekeepers in a way made him, he must trust his mother, and trust her. The offspring reduces power.

Br'Nee makes some of the plant Zhaan needs to heal D'Argo, using a machine that creates a huge plant from a small sample. Br'Nee and Zhaan go off to heal D'Argo, leaving John to protect the lab. When they've gone, M'Lee returns. She wants to talk with John, and tells him Br'Nee brought her ancestors to this asteroid to rid it of herbivorous life, leaving only the plants. She says she knows she will starve eventually if she remains on the asteroid, so she'll control the hunger if John provides her with a more regular food supply.

Aeryn manages to charge the offspring's cannon, in case of an attack, and tells Pilot that they seem to have an understanding. Pilot says communication between Moya and her offspring is improving. Rygel thinks Aeryn should stay on it in case of an attack, but Aeryn says she will not drag it into a conflict not of its making.

Br'Nee has healed D'Argo, but John returns and reveals Brine's secret. D'Argo and Crichton are upset that sentient beings were being murdered for "stupid plants", which upsets Zhaan, since she is a "stupid plant". D'Argo is about to throw him out and leave, but he reveals he has charts of the asteroid field. Zhaan, having a cool head, goes with him.

Scorpius interrupts Crais during a meal to reveal what is contained in his communication to Peacekeeper Command. He has told them everything Crais has done, and says he will see him personally stripped of rank and office. Scorpius reveals he's taken command of the Carrier, and a physical fight ensues. Scorpius displays his physical superiority, and overcomes Crais.

John goes to the lab and finds Br'Nee "injured", who says M'Lee took Zhaan. John goes after her, and then remembers Zhaan does not have bones, so Br'Nee was lying and returns to the lab. John confronts Br'Nee about Zhaan, and finds her miniaturised by Br'Nee's machine. After a fight with Br'Nee, John restores her but Br'Nee is caught by the laser and sliced in half. M'Lee appears as John and Zhaan are about to leave, saying she'll die of starvation, so she feeds on Br'Nee until the Peacekeepers come.

Back on Moya, the charts will allow them to exit the field. Aeryn tells John the baby is amazing, and Pilot thanks her since Moya and the offspring are now getting along. She says she did it for the good of the ship, and Pilot reveals that the ship would like Aeryn to name her child.

The Peacekeepers have searched the asteroid, and found M'Lee. Scorpius hugs her, showing "compassion", and tells the others "sometimes we must know when to give of ourselves".

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 1, Episode 21 - "Bone to be Wild"
Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon & David Kemper
Director: Andrew Prowse
Production number: 10121
First UK Transmission: 22nd May 2000
First US Transmission: 21st Jan 2000
Guest Stars:
Lani Tupu (Cpt. Bialar Crais); Wayne Pygram (Scorpius); Francesca Buller (M'Lee); Marton Csokas (Br'Nee); David Franklin (Lt. Braca)
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