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When last we left John he'd managed to get through a wormhole to, of all places, Earth (Unrealized Reality). Granted, he's alone in a space suit, just kinda hovering in space roughly over North America. He comms Moya, thinking in the next breath how silly that is, that surely he's nowhere near them and it's ironic that he'll die here, hanging in space so close to home. A moment later though, D'Argo answers John's comm. The wormhole keeps opening and closing, letting a signal through. With no time to explain, John tells D'Argo that the next time the wormhole opens, they should lock on his signal and come through. All board D'Argo's ship - Lo'La - to do just that. They leave Sikozu and Scorpius behind to tend to Moya, asking Pilot to shut down security-sensitive systems to be sure Scorpy doesn't get into any trouble. Aeryn pilots the ship through the wormhole.

John starts singing, "500 bottles of beer on the wall..." Lo'La finally emerges at 6 bottles of beer and they pick up John, quite proud of him for making it home. But something isn't quite right. The radio transmissions they listen in on are Regan era. John has arrived in a past time, very bad for timelines just to be there. He insists they go to the planet's surface to check things out and see if anything's screwed up yet. Lo'La cloaks and down they go, to sunny Florida.

Rule is, if trouble starts, it'll start close to home, so home is where John goes and there is indeed trouble. While the crew stays aboard a cloaked Lo'La, John peeks around his old house. While happy to see his old truck, his family through the fence having an outdoor celebration, and even his younger, teenage self, he knows something's wrong when he sees the banner congratulating his dad on landing the position of Captain of the space shuttle Challenger. Bad news since the Challenger explosion will happen in a year if all else goes as time dictates. Rygel wonders on the viewers' behalf if things wouldn't be better left to play themselves out. Answer; Jack Crichton got young John started in Avionics. No start in Avionics, no Farscape project. No Farscape project, the Moya crew end up where they would have if John hadn't come through the wormhole; Aeryn in the Peacekeepers, Chiana on Nebari Prime, etc. Rule of fixing the timeline, everything mutates from that first ripple. Fix the cause and the rest falls back into place

On the upside, tomorrow is Halloween. That should help the Moya crew fit in should they be seen by anyone. John takes them to an old abandoned house he used to hang out at as a teen. They can stay there and hopefully out of trouble while he sorts out what to do about Jack Crichton doomed promotion. John pulls out a pair of jeans from some boxes of clothes. Looks a touch more 1985 Florida than Peacekeeper leathers.

John returns to the house in time to see his younger self storming out, angry at his dad in a very generally-angry-at-my-dad-because-I'm-a-teenager kind of way, but it's obvious that the main source of anger is Jack taking the Challenger mission. As he pulls out in the truck and mom and dad go back inside, John is distracted by some delivered milk sitting on the porch. Not having tasted the stuff in 4 years, he grabs the milk and treats himself. He's spotted by his 1985 girlfriend, Kim. Oops. Kim comments that he looks like Johnny, but buys it when he says his name is Fred Scarran. He plays nostalgia for a moment and confirms that Johnny is headed to the canal.

In the house, D'Argo figures out how to get the electricity going. Besides turning on the lights, it also turns on the TV, promising to be a grand source of aliens-on-Earth entertainment, starting with Wheel of Fortune. While Aeryn practices her English to the TV, Chiana and Granny try to figure out a photograph they found earlier; a guy flipping the middle finger towards the camera. They decide it must be a greeting of sorts and practice the new hello/how-are-you gesture on each other.

At the canal, John "Clarence" abruptly introduces himself to Johnny Crichton. He cuts right to the chase, telling the kid in not so many words to get over himself and convince his dad not to fly Challenger. Johnny of course has no idea who this guy is and isn't about to take advice from him, until John says he knows why he's angry. "You think he treats her badly." This gets Johnny's attention. But still, Johnny accuses John of being associated with the government, there to check out the family. "If you really knew us, you'd know I can't convince my dad to do squat."

Back at the hideout, Aeryn has discovered Sesame Street - even better for brushing up on written English and she encourages D'Argo to study a little as well. D'Argo on the other hand feels fine with what little English Chiana taught him; "yes," "no" and "bite me." Chiana is bored and would rather be out exploring. Wearing a 60s psychedelic dress she found in the house and ignoring D'Argo's commands to stay inside, she bursts out of the door, proclaiming that it's Halloween, she's supposed to fit in. Aeryn urges D'Argo not go out after her, making things potentially worse.

