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What Was Lost, Part 1:


Post "Crichton Kicks," Crichton, Chiana, Sikozu, and Rygel are aboard the aged and dying Leviathan, Elack and they've arrived at the planet where it is believed the Moya crew wound up. The planet is normally uninhabitable, but Jool had told Crichton once that the magnetics of the planet allows it to be habitable for the archeological dig team every few cycles.

Sure enough, in spite of sporadic data from Elack's weakened sensors, Crichton and Chiana take a transport pod to the planet to find an Interion archeological site. Inside ruins of an old building, they're met by an Interion named Tarnat who initially believes them to be hostile and Crichton to be a Peacekeeper. Jool and D'Argo appear and are quick to correct Tarnat and greet their friends. John informs D'Argo that Rygel is with them, but no word from Aeryn. D'Argo hasn't heard from Aeryn either. This of course puts John in a slightly funkier funk as he distances himself from the group. Jool says that Moya isn't here either but doesn't elaborate. She's too excited about this dig site and the apparent fact that they're alive and no one's trying to kill them. D'Argo tries to offer comfort to John, and tells John he has a lot to tell him about his travels. John is looking at a wall full of old markings and if he notices right away that one of them is clearly an utchat - an Egyptian Eye of Horus (Eye of Ra to be exact) - he doesn't give any indication of it. As he and D'Argo walk away from the area and back towards the group, a strange multi-colored creature peers up behind them from a green pool, then disappears back into the water.

Jool excitedly shows John and Chiana the dig site, saying this is the most important planet in the universe. When John asks about Moya, she says D'Argo's gone to fetch the Old Woman who's talked to Pilot and can explain what happened. Meanwhile, she points out the magnetic sensors. Blue = planet is safe. Red = don't pack, fly. As she's about to go into the significance of the dig site, Chiana angrily and irreverently destroys an artifact and storms away. Jool is upset that Chi isn't sharing her enthusiasm and John explains to Jool that Chiana had it rough lately. When John shows more passive interest in finding the Old Woman than active interest in the dig, Jool begs him to share in her excitement and let her show him around.

As the Creature from the Green Lagoon watches them unseen, Jool explains that 12,000 cycles ago, Arnesskan Priests/Mystics worshiped at this site. For 500 generations, they maintained a peace with both the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers. They vanished suddenly and with little trace. The mystery; to find out what happened and what their secret was for peace. They run into Instructor Vella, who offers more answers. She sees clearly that John doesn't share their enthusiasm for the dig site and where Jool shows disappointment in that, Vella shows contempt for Crichton. She does explain though that this planet was once a paradise, but enemies of the peace launched 3 probes to form the Darnaz Triangle which created the magnetic Summers and killed or drove away the priests. They've found 2 of the probes and legend has it, if they find the third, they can reactivate the triangle and reverse the damage.

In another part of the site, Chiana has met up with D'Argo, who is wrought with sincerity in telling her he missed her. Besides being puzzled at why D'Argo eventually chose to team up with Jool, Chiana is also curious how he managed to evade the Peacekeepers. He shows her his ship, which he's now named Lo'La - short for Lo'Laan, his murdered wife. It can cloak itself, and helped hide him from the Peacekeepers.

Sikozu and Rygel are still aboard Elack. Crichton reports to them that Moya is due back soon. Sikozu is trying to get Crichton's module up and running in case they need to leave Elack in a hurry.

Aboard a command carrier, Braca shows Grayza an intercepted transmission from Instructor Vella to Moya, saying Crichton and company are there and she'd just as soon see them gone. Grayza is more than happy to fulfill that order and they head towards the planet. Meantime, Scorpius is in the Aurora Chair. Braca is as loyal now to Grayza as he once was to Scorpius. Grayza is searching Scorpius for all he knows about John Crichton. Scorpius says he can take the torture and even finds it pleasurable, but Grayza doubts it. In the process, she tells him she knows that he's holding back for fear of execution once he's revealed everything - and that his fear is probably well founded. She also inserts a mysterious new rod into Scorpius' in-brain cooling system which she says will make the torture just a little less pleasurable for him. Scorpius angrily tells Braca that he made him. Braca replies, "No, I made you."

