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"Dog with Two Bones"


Open on a very Earth-based bridal shop with a very un-Moya sterility, dream-like quality, music and bright lighting. John is in black leather, but an all-American black leather jacket and sunglasses, not PK wear. And Aeryn, looking about as un-Aeryn as she can, is strolling down the catwalk in a white wedding dress. She seems to feel only a little out of place, saying it doesn't work before trying on another that apparently does.

Present reality. John is cold, distant, and writing equations on his arm like he was in "Into the Lion's Den II." Chiana is talking to him, saying enigmatically, "You still have to ask her." As she does, we hear a clattering of pots and pans and behind the commotion, an old woman we've never seen before, offering her take on the situation while making them a delicious chowder. Chiana and John say nothing though, apparently uninterested in the old woman. "Well, perhaps Aeryn wouldn't have liked your planet anyway" she muses.

Flash to Earth. John and Aeryn are standing in front of a counter looking very much like young lovers/newlyweds. John tells Aeryn to give it a try and she reluctantly, but with a smile, offers the woman behind the counter a credit card, saying "sar-chet." Not understanding, the woman asks John if Aeryn is from Bosnia and John clarifies, "charge it." Aeryn is embarrassed and highly frustrated by the language barrier and Earth's lack of translator microbes.

Present reality. Chiana asks the old woman why she didn't leave with the others. "Because I knew the soufflé would charm you!" Chowder, Chiana says. You said chowder. The old woman gets excited, "I can make you a chowder...!" and goes back to work at her kitchen counter. John meanwhile asks Chiana who the old woman is and Chiana says she thought the woman was with John. No time for answers though, as they have arrived at the Leviathan Burial Grounds. As they arrive, Aeryn is helping D'Argo load his ship with supplies as he gets ready to go after Macton (his wife's brother and killer). While doing so, D'Argo mentions that he can't believe Crais sacrificed himself for them. Aeryn's response is to look down at Talyn's remains, saying he was a fine ship and she can't believe this is all that's left of him.

In the kitchen, Chiana is inspecting the writing on John's arm and talking to him about what he'll do now when she has a premonition that really shakes her. Moya ... darkness ... swallowed. Doesn't take long for dren to hit the fan on it either, as John comms Pilot just in time to hear the news that another Leviathan on the border of the Burial Grounds is on a collision course with Moya. A moment later, Moya is rammed.

While assessing the damage, the other Leviathan is simply staring Moya down. Pilot reports that all he can discern about her intentions is that it has to do with Talyn. She knew exactly where to hit Moya. Rygel says he knew they should have dumped Talyn's debris elsewhere and Aeryn chides him to show some respect. During it all, John keeps staring tensely at Aeryn. Rygel asks where the old woman came from and what she's doing here. Again, no time to answer that one.

Flash to Earth; Aeryn tossing the bridal bouquet at their very Western, present-day, Earth wedding. A very excited Jool catches it.

On Moya, Aeryn is talking about immediate repair needs and trying to get Crichton's acknowledgment.

Flash to Earth; Crichton doing the traditional pull-the-garter-belt-off-the-bride's-leg to the cheers of the wedding guests. He tosses it behind him and it lands on Rygel, who was more interested in the cake than the garter belt.

Back to Moya; Crichton snaps out of it and says, "Good plan." Everyone goes their separate ways to start repairs and as they do, Crichton has to dodge the old woman, who seems to intentionally be in his way.

Flash to Earth; Guests seem to be leaving and saying their congratulations to the happy couple. D'Argo, with a woman on each arm, offers his congratulations and tells John that he is the second happiest man on Earth.

Moya; Pilot gathers a little more information on the rogue Leviathan. Her last three offspring were captured and enslaved by the Peacekeepers. D'Argo finishes Pilot's thought, saying that Talyn is half Peacekeeper and this Leviathan doesn't want to see him buried in this sacred space.