Outside, Chiana runs into a neighbor woman and tries out the new middle-finger greeting with a smile. You can pretty much see the woman's ass tighten as this overly-made up punker girl is flipping her off. Chi seems only mildly confused by this odd response and goes on about her exploring in this Florida suburb. She doesn't get too far when, of all people, young Johnny Crichton spots her and drives up. "Cool outfit. Going to a party?" Chiana plays along and takes him up on his offer for a lift. No one ever taught her that you get into a pickup truck by walking around it to the passenger side door, not by crawling over the hood and into the passenger side window. But somehow, she instinctively knows to go straight for the volume button on the radio. He asks her name. "Chiana." "Karen?" he asks over the loud music. She answers yes while exploring the truck and lets out a Chiana-esque yell, "She-aww!!!" Johnny takes that as a last name. "Karen Shaw?" He introduces himself as John Crichton and Chiana is taken aback. But the potential for entertainment is too much to pass up and she tells him "drive." He gladly does.

Inside the house, the neighbor woman decides to go inside to check things out and is in before anyone can think of a way to stop her. She sees Aeryn, and more importantly, Rygel, and that's about all she's able to absorb as she walks right back out, the crew not saying a word other than Rygel's soft, "oops."

On the other side of the wormhole, Sikozu is pleading with Pilot to turn at least some of Moya's systems back on. Like the heat for instance. But Pilot reports way bigger problems. Peacekeeper marauders are on their way fast, with Grayza and Braca. Scorpius suggests starburst, knowing the downside is that they'll lose the rest of the crew as they'll never find the location of this wormhole again. Sikozu suggests instead they stay. If they run, Grayza will assume John is on board. Stay and let Grayza board and she'll see he's not there. Pilot is afraid she'd kill him and Pilot but Scorpius says they wouldn't. She wants to find Crichton.

Back on Earth, the neighbor woman apparently made a call to the cops and a state trooper comes to check out the abandoned house. Anticipating more company, Noranti is wearing a headband to cover her third eye, Aeryn is wearing a psychedelic, bare-midriff go-go outfit that makes her look like a very 60's Cher, and she tosses D'Argo a football jersey. Aeryn gets to practice her English for real now as she goes outside to greet the officer, saying this house was abandoned by their uncle. The officer comes in and Aeryn cooperates with his look around, saying the woman who complained must have been frightened by "Kermit" (Rygel), just a silly toy. She tosses a motionless Rygel on the floor and tells "Grandma" to say excuse me. D'Argo is hiding in the back but can't stifle a loud sneeze. The officer spins around, drawing his gun and is quite shocked at the sight of D'Argo. Aeryn says it's ok, that D'Argo is her brother and "Grandma" reminds him it's Halloween and that D'Argo is just wearing a mask. The officer, shaken and gun still aimed at D'Argo, looks to D'Argo for confirmation. D'Argo goes through his English vocabulary; "Yes? No. Bite...me." At that, the officer angrily demands he take the mask off.

D'Argo starts slowly towards him with his qualta blade, "A toy sword" Aeryn franticly says. But it's Granny who saves the day, or at least the moment, blowing some powder into the officer's face. She whispers to him that there's no danger here, to see D'Argo remove the mask and see the face he expects to see then leave them alone. The officer sees D'Argo take off his mask to reveal he's quite a normal-looking human asking politely if there's a problem. Although, it's not Anthony Simcoe unmasked, it's a black man that one might be more likely to expect to have that deep D'Argo voice. Or maybe it's what a white cop in a white Florida suburb expects to see when he came here expecting problems. Still, the officer says "no problem, you folks just do your own thing." They politely show him out, but they know now the damage is done. Aeryn goes to look for Crichton.

Crichton finds Aeryn walking through the neighborhood and gives her the update on his work; as usual, things are worse. Now his dad is planning to leave tomorrow instead of Monday. They creep around his house again, this time to see John's mother at a table in the yard, reading Tarot cards. He braces himself to talk to her - she died of cancer 4 years before he left on the Farscape project. John approaches her and when she asks if she knows him he says no. He mentions the Tarot cards. "It's silly," she says, but John tells her they aren't. In fact, he did a reading in Gainesville and came to tell her to convince her husband not to go tomorrow, to wait until Monday. The conversation is very strained for him and odd for her.