Crichton continues searching around the dig site for the Old Woman. He runs across not only her, but the Creature from the Green Lagoon, who the Old Woman calls Oo-nii. Oo-nii acts somewhat protective of her, but obeys when she tells him to back off. It seems to take her a moment to recognize Crichton, but when she does, she's happy to see him. He wants to know what happened with Moya in the wormhole (from "Dog with two Bones"), but she says Pilot should explain it to him. She meanwhile must find Vella. She speaks enigmatically that anytime there is goodness, it will be destroyed by a cause, by someone like Vella. Voices speak to her - voices of the Priests who once worshiped here. She knows that she must stop Vella and the Darnaz Triangle must never be used again. Crichton only says he's not interested in her voices, she knows what he's interested in; Aeryn's child. The Old Woman tells him the decision to keep it a secret was Aeryn's, but the Old Woman wanted Crichton to accept Aeryn's decision. She offers to help him forget though. She pulls a small creature off the wall and tells Crichton it's Laka. Found all over this planet, you squeeze out the juice, stick it up your nose, and for 500 microts, you're on cloud nine. Crichton declines the offer. Quite suddenly, the Old Woman goes from flighty and enigmatic to a very stern and serious tone; "Ask Vella, if all the Priests died here, why are there no bones?" She seems to snap out of it and ask herself, "Why are there no bones?" She and Oo-nii leave before Crichton can make any more sense of her.

Jool is coaching D'Argo on the use of an energy carving tool. D'Argo says he's really enjoyed working here with Jool and jokes that they should show this most recent find to Vella ... so she can stick it up her nose. Vella is behind them and hears this. She's not amused. She takes the carver from D'Argo and says it really shouldn't be in inexperienced hands. She ominously explains that when aimed at living flesh, it absorbs the surrounding molecular structure. She demonstrates by turning a Laka into an extension of the rock it is crawling upon.

As Grayza enjoys a milky-white bath, Braca reports that the magnetic pulses on the planet make it impossible to land the command carrier, but a marauder can make it through. The planet should stay habitable for another 40-50 arns and the only other vessel is a dead Leviathan in a decayed orbit. She urges Braca to come closer. He's obviously nervous about that, keeping his eyes well averted. She urges him even closer and when he's close enough, she wipes a bit of sweat from her chest and wipes it under his nose. He seems to get an instant high and become suddenly very attracted to her. She asks if Scorpius' current fate bothers him and he gladly replies "no." She tells him that the two of them, 3 marauders and 20 soldiers will be sufficient to secure the site on the planet. As Braca inquires as to her interest, he is clearly, suddenly taken with her, playing with her hand, leaning in closer. She says that if John Crichton destroyed a command carrier and the Scarrans want him so badly, he may be of some value. That perhaps Scorpius' enemy can be best served as her friend. She stops Braca just short of a kiss and he seems to regain his composure, a little confused by what just happened.

Vella is showing Jool a snare left by grave robbers and how to circumvent it. She tells Jool she is brave and listens well and asks if she plans to continue studying after this dig. Jool says yes. And the Luxan? Jool says evenly that D'Argo is her friend. "But not your equal" Vella tells her angrily. Luxans are an intellectually inferior subspecies and she will be blamed for his mistakes. As Vella walks away, Jool whispers that she knows.

John is outside on a cliff by the ocean, apparently pondering the surroundings and having a John moment when Tarnat appears with the Old Woman in tow. She complains that he's arrested her. Tarnat aims his weapon at Crichton, speaking of Crichton being "their leader." The Old Woman is saying that Tarnat is one of the defilers and begging John to stop him. John tells them both he doesn't care about this place and just wants to go home. When he gets the opportunity, he knocks the gun out of Tarnat's hand and aims his own pulse pistol at him. But he leaves it at that, insisting to Tarnat that he's not a threat to him. John then turns to the Old Woman, asking why she's telling him to shoot people. She goes on about how there was peace here once and Vella means to destroy it and use the Darnaz Triangle as a weapon. She says she must show Crichton the ancient world and blows some herbs into his face.