In Moya's hangar, Aeryn is working on her newly acquired prowler (from "Into the Lion's Den II") while Jool holds a light for her. Jool is asking Aeryn if she still plans on joining that ex-Peacekeeper unit, "They assassinate people, right?" Aeryn corrects her, saying that they aim to stop terrorism and protect people. In a rare heart-to-heart moment, Jool asks Aeryn if she wants some advice. Apparently misinterpreting Jool's point, Aeryn says that she's not Crichton's mate or otherwise tied to him in any way. Jool just goes on to say that Aeryn's changed quite a bit since they've gotten to know each other and assassinating people seems like a backward step. Aeryn isn't too into the heart-to-heart though. Much more interested in her work. She asks Jool if she can melt the part she's working on. As Jool quizzically wonders with what, Aeryn nearly breaks Jool's hand, causing a metal-melting scream.

Chiana reports to a distant Crichton that Moya is going to be ok. She also says her earlier comment about not wanting him to come with her wasn't exactly right.

Flash to Earth; It looks like a hotel room. Chiana is on the bed with piles of clothing and general stuff that one would expect Chiana to acquire if she were on Earth. She gives John a coy look and asks where he's been. John says "Not now, this is not right" and turns to leave.

Moya; Chiana says she'd love for John to come with her, but if she's to go looking for her brother while hanging with someone who looks like a Peacekeeper... John says it's cool. In an uncomfortable subject change, Chiana wonders what they'll do if the other Leviathan really doesn't allow Talyn to be buried here. The old woman appears and says she may be of assistance. "As a chef?" Chiana asks. "And doctor, instructor, and among many other disciplines, negotiator." Chiana has no faith that the old woman has any real talent and leaves John to deal with her.

As Chiana leaves though, the old woman blows some herbs into John's face. As John yells in pain that he can't see, he starts to see in visions again. The old woman tells him to go to the truth, that it calls in his own tongue.

Flash to Earth; John dancing with Aeryn at their wedding.

Moya; The old woman. "Ignore it, and risk all." John is smiling, and turning, as if sleepwalking the vision.

Flash to Earth; John dancing with Aeryn, offering her a piece of wedding cake.

Moya; The old woman whispering in John's ear.

Flash to Earth; a kitchen, Peacekeepers break in and start shooting.

Moya; A frightened John yells to get down and pulls out his own pulse pistol, firing back at the vision but in real life, firing wildly within Moya. When D'Argo bursts in, John spins around, still firing. D'Argo ducks the shot and tongues John, knocking him out. He asks the old woman what happened. She says nothing, a slight misjudgement of his weight, it won't happen again. D'Argo agrees and knocks her out as well.

Pilot reports with more information; The other Leviathan starved her own pilot to death. She's now saying she'll attack again if Moya doesn't vacate the area. Rygel and Aeryn both say that leaving sounds like the best option right now, but Pilot says Moya feels adamant that Talyn has earned the right to be buried here.

Flash to Earth; Aeryn is sitting with Jack Crichton at a restaurant and John is listening in from around the corner. Aeryn is asking Jack how he can stand living on the same planet, or in a house with no engine noise. She tells him John has a fantasy of them living in a house with dogs and kids and a pool and in fact, Aeryn is miserable here and John just doesn't see it.

Moya; The crew is trying to revive John.

Flash to Earth; "We're going to get married and I'm going to end up like Betty Crocker. I just wonder when he's going to wake up."

Moya; John. "I'm awake." Aeryn helps him up. She fills him in on the situation with the other Leviathan. Moya won't back down but isn't in a condition to fight back. With a clattering of pots and pans in the background, the old woman offers again to help mediate if they'll untie her. John asks Aeryn who the old woman is. Aeryn just shakes her head and walks away.

Deep in the ship, Chiana has a talk with Moya. She tells her everyone's concerned about her plan, that even Aeryn thinks Talyn should be laid to rest someplace else. She once asked Zhaan how she got along with Moya so well and Zhaan had told her the key was to be honest. As Chiana seems to struggle for words, she stands up and tells Moya defiantly that she thinks she should bury Talyn wherever she pleases and if the other Leviathan doesn't like it, she needs to just get out of their way.