John and Aeryn check back in with the crew at the abandoned house. He tells them that 17 years ago - right about now - he was trapped in a fire and his dad saved him. He was in a coma for 2 days and when NASA called, Jack refused to leave his son's side. John is sure that if he recreates that, it'll set things right again. Noranti offers to make a brew that will simulate a coma, though John isn't about to let her touch his body. Then it dawns on him, "Where's Chiana?"

Chiana is parked with young Johnny, doing more listening than talking with her limited spoken English. Johnny is bitching about his dad and how he treats the family more like a crew than a family. But he says the irony of it is that he too wants to go up there someday. "You will" Chiana says simply, fascinated with the company of young John Crichton.

Back at the house, the cop comes back to snoop some more. Noranti is there to greet him with some more of her powder. She sets him up in an empty pool in the back where she can test her coma brew on him. D'Argo sees them though and reminds her John said not to even try it. D'Argo and Noranti load the woozy cop in the back of his squad car to haul him away. D'Argo dons the cop's "helmet" (hat) and has some trouble figuring out this vehicle without voice recognition. With Noranti's help, they sort of figure it out, but not before the neighbor woman watches the whole strange scene, approaches them, and gets the friendly middle-finger greeting from D'Argo.

Whether during this and unknown to John or sometime later, John finds Rygel on the couch carving a pumpkin ("You said make it scary!") and on quite the sugar high, telling John he must get more of the stuff he calls "candy."

Moya and Pilot do indeed stay put and let the marauders board. A control collar is ordered but Pilot pleads with Grayza and Braca, reminding them they didn't try to run or resist, precisely because they have nothing to hide. They have no idea where Crichton is. Still, Grayza orders a full search of the ship, starting in the neural clusters. Presumably somewhere around there, Sikozu tells Scorpius they can hide in the neural turbines which will hide their heat signatures. Scorpy tells her to go on, that he'll be fine. A moment later, Braca comes down the ladder and Scorpy immediately gets the drop on him. Braca is more than a little surprised to see Scorpius is still alive (What was Lost: Resurrection). Scorpy starts a little intel. 30 soldiers aboard plus Grayza and no, they won't follow him down here. Suspiciously, he approaches Braca, only to grab his head, kiss him on the forehead, and tell him "Well done!." Braca says "It's good to see you sir."

Next morning, everyone goes over the plan. John's talked to Kim - Johnny's girlfriend - and convinced her to get Johnny to the canal at the pre-arranged time. Charges are set around the house to create more smoke than fire, Noranti is making the coma syrup just in case, and Aeryn is securing a perimeter to make sure they're not interrupted.

Interrupted, say, by the cop who's just waking up on the grass outside his squad car with another cop and the neighbor woman looking over him. "I don't know what you saw" he says to her, "but I think I need a warrant."

At the canal, Johnny's a short way away throwing rocks in the water while Kim is in the truck, so he doesn't see John come by the truck to check on things. Kim says she thinks Johnny thinks she brought him here to break up with him. Chiana pops out of nowhere and gives Kim a knockout punch. Crichton is of course miffed at Chiana but she says they're in a hurry, right? She tells Crichton, "You take care of her, and I'll take care of {Johnny}. No questions asked." While Rygel is at the house scaring trick-or-treaters and stealing their candy, Noranti comms Chiana to tell her the coma syrup will be ready in half an arn - she'll need to keep Johnny occupied until then. "Occupied." Right. Coming on to him hard, Chiana asks if this is how he imagined his first time. Sort of, but in his dad's 4-wheel drive, not his pickup truck. Didn't John say once that he lost his virginity to Karen Shaw in his dad's 4-wheel drive? (Losing Time).

On Moya, Braca reports that he's sure Grayza doesn't know he's Scorpy's spy, but she'll find out once she learns Scorpy is alive. He also reports that she's organizing a peace initiative with the Scarrans. Scorpius reminds Braca that must not happen, he must stall Grayza. The Scarrans will agree to everything then betray the Peacekeepers once their forces are battle ready.