As the Old Woman whispers to Crichton to see what she sees, to see into the past, Crichton sees Priests chanting as they perform a sacrifice and ceremony. Perhaps most ominous to us, the viewers, if you listen closely, they are chanting the Farscape theme song. Crichton then sees and touches what the Old Woman calls a child's tile. She says it is the peaceful thread within us all and it all started here. The tile is a black pyramid with gold trim and gold writing and quite prominent is again the Utchat/Eye of Ra. He looks upward and as the Old Woman whispers him to see where the probes that form the Darnaz Triangle have fallen, he sees them land in a brilliantly colored shockwave from the sky. When the vision is over, a dazed Crichton describes briefly to the Old Woman what he saw. She blows some more herbs at him and urges him to sleep.

John wakes up face down in the ocean and Oo-nii is there, telling a shocked John Crichton that he's not going to hurt him, he just had to wake him up. Oo-nii tells John he has to stop the Old Woman. Vella has found the third probe, still buried underground, and the Old Woman intends to stop her so she can't use it as a weapon. John says the Old Woman is harmless, but Oo-nii points out that she's taken his pulse pistol.

Despite Braca's report, Elack is not dead, but she appears close to it. Sikozu gets Crichton's module working so she and Rygel can use it for escape.

D'Argo confronts Jool soon after to ask why she didn't stand up for him. She explains that most Interions think Luxans are inferior. He asks what she thinks. Upset, she replies, "Don't ask me that." He asks again and she says only that he is unusual for a Luxan. He's not impressed with her reply and starts to walk away. She tries again to explain that's just Vella's way and moreover, she didn't think any of the Moya crew cared what she thought about them. D'Argo tells her that he cares, and if the roles were reversed, he'd have defended her.

The Old Woman is creeping through the corridors of the old temple/dig site with John's pulse pistol in hand. In another part of the site, D'Argo finds the carver. Old Woman is hearing the voices again, chanting the Farscape theme. Talking to herself, she says they tell her that the Triangle must not be used. "Must stop Vella, not let her destroy another world." Vella is alone in a small room onsite. She sees someone come in, asks evenly, "What are you doing here?" She goes from disdain, to shock, "Is this some sort of joke?" From shock to fear, and she screams too late. Just as she'd demonstrated on the Laka, she is turned into stone like the wall behind her. Crichton hears the energy pulse and hurries to investigate. He's met by D'Argo who still has the carver in hand. Tarnat and Oo-nii arrive on site and D'Argo knocks out Tarnat with one punch and aims the carver at Oo-nii, telling him not to say a word.

Everyone is sorting things out in their own way. The Old Woman is outside somewhere praying for the spirit of Vella, "No matter how selfish, no matter how evil." The rest are inside around the rock face that was once Vella. D'Argo tells John he knocked Tarnat out because if he hadn't, Tarnat would have attacked and D'Argo would have killed him. John does note that the one person in the group unaccounted for is the Old Woman.

On Elack, when Rygel suspects she's trying to escape in Farscape One, Sikozu tells him that if he's as bright as he claims, he should know that the module won't travel for more than an arn; hardly an escape vehicle. Bigger problems arise though. Having modified the transmitter to pick up Peacekeeper code, Sikozu detects the 3 marauders headed towards the planet. She tells Rygel to go to Pilot's den and hide in a neural cluster so as to mask his life signs should they come aboard. He should send a secure comm to Moya and stop her from coming until the Peacekeepers are gone. She's going to the planet to warn the others.

Crichton takes a carver as a weapon and keeps it on Tarnat as they go and search for the Old Woman. He doesn't find her, but he does find the spot from his vision where the Priests were chanting. By instinct, he goes to a particular spot and aims the carver at the ground, uncovering the child's tile from his vision. Not knowing how he knew it was there, he asks Tarnat what the symbols mean. Tarnat answers that one is Interion, one looks like early Sebacean. They mean peace, security. He doesn't recognize the other symbols, but John says he thinks he recognizes one of them; "Egyptian, from my home world."