Flash to Earth; Chiana on the bed again. "Hey Crichton, where ya been?" Crichton asks what all this stuff is and Chiana tells him she went shopping. With no money? "Lifting" she admits. Shop-"lifting." But look at all the cool stuff! She also says she's spent some time with the boys. Crichton gets angry, asking why she can't try to fit in like she always has, why she has to sleep with all his friends. Chiana complains that Earth is such a repressed culture. To top it off, Jack walks into the room. Chiana rushes to him and they kiss. John is still incredulous. Jack says that it's been so long since John's mother died. John just keeps saying this isn't right.

Moya; D'Argo, John and Chiana are discussing an apparently, tentatively, agreed-upon plan. John notes that D'Argo doesn't even fully know how to fly his own ship. D'Argo says he knows enough and that his ship does indeed have enough firepower to destroy a Leviathan. John says it isn't right and Chiana asks why it always has to be his plan. "It doesn't, but I don't think Moya is going to let us kill one of her own species." Pilot interjects, reporting that this rogue Leviathan has already killed three of her own species and injured many more. She rams Moya again. Pilot reports that Moya is now acting defensively on her own and, knowing that she has the crew's backing, asks them to kill the rogue Leviathan. Chiana and Rygel are pleased to see Moya standing up for herself. Aeryn looks ready for anything. John simply asks, "kill?"

John is telling Jool to "be there." Chiana midwifed Talyn's birth, she shouldn't have to bury Talyn alone. Aeryn is with D'Argo and he's nervously giving her last minute directions. Jool and John meet up with them on their way to the hangar and Jool reminds them that even though this creature is disturbed, they're still about to intentionally take a life. She asks D'Argo if he's ok with that. D'Argo walks off without answering.

Aeryn is in her prowler, D'Argo and John are in D'Argo's ship. Aeryn reports to Pilot that they're in position and Pilot tells Moya it's time to bury Talyn in the sacred space. While wondering what's so sacred about this place, Rygel nonetheless does his part and reports that the rogue Leviathan is following them. John is doing the basic flying of D'Argo's ship so D'Argo can work tactical. Aeryn is in position to act as diversion/bait. The old woman is chewing on some veggies...

Flash to Earth; John is walking along a fishing dock with D'Argo, telling him he understands, that everyone on Earth thinks he's a freak. D'Argo says this isn't true. He asks a couple of boys on the dock how the fish are biting. "Can you help us again?" They ask. "See? They don't think I'm a freak." John asks D'Argo, what the hell are you doing?

D'Argo's ship; "What the hell are you doing?" D'Argo responds, what do you think I'm doing? "I'm not entirely sure but don't kill Aeryn."

The flashes of Earth and real-life start to meld with one another. On the dock, on Earth, D'Argo tells John "I'm sorry Aeryn is leaving you but don't take it out on me."

"It's not just Aeryn," John says. "You're all leaving." D'Argo reminds John that every time he's found a wormhole he's gone after it. He has no right to begrudge them their dreams. John insists he doesn't, he just doesn't agree with D'Argo's dream of killing a man.

Some more flashes back and forth with John and D'Argo bickering pointlessly. The old woman spits into her cooking pot.

Moya expels Talyn's remains. Chiana starts to deliver a eulogy while Jool comforts her. Family, protector, she struggles for words. Rygel chimes in and finishes the eulogy, short and simple. Chiana falls to her knees in sorrow and Jool holds her. Outside the ship, the rouge Leviathan makes a run at Talyn's remains and Aeryn fires at her. As planned, she veers off and goes after Aeryn. D'Argo takes his shot, and it destroys the Leviathan. Completely vaporized.

As they all absorb what's happened, Rygel speaks up. Talyn buried, Scorpius without a ship, we're all unhurt and no one's trying to kill us. We can go where we want - we can go home. But the looks on Aeryn and John's faces aren't that of joy. Aeryn still has no home and it's not so easy for John to reach his.

