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"Throne for a Loss"
Rygel's kidnapped, Zhaan tries to help a lost soul and the crew fight. A lot...

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A group of Tavleks are on their way towards Moya. The crew intend to deal with them, carrying some of their cargo for money. Rygel will be the negotiator for the deal. Crichton attempts to talk Aeryn out of carrying a gun to the transport hangar, but she refuses to go without one. The Tavleks board with guns raised, and we have a heist! A fight ensues, and after the gunfire Pilot manages to shut the hangar door, stopping an unconscious Tavlek from leaving, but Crichton notices that Rygel's been bagged!

Crichton wants Pilot to go after the shuttle, but D'Argo says it's Rygel's own fault and they will break orbit. He throws a huge barrel across command, and the crew realise something is wrong. They notice he is wearing one of the Tavlek's gauntlets and it is injecting something into him. He announces that he is now in charge, and knocks John, Zhaan and Aeryn down in one blow. Zhaan goes and awakes the young Tavlek, who reveals the gauntlet is injecting D'Argo with a stimulant, but it can only be removed when you are knocked unconscious, so Zhaan concocts some sleep mist to knock him out.

Pilot receives a transmission from the planet, and the Tavlek leader, Bekhesh, wants to talk. He sets the ransom for Rygel, and says the crew has one day or their king dies. Crichton and Aeryn make use of the sleep mist, but it doesn't knock out D'Argo since the gauntlet just increases his injection. The two run away, and get Pilot to build up the ship's pressure and then release it, knocking D'Argo out in the process so the gauntlet comes off.

Meanwhile, Rygel has been locked in a prison cell on the planet, and makes some idol threats at Bekhesh, awaking the prisoner in the adjacent cell – Jotheb from the Consortium of Trao – and they give each other formal introductions. Moya now has a propulsion systems failure because Rygel borrowed a vital crystal (without which the ship will lose orbit and cannot move) without permission for use in his sceptre.

D'Argo is asleep from the effects of the stimulant, and Aeryn wants to go down to the planet to recover the crystal. Crichton doesn't want to however, so she punches him, knocking him unconscious, and takes him down in the prowler. John wakes up and is not a happy human. Meanwhile Zhaan is still with the boy, and gives him Crichton's spacesuit to cover up, since Aeryn had to borrow his outfit. He thinks that Zhaan just wants to see him naked, so flashes her, but she is not taken aback and shows him her beautiful blue body, then is alerted that D'Argo is awake and wants to help her and Pilot.

Down on the planet Crichton and Aeryn come across a Tavlek hunting party and Aeryn decides she needs to force them to tell her where Rygel is, so she puts on the gauntlet. She attacks them and gets the information, but Crichton overloads the pulse rifle, causing a distraction and prompting D'Argo to go down to the planet.

Zhaan goes to the boy's cell and he attacks her and makes her arm bleed (the blood is white), so she kisses him with her blood to reduce his withdrawal, and she eases his pain at the same time. On the planet, Aeryn refuses to let Crichton remove the gauntlet and attacks him. D'Argo arrives on the planet and manages to knock her unconscious with his tongue.

Rygel, with Jotheb's help, manages to get halfway out the cell, but Bekhesh notices and chokes him to death! All is not lost, though, since Jotheb revives Rygel and says the Consortium of Trao will pay his ransom. Jotheb says that since he revived Rygel he and his 600 billion subjects are all part of the Consortium. Rygel laughs at him, telling him he was a Dominar, but now has nothing since he was deposed and imprisoned, and is now travelling with the prisoners who have nothing. This angers Jotheb.

Crichton finds the Tavlek camp, and everyone appears to be asleep, and when he tells the others they decide to attack. D'Argo gives Aeryn his Qualta Rifle to cover him and Crichton while they attack. On Moya, Zhaan feeds the boy, and he questions how she helped take away the pain. She responds that being a ninth level Delvian Pa'u allows her to share other beings' pain. She says she thinks that there is more to him without the gauntlet, but all he wants is the gauntlet back.

D'Argo and Crichton find the prison cell, and Jotheb in it, and they find the sceptre - but the crystal is missing. Jotheb reveals that the Tavleks have moved Rygel to a secure location. On their way out, they are greeted by the Tavleks, but Aeryn manages to divert them. They escape, but D'Argo is bleeding! Since the blood is dark red/black if they do not cleanse the wound he will die. To cleanse it they must keep the blood flowing freely until it runs clear, so Aeryn begins pounding him. Zhaan tells John the requested location of the Tavlek shuttle, but Aeryn says it's too far away. Crichton puts on the gauntlet, and races to get Rygel.

Zhaan confronts the boy who has attempted to escape, and uses her extreme strength to overcome him, locking him back up.

Crichton ambushes the Tavleks en route to the shuttle. He knocks out three of them, and he and Bekhesh fight, but Crichton's stimulant runs out. He manages to talk his way out of the situation by telling the truth (after lies fail) that Rygel is worthless. Bekhesh speaks to the boy, who reveals that Moya has no valuables; all they've done to him is try and help him. Bekhesh returns Rygel, who says he swallowed the crystal so they had to come for him. Back on Moya, he regurgitates it and returns it to Aeryn. Zhaan contacts the boy, who is once again wearing the gauntlet, despite her efforts.

Synopsis by Dani Moure

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Episode Credits
Season 1, Episode 2 - "Throne for a Loss"
Writer: Richard Manning
Director: Pino Amenta
Production number: 10104
First UK Transmission: 6th Dec 1999
First US Transmission: 9th Apr 1999
Guest Stars:
John Adam (Bekhesh); Jeremiah Tickell (Kyr); Zoe Dimakis (Hontovek); Api Bavadra (Nonk); Tim Mieville (Voice of Jotheb)
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