D'Argo is prepping his ship for a flyover to look for the Old Woman. While prepping it though, he gets a proximity alert. He's been trying to comm Chiana with no luck. He ventures back towards the site to investigate.

John and Tarnat arrive back at the site, with John eagerly pondering the link between his world and this one. They're greeted though by Grayza and Peacekeeper soldiers, who have already captured Chiana. They kill Tarnat on sight.

D'Argo approaches the site and starts to comm Chiana again, but Sikozu is there with pulse pistol aimed. She calmly says the Peacekeepers already have the others and they must come up with a plan.

Grayza tells Crichton she can make things easy for him, and to prove her good will, she presents Scorpius. He's on his hands and knees and on a collar and leash like a dog with Braca holding the other end of the leash. Scorpius is obviously quite broken with few motor skills, drooling and gagging. After Grayza and Braca hit him a few times, Grayza presents the sole of her boot, which Scorpius obediently licks. She tells Crichton to do whatever he wants to Scorpius, but Crichton declines, saying he can't come up with anything better than that. She approaches closer, saying that what she wants from him might not be as bad as he thinks. As she did with Braca, she wipes some sweat from her chest and waves it under Crichton's nose. John is overcome by the effects but it's obvious he's fighting it. Against his own will, he kisses her and is obviously, internally appalled by what's happening. Grayza tells him to wait an arn and then they'll meet. She orders the soldiers to secure the site.

In another part of the site, Oo-nii finds the probes, noting that they're safe and the Peacekeepers haven't located them.

Rygel wakes up Elack's dying Pilot and tells her there are Peacekeepers in the vicinity, they need to get a comm to Moya. But Pilot says she's finished. Comms are dead, there's nothing more she can do.

Braca reports that they've captured an Interion and an old Tuskan. Grayza asks about the Luxan and Peacekeeper traitor and Braca says no sign of them yet. Meantime, she notes that Scorpius is starting to regain motor skills. She hands Braca a rod and tells him to change Scorpius. He does so quite gladly.

In a makeshift prison cell, Chiana tells the Old Woman that Crichton told her about finding the tile. Means nothing to Chiana but seems to mean a whole lot to the Old Woman. Jool has a moment and reveals that she is on the run for stealing from a gem mine. But she only stole things she needed, she insists. Things to help her in her studies. She's dreamed of this being her big break, of discovering the undiscovered, and now she won't get the chance. Chiana is unsympathetic, saying they need to focus on the here and now. The Old Woman says she can help, but she needs to find Crichton. Chiana agrees to help with a distraction, and it doesn't take much. Just convincing the guards that the Old Woman needs to go to the bathroom.

Outside, Grayza gives John another dose of chest sweat. Demonstrating its potency, she lays her gun next to him. He waves his hand over it but doesn't take it, too enraptured with her. She kisses him on the neck as Braca and Scorpius look on from a distance. The Old Woman is also watching from a distance, whispering that there is no peace withoug sacrifice. Without her asking, John tells Grayza she can have anything she wants. Anything. She straddles him and lays him down on the ground.

However much time later, the Old Woman approaches Crichton, now alone and doesn't look happy with the thoughts he's alone with, on the spot where he and Grayza ... did whatever. The Old Woman confirms that Crichton did indeed find the tile. She ponders that it must be the magnetics of the planet, pushes the vision further. She asks if he told Grayza about the tile and where the third probe landed and he says no. "Good" she says. the thought of weapons of mass destruction in Vella's hands was bad enough, but the Peacekeepers? She says that she inadvertently showed Crichton what he should not have known. She blows more herbs at him, saying Grayza must never know what he knows, must never know where the third probe is, that John must die. Snippets of all the visions flash through John's mind as the Old Woman urges him to walk to the cliff. "Forgive me, receive his spirit" she keeps chanting. Braca with a soldier or two in tow rush towards the site where Crichton is. Crichton, standing on the edge of the cliff, sees visions of the Old Woman dressed as the Priests and blowing more herbs at him. Obeying her, he turns and runs, jumping off the cliff and into the ocean.