In 1985 Florida, a very relaxed Johnny is at the abandoned house watching TV. Noranti gives the drink to Chiana to give to him and she does. Before it takes hold though, Aeryn bursts in saying they've got trouble. The cops have just arrived. John comes out and Johnny recognizes him, but a second later starts choking. Not thinking that's supposed to happen, John and Chiana tend to Johnny, who now has no pulse. As his pulse goes away, John starts to visually fade away, all while the cops are pounding on the door demanding to be let in. What to do now? A more traditional Farscape plan of course. D'Argo takes the big one, Aeryn takes the other one - the original cop. John is panicking and Noranti tells him not to be such a nookie. "Haven't you ever died before?" Figuring she gave Johnny too much, she spits a new concoction out of her mouth into Johnny's and he wakes up - sort of. Can't bring him back too quickly you know. John becomes semi-visible and Noranti suggests that instead of panicking, he might use his semi-invisibility to their advantage. After he leaves, the first cop comes around and asks who they are. "Aliens!" Noranti tells him. D'Argo tongues him and he's out for the count again.

And John does make use of his semi-invisibility. Mom is still reading the cards and John the friendly ghost pays her a visit. She can hear him and sort of senses his shadow. He tells her he's John, her son. He takes the moment to say he loves her then says he's in trouble. "I'm at the old Carson house. Get dad." She runs to get her husband and a little too late John starts to yell out behind her, "When you first feel the pain, don't wait." He is visible again, but she's well out of sight and hearing range.

The Peacekeepers find no one aboard Moya and nothing in Moya's memory banks. Grayza tells Braca to prepare to meet the Scarrans as planned, but she first leaves behind a little gift - a rather vicious looking creature that Moya won't be able to detect but can detect Crichton from a DNA sample. She orders the creature to take Crichton alive when he returns.

Everything's set. Noranti blows a bit of powder into the face of unconscious Johnny, telling him to remember nothing. As Noranti hurries off, Chiana adds "Except Karen Shaw in the 4-wheel drive." Noranti blows dust on one of the cops and tells him to remember nothing, but before she gets to the original cop, D'Argo and Chiana hurry her out of the house that is now filling with smoke. They haul the two unconscious cops back into their squad car and leave them. Of course, only Farscape would position them so one cop's head is resting face down in the crotch of the other.

D'Argo and Aeryn hide outside the smoking house. Jack comes running up and into the house with John close behind him. Out comes the nosy neighbor woman. Why can't people just mind their own business and let suspicious people who put unconscious cops into squad cars do their own thing without having to be all curious? Aeryn takes care of her with a single punch, and they continue waiting, wondering what's taking so long. What they didn't see is that as soon as Jack entered the house, he hit his head on a light fixture and is unconscious himself. Knowing something must be wrong, they go in and find him. D'Argo drags Jack out of the house and onto the lawn. John does the same with Johnny but not before telling his unconscious, younger self not to frown so much and kissing him on the forehead. Once Jack and Johnny are safely on the lawn, D'Argo, Aeryn and John take cover again. Jack and Johnny wake up, Johnny much worse for the wear, and Jack tends to him just as another cop car pulls up with Mrs. Crichton. D'Argo has already gone to start the hidden ship and Aeryn tells John it's time to go and follows D'Argo. John pauses for a moment and when he does, Jack looks back and sees him. Where we'd expect from his character that Jack would be instantly suspicious of this stranger lurking about the house that nearly killed his kid, they simply exchange looks ... as if Jack is seeing a ghost perhaps?

In the aftermath, the original cop who didn't get a dose of memory-erase granny powder is being questioned. He's in full the-aliens-are-here-and-it's-a-sign mode and of course, he's taken for a complete loony.

Aboard Lo'La, John is certain they've set everything right, though when D'Argo asks if there's any way they can save the rest of the people aboard the doomed Challenger, Noranti reminds them that time must play out. They comm Pilot who says he's where John told him to meet them. John asks what year it is there and Pilot says that transmission from his Earth indicate 2003 - right place, right time. They lock onto Pilot's signal and when the wormhole opens, Aeryn pilots them through. They board Moya but with unexpected guests waiting for them; John's dad and 3 other very human dignitaries, in suits, waiting in the hangar. John reacts with instant suspicion, aiming a pulse pistol at his dad and asking, as in A Human Reaction, "Was it a bass or a trout?"