John goes to see the old woman. He asks who she is. "Doesn't matter" she says. "But I know who you are. You made them come back and rescue our lifepod after the command carrier imploded." When the others left, the woman stayed on Moya to repay the debt for rescuing her from imprisonment. "By messing with my mind" John says to her. "Oh no!" She replies back to him. Then turns to her food, "I'd never leave this on boil for so long..." John pulls a pulse pistol and demands answers. She says that the lies that spew outwards do less damage than those that stay hidden. John unties her and sits for a chat. "When I was a kid, I dreamed of outer space. I get here and I dream of Earth. And lately, none of those dreams seem to work." The woman asks if he knows why, if her herbs helped him. John says that he striped away the lies and ran from it, but is so tired of running. He asks her to show him again. She blows more herbs into his face. "Forward is the truth."

Flash to Earth; John slipping a wedding ring on Aeryn's hand. {Old woman - "It's the lies that restrain us"}. John dancing with Aeryn at their wedding. {John dancing with the old woman, as if sleepwalking again}. John and Aeryn kissing on the dance floor. {Old woman whispering in John's ear}. Jack asks if he can cut in on the dance and Chiana takes John for a dance. John and Aeryn kissing at the reception dinner. Jack proposes a toast to the happy couple. A slew of human guests are there as well as all the Moya crew, Pilot included. A pulse blast hits Jack in the head.

Moya; John grabs his pulse pistol again, aiming at the air as if aiming at the Peacekeepers in his mind. The old woman tries to calm him. "See truth!"

Flash to Earth; Peacekeepers shooting at the guests, killing left and right. {Old woman - "See truth, confront your fear"}. In addition to human wedding guests, the Moya crew is cut down one by one. Rygel, D'Argo, Chiana, Jool. Hand-in-hand, John and Aeryn try to run. Aeryn is shot. {On Moya, John is in tears, horrified, but letting the vision happen}. Aeryn falls, John catches her. He lays her down gently, frantic, but saying she'll be alright. Aeryn forces a smile and tells him, "Don't worry about me. I've never felt better." These were Talyn-John's dying words and in this vision, Aeryn's. As she dies, with everyone else but John now dead, Scorpius walks up to a grieving John and asks him, "What did you expect?"

Moya; John is crying. "Some nightmare ... my life, my dreams, Earth, my friends ... I tried to merge the two. They're incompatible." The old woman suggests he choose one. John notes that he can't go to Earth and his friends are all leaving. "Dog with two bones." The story is unfamiliar to the old woman. So, John fills her in on the tale of the dog with his most prized possession - a bone - in his mouth, going to the water, thinking his reflection is another dog with another bone, drops his bone trying to get the other one, and is left looking at himself, with nothing. The old woman asks if the dog is smart enough to learn. John starts to say it's too late and the woman stops him. "If the dog could have had only one bone, which would it have wanted?"

Moya's hangar; Aeryn is loading up her prowler. John comes in with a packed bag and states simply that he's going with her. Or at the least, she's not leaving without him. Exasperated, Aeryn asks what he wants. "You."

"I'm afraid it's not that easy. You died. I watched that happen, and yet you're still alive. I have to go."

"Then say goodbye."

"We don't say goodbyes."

"We do this time. You see you leave, and then you come back and I can't handle the in-between. Say goodbye."

Aeryn averts her eyes and starts to walk past him. "Fine. Goodbye Crichton."

John grabs her arm roughly and spins her around. "John! My name is John! 'Goodbye John.' To my face."

Aeryn shoves him away. "Guarantee you won't die in my arms again!"

John shoves her back. "Guarantee you won't die in mine!"

"I can, by leaving!" Aeryn turns to leave.

"Do you love John Crichton? Not him, not me, John Crichton."

Aeryn nods her head and softly says "Yes."

John kisses Aeryn, who is reluctant but kisses back. "And what does that taste like?"


"Well, nobody can compete with that. I am so much better dead." John starts to walk away.

"I can't do this again."

"And I can't let the one thing I love fly away in a crappy little ship!"

"You once said it was as if the fates meant for us to be together."

"And I believe that."

"Then if it's true we will be together again."