The Old Woman says, maybe to Braca, maybe just to herself, that Crichton had to die. "He'll never tell you now. Never."

To be continued...


Someone emailed me a few days before this episode aired. She'd already seen it and, without wanting to spoil me, said simply that it's "another one of Justin Monjo's incredibly psychotic masterpieces" and would "change how we look at Farscape." A Monjonian psychotic masterpiece? Quite possibly! Changing how we look at Farscape? Well, I don't know about that yet, though I have to wonder if the priests chanting the Farscape theme song really is intentionally indicative of this being central to the whole series. Or maybe it's just another of those couldn't-think-of-anything-that-rhymed-with-orange moments where someone said, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if they chanted the theme music?" without it really meaning anything.

So, I'll definitely call it psychotic in a good way, but masterpiece? I'm afraid there were too many clichés and plot holes for me to call it a masterpiece, though it was still quite good. Shall I go ahead and get the clichés and plot holes out of the way first before I rave about the oh-so raveable?

Rules for evil overlords - My legions of terror will not fall for the sick prisoner or prisoner-has-to-go-to-the-bathroom routines. The prisoner can die or piss in the corner. And how exactly did the Old Woman escape using that routine? I generally love Farscape's tendency to leave certain things unexplained and up to the imagination, but not to this extent. I thought maybe she blew those herbs into the guards' face, but no, they were wearing helmets. So I'm left with the explanation that any guard stupid enough to fall for the I-have-to-go-to-the-bathroom gag is just that wildly easy to overpower. Unfortunately, we've been led to believe that the Peacekeepers are generally better trained soldiers than that (if Aeryn is any indication). I simply found it wildly cliché and implausible. A lesser show could have gotten away with it. Farscape has set much higher standards for itself.

More rules for evil overlords - No matter how much mind control I believe I have over the hero, he will not be left alone. Otherwise, if he suddenly grows a conscience and decides to throw himself off a cliff rather than risk telling me what he knows, I have no one to blame but myself. For that matter, where did Grayza go? What other business did she have to attend to on the planet? Could she not have at least assigned a guard to sort of watch Crichton? Again, implausible and Farscape has set higher standards than that.

At the beginning of the episode, Jool exclaims that no one's trying to kill them. Yet, D'Argo knows about the wanted beacons and he's been working on the planet with Jool for some time. Plot hole?

When Braca reports who'd been captured, Grayza asks about the Luxan and Peacekeeper traitor. But Rygel was on the wanted beacon too though. Did Grayza just not mention it or did the scriptwriters miss something?

Braca reports to Grayza that the only vessel in the vicinity is a dead Leviathan. But Elack clearly isn't dead. Again, did the writers drop the ball or is this saying that Peacekeeper sensors aren't all that accurate - that they can't tell the difference between dead and mostly dead?

Rygel biting Pilot on the nose - way, way muppet-fake looking. That had to have been done better somehow.

The "goat" being sacrificed looked way, way muppet-fake.

The Spider Queen from Voyager's Captain Proton ... er ... I mean, Commandant Mele-on Grayza - Sorry, and again, if this were any other show, it would be forgiven. Even expected. But so far, the Peacekeepers have been presented as a more realistic military force. Scorpius was introduced as something of a mystery and later, the exception that was made for this "half-breed," was made clear. I just would have so much more respect for Grayza and take her so much more seriously if she were in an upgraded version of the normal captains' uniform and didn't look like yet another alien-or-not-fully-Sebacean (in this military corps that is otherwise very xenophobic). The outfits are a bit too Captain Proton for me and the my-superpower-is-sex thing is really, really too Captain Proton for me. She's fantastic with what she does, I just find what she does to be a little too been-there-done-that. "Hey guys, let's introduce an evil queen like person who can overcome the handsome male hero with her seductive superpowers!" I again give Farscape more credit than that. Grayza could well turn out to be more (in fact, for Farscape, I expect it), but so far, she's the Spider Queen from Captain Proton.