How often have so many of us pondered how John can make it back to Earth and still keep Farscape "Farscape?" Many of us had pondered that the wormhole might be a rift in time as well as space, but I don't recall any speculation that making it home would mean actually making it into a past time. Well, should I have ever doubted? They got John to Earth without losing the Farscapey-ness.

Also in the many online chats about if they make it to Earth, I was of the camp hotly debating the homogenization of the Moya crew. While Shippy Sally dreamed of Aeryn becoming the ultimate Earth soccer mom, Shipper Sam and I were dreaming of an Earth ep or three full of angst over how much she and the crew don't fit in and don't want to be soccer moms and all-American guys. I have to say that I think the producers handled this fairly well. Not amazingly well, but fairly well.

What's the general space show revisiting Earth convention? The alien crew have been to dozens or hundreds of alien planets, yet Earth is by far the most fascinating and throws them for the biggest loop. How did "Kansas" do?

On any other planet, has D'Argo every mistaken a hat for a helmet? Even if he did, is he the kind of guy who would feel the need to wear a helmet? Now if he or Noranti suggested that the hat is the key to making the vehicle go, maybe. But just as a "helmet?" I don't buy it. Bad aliens-on-Earth gag.

The flipping-the-middle-finger photo, and the crew thinking it's a greeting. Very well used by Chiana and D'Argo, very, very good aliens-on-Earth gag. It ranks with Spock's use of "hell" in "Star Trek IV."

So, Chiana doesn't understand getting in the car by walking around to the passenger side door, instead crawling over the hood and in the window. But she doesn't even hesitate in wondering where the volume button on the radio is or which way to turn it? One might argue that they were watching TV and she saw the use of the radio but not people getting in and out of cars. But that would be a stretch of the imagination. The crawling-over-the-car was very cool and very Chiana, but I would rather have seen her fumble with things on the dash and accidentally discover the volume button. Bad aliens-on-Earth gag.

It just so happens to be Halloween. A little too convenient, but they played it off well. Good aliens-on-Earth gag.

Aeryn's been practicing her English and I can believe that she can speak it fluently by now, though is still having trouble reading it. This is based on the going theory of how translator microbes work; that you hear me in whatever language, yet you can understand what I'm saying. To learn my language, all you have to do is pay attention to what phrases and words go with which meanings. However, Aeryn is learning English from an American, not an Australian. I expect more than that from Farscape. Aeryn should either have an American accent or some different, weird, alien accent. Claudia is certainly talented enough to pull off either of those. It would also have been nice to see a grammar slip-up here or there. Moreover, she converses like Aeryn or at the least, like an Australian. I'd expect her to have picked up John's conversational style. That would have been both more authentic and more entertaining. Bad aliens-on-Earth gag.

The Sesame Street reference. I love it! And what a great tie-in; Aeryn brushing up on English from a children's show. Moreover, passing off Rygel as a Kermit toy. Good aliens-on-Earth gag.

Why stay in the house at all? If Lo'La can cloak, why not stay on the ship if they're supposed to stay out of sight? Yes, I know, they needed to get out into the world for all the inevitable aliens-on-Earth gags. But again, I expect Farscape to give us a decent reason why they can't stay on the ship when it would make so much more practical sense. Bad aliens-on-Earth gag.

Overall though, they didn't overdo the aliens-on-Earth culture shock like most shows do. The producers could have really capitalized on the 80s culture as well, but didn't. It all felt quite normal. Good aliens-on-Earth gag.

Elsewhere in this episode...

Neighbor woman calls the police to complain about strange people in an abandoned house. Maybe Florida handles things differently, but I'd think that would be a task for city or possibly county police, not state troopers. But what really got me about the cop was him pulling his gun so fast. There was nothing at all threatening happening at the house. Granny looked a bit strange and "Kermit" didn't much resemble Kermit, but Aeryn was polite enough and they all cooperated. So, he hears a guy sneeze in the hall and instantly draws his gun? That struck me as way unrealistic. Then to be so freaked out by a guy in a mask ... on Halloween? That could have been handled so much better.

Isn't it convenient how, in any movie or TV show, they're always able to get the electricity going in the abandoned building even though no one's paid the power company to turn it on from their end? If that were really true, I'd never pay rent. I'd just be a squatter in any number of abandoned buildings that just happen to be way cool lofts with furniture and working TV sets.