And melding into the raveable...

As much as it's also something of an overused vehicle to make the defeated foe lick your boots, it was very well pulled off. Same with the sex-as-a-superpower thing. For all that Grayza is a cliché in my book, she's at least an extremely well done cliché. It's always mind-boggling to establish the baddest of the bad guys like Scorpius, then have someone come along who makes him cringe. This worked really well in Voyager when Species 8472 was introduced. "A race that frightens the Borg? This can't be good!"

I watch the scenes with Grayza and I'm torn between thinking "Captain Proton" and how well Rebecca Riggs is pulling it off. She does have the evil seductress thing down pat! Her scenes with both David Franklin and Ben Browder were quite chilling, creepy, and sexy all at the same time.

To that end, this whole episode was a showcase for the actors involved and particularly for how the Farscape cast can out-emote most any other cast on TV today. From Jool's wide-eyed enthusiasm to Chiana's funk to Jool being disappointed at Chiana's funk. Anthony Simcoe continues to emote more with just his eyes through all that latex than most actors do without. D'Argo's bittersweet reunion with Chiana was nothing short of heartbreaking thanks to both actors. Ben Browder shows us just why he deserved that Saturn Award with a continued range and believability that amazes as well as entertains.

"What Was Lost: Sacrifice" is also a fantastic showcase for the new characters. Melissa Jaffer continues to astound me with her portrayal of Granny/Wrinkles/The Old Woman. I don't know if I said it in my "Dog with two Bones" review, but she is to Farscape what Guinan was to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not really part of the principle crew, sort of does her own thing, definitely a mystery, and for every new thing we learn about her, several more questions are raised. Jaffer's comedic timing is flawless and her performance is completely engaging. It's one of those performances where you forget it's a performance and you just get wrapped up in the character. Raelee Hill similarly shines as Sikozu. She holds her own quite well working with the animatronics and though this is only her character's second episode, she seems to have a solid grip on the character. Sikozu is sure of herself and Hill's delivery is chilling at times, adding to the character's mystery.

Then we have Braca. Poor David Franklin hasn't had much to do except play the straight and stiff yes-man. But now, his character starts to get juicy and Franklin gets to show us what he's made of! At a former place of employment of mine (I should be diplomatic and not give the company name, but the initials are TWA), folks like Braca had an official title; EIC, Employee In Charge. If you've ever felt that the Dilbert comics were taken directly from your real life, then you know the position I'm talking about. It's the adult version of the hall monitor. The slave appointed to be overseer of the other slaves. The teacher's pet who will say yes to anything and everything his superiors say and wouldn't hesitate to incarcerate his own mother if it meant his superior gave him a pat on the head and a "good boy" for doing it. And the instant a more powerful superior comes along, he'll stab his former mentor in the back without blinking an eye. He needs no skills, he has the title. His skill is being a weasel. Now you know the person I'm talking about?

The EIC appears in a lot of movies and shows and Braca is definitely Farscape's version. Franklin's delivery of the weasely vindictive, this-is-for-all-the-times-I-had-to-say-yes persona is absolutely delicious! It's going to be a lot of fun to see where Franklin and the writers take Braca.

Finally, there's all the unseen crew that makes an episode happen. The sets and effects here were fantastic. No, there weren't any zillion-dollar CGI exploding planets, but there was a believable setting and dig site. One thing I've always complained about with Trek and some of its disciples is that the sets tend to be rather sterile. Every alien culture dresses pretty much the same way. Every alien village looks the same. And moreover, there's often a huge lack of detail. Nothing there that doesn't serve a direct purpose. In Farscape, there's dirt and clutter. There's as much attention paid to background sets as to the foreground. Here, the walls look aged and worn. The rubble looks real and not staged. It feels like you're really at an archeological dig site. The effect of John seeing the probes falling could have been more explosive, but instead it was rather simple and beautiful. The best special effects are the ones you don't really notice as being effects because they just blend in and look natural.