As far as John setting everything right, that was pretty amusing and quite well-done to see him interacting with the younger versions of himself and his family. Jamie Croft did a fantastic job as young John Crichton. For starters, he actually looks like a young Ben Browder - always a bonus in a world where we're expected to believe that 2 actors who don't even remotely resemble each other are supposed to be related - much less the same person. Jamie had many of Ben's/John's mannerisms down wonderfully and it really added to the realism of those scenes.

I also loved the scenes between John and his mother. It about choked me up to see him talking to her, unable to tell her who he was or how or why he was there.

Technically speaking, I've had people ask me if they actually filmed this in Florida. I honestly don't know, but I'm thinking now. The outdoor scenes feel restricted in space and I wouldn't be surprised if they had maybe 2 outdoor locations; one house on the waterfront for John's house, and one street where they just redressed it or shot from different angles to make it feel like different locations. This felt especially obvious when the one cop gets back in the squad car and tells the other he has a warrant, putting the warrant on the dash. They look like they're still in a residential area - not where one would normally find a police station or a courthouse. If they did use Sydney locations, I think they did a fantastic job recreating a Florida, USA suburb.

Chiana taking Johnny's virginity ... perfect! I seriously wonder if that will ever come up again or if it's just one of those things left up in the air for future writers to use or not use? I also wonder if the producers had planned that when they had John recall in past episodes that his first time was with Karen Shaw in his dad's 4x4? I somehow doubt it, but what a creative use of past information! I've seen a few fans on boards wonder whether what Chiana did constituted rape. Come on! Johnny looked quite consenting to me. So she didn't tell him her real name. I don't think that constitutes rape.

Crichton going invisible. And I was able to suspend so much disbelief right up until then. So what is that really establishing? That when his younger self dies, he suddenly, here and now, starts to fade away. So if the changes take place that fast when the timeline is screwed up, how come all the Moya crew was there in the first place when they got to Earth? If Jack dying on Challenger would have prevented John from flying the Farscape mission, which would have kept Aeryn in the PKs, Chiana on Nebari Prime, etc, shouldn't they have ended up there somehow at the start of the episode? Or does the instant change only happen when one dies? It just seemed like a huge slip-up to me. And invisible but sill able to talk. Somehow, I expected ... better. Still, this was such a great episode anyway, that I can almost forgive this little bit. Almost.

Scorpius was awfully quick to suggest starbursting away knowing he would lose John. Either he's really confident in his ability to find John again, or he said that knowing Sikozu and Pilot wouldn't go for it - his plan all along was to let Grayza and Braca board. Hmmmm...

And speaking of Braca, wow! So is he really Scorpy's spy? Is he only pretending to be Scorpy's spy and his true loyalties now lie with Grayza? His character just got 10 times more interesting!

Overall, this was another one of those episodes where there were so many little things that bugged me, yet so much greatness in how the whole episode was executed, the things that bug me don't bug me so much. Huge kudos to the entire technical team as this was not shot on traditional Farscape sets and it had to be a logistical nightmare to set up and shoot. Or maybe just a breath of fresh air. "What? We're not in the warehouse? We get to film down at the marina? Cool!

Agree? Disagree? Comments? Questions? Email me! Written by Mary Wood.

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Fun Factoids
We only see glimpses, but I'm 99% sure that the Tarot deck Mrs. Crichton is using is the Universal Waite deck. For what it's worth, the same one I use (as of this writing).

Best line:

... Was an unspoken one. Chiana giving the neighbor woman the middle finger, thinking it's a friendly greeting. Chiana's expression is priceless, as was the woman's expression!

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Episode Credits
Season 4, Episode 12 - "Kansas" (Part 2 of 3)
Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10412
First UK Transmission: 30th Dec 2002
First US Transmission: 10th Jan 2003
Guest Stars:
Raelee Hill (Sikozu); Melissa Jaffer (Noranti); Kent McCord (Jack Crichton); Rebecca Riggs (Commandant Mele-On Grayza); David Franklin (Captain Braca); Carmen Duncan (Leslie Crichton); Jamie Croft (Young John Crichton); Tyler Coppin (Sheriff); Nadia Townsend (Kim); Casey Burgess; Louise Fox; Kosta Doukas; Amy Salas (Skreeth)
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