Same with the direction. The best direction is the direction you don't really notice. As with "The Choice," Rowan Woods doesn't overdirect. He has a superior cast and crew at his disposal and he knows it. I can't say for sure because I haven't exactly been on the Farscape set to observe for myself, but I imagine that Woods is one of those directors where the cast and crew don't necessarily feel like they're being directed if you know what I mean. I imagine it's less "Let's change this and rewrite that and do this all differently," and more "Let's go with the flow, is this working for you? Well then it works for me!" Woods seems to just really enhance what's already there, take full advantage of what he's got at his disposal, and not go against the grain. Of course, I could have it completely wrong and they might call him "Adolf" on set, but I somehow doubt it. His direction here just feels that smooth.

If not for the few plot holes and clichés, if not for just a little too little believability with Grayza's presence and the too-used plot points, this episode would have been perfect. I still haven't decided if the Earth connection in the form of an Egyptian symbol is cliché or not, but I'm tempted to say not. If only because of all the ancient cultures of Earth, Egypt is one of the oldest, most recognizable, and definitely most mysterious. It's only equal might be a Myan or Incan cultural symbol, but the audience probably wouldn't be so quick to recognize it. In any case, it's going to be fun to see where this leads!

Agree? Disagree? Comments? Questions? Email me! Written by Mary Wood.

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Fun Factoids

Scorpius, in the aurora chair: "Don't do this Braca. I made you!"
Braca: "No, I made you."


The utchat or Eye of Horus is unquestionably the most recognized symbol in Egyptian culture this side of a pyramid. Even more curious is that the child's tile in this episode is a pyramid. The most common utchat we see today is the right eye, the Eye of Ra (which is what appears here). The left eye is the Eye of Thoth and together, they are the Eyes of Horus. Thoth is a god of wisdom and of the moon and is said to have given us writing. Ra is a sun god with a wide range of variations of definition depending on who's telling his story and in what era, though he is most often cited as the creator, creating humankind with his tears. When the Pharaoh Akhenaten became the first in known Egyptian history to demand a monotheistic religion, it was a variation of the sun god that he worshiped. Akhenaten called him "The Aten." In other times and cultures, Amun-Ra, and also known simply as Ra.

The symbol itself is meant as a composite of a human eye and a falcon's eye, as Horus was depicted as a falcon or a falcon-god. The symbol has 6 specific parts to it, each part being the symbol for a fraction in an exponential progression of;
1/(2^n) | n = 1, 2, ... 6. This would mean the parts never add up to a whole (in this case, they equal 63/64). It is said that Thoth's magic fills in the missing bit.

Hard to say if the Farscape writers put that much or more thought into the symbol they picked or if someone just said, "Hell if I know Bob, just use anything, like that eye-thing you see in Egyptian stuff."


As in between John and Aeryn in "A Human Reaction," here we get a kiss between John and Grayza, cut to commercial, then the post-commercial reactions to try and guess if what we think happened really happened. In this reviewer's opinion, the morning-after scene in "A Human Reaction" says they almost-but-didn't. The however-long-after scene in this episode says to me loud and clear that they did. Not only is Farscape bold enough to tackle the subject of rape, but here, they reverse the roles and it is the man who's raped. Can poor John Crichton get any more messed up than he already is?

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Episode Credits
Season 4, Episode 2 - What Was Lost, Part 1: "Sacrifice" (Part 1 of 2)
Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10402
First UK Transmission: 30th Sep 2002
First US Transmission: 14th Jun 2002
Guest Stars:
Tammy MacIntosh (Jool); Raelee Hill (Sikozu); Melissa Jaffer (Old Woman); Rebecca Riggs (Commandant Mele-On Grayza); David Franklin (Captain Braca); Steve Le Marquand (Oo-Nii); Elizabeth Alexander (Vella); Dinah Shearing (Voice of Elack's Pilot); Kim De Lury (Tarnat)
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