"Running away is not fate Aeryn. Running away is running away. You want fate? I've got fate right here. Coin toss." John pulls a coin out of his pocket.

"What, like that side up you stay?"

"Absolutely. Fate." John tosses the coin in the air.

Aeryn catches the coin. "Just make a frelling wormhole and go home." She tosses the coin on the floor.

"There is no home, there is no wormhole, there's only you. Aeryn, anywhere in the universe. You pick the planet."

"It's too late for that."

"It's not too late."

"You're not listening to me, it's too late for me."

"You do this, and we'll never see each other again."

Aeryn turns away from him towards her prowler, in tears. "Do you love Aeryn Sun?"

"Beyond hope."

"Then don't make me say goodbye and don't make me stay."

John turns and starts to walk away. Aeryn angrily starts kicking over cargo containers. During a strained silence, she takes a few steps toward him. Spotting the coin on the floor, she kicks it to him. They take a few steps towards each other. John tosses the coin in the air.

Outside Moya, John is alone in his module. He sees a flash of D'Argo at the Earth wedding and hears D'Argo's voice, "Anything positive I do with the rest of my life will be because of you. Take care my friend." Flash of Chiana at the wedding. "You'd better not forget me. You'd better not ever forget that I love you." Flash of Rygel. "Of all the lesser species, I admit I've grown to like yours the best." Aeryn's prowler appears just to the side of John's module. "We're in the hands of fate now. We have to trust in that. Fly safe. Goodbye John Crichton." The image of her prowler fades away.

Jool's voice comes over the comm, asking if he's ok, if he's out of fuel. John acknowledges that he's almost out of fuel and is headed back to Moya. The Scorpy clone appears behind John, fascinated with the human subconscious. Harvey also notes that having chosen their partnership above all else, John's well-being is now his as well.

Flash of old woman whispering in John's ear. "Be forgiving, be kind. ... Her life, her world, on her time, you will know, Aeryn is with child."

John's module; He is in shock at first. "Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you trust me?" He snaps out of it and yells for Pilot to comm Aeryn, but she is out of comm range. John tells them to prepare to go after her as soon as he docks. Jool says to wait but the old woman shuts her up, telling Pilot to do as John says. Pilot agrees. As he does though, a wormhole appears and without fanfare, swallows Moya and promptly disappears, leaving John adrift in space. John ends the episode with a shocked, "You have got to be kidding me."


The most incredible thing I pointed out about "Into the Lion's Den II" was that it isn't even the finale yet. And what a finale this is! I can see though why it's gotten mixed reactions. As with some of Farscape's greatest moments, they take something monumental and greatly understate it. But before we get to that monumentally understated ending, where oh where shall I start?

How about with the person who is quite possibly my new favorite character - the old woman. Farscape's talent for the unexplained gets star treatment here. For the same reason that Guinan was my favorite character in Star Trek: TNG, the enigmatic nature of the old woman is a big part of what made this episode such a delight. It will also confuse a lot of those viewers who think Farscape doesn't explain enough (mixed reaction number 1). Well, to each their own. It was fantastic the way all the characters kept saying, "Who is that woman? Where did she come from?" And yet, never really answering or seeming that interested in the answer. Melissa Jaffer was a joy to watch and looks like she's been playing the role for ages. I'll say it again; Farscape often has guest cast and characters that outshine most shows' regular cast and characters.

Chiana; I read a lot of feedback these days not only about Gigi's lack of screentime, but Chiana's lack of characterization. Well, not from where I'm sitting. Yeah, it would be nice to see more Gigi, but what we do see packs a real punch. That woman has more presence and can grab a spotlight like few people can. And the writers seem to know it. Whatever the reason for Gigi's low screentime, be it oppressive makeup or that she just isn't the main character, or whatever, I say she's getting the most out of the time she's given. Her scenes with John were especially powerful. You can see the deep love this character has for him, and I'm not talking about a frell in the hay love. I mean a deep respect that seems as new to Chiana as Aeryn's relationship with John is to Aeryn. In that respect, there is as fantastic a chemistry between Ben and Gigi as there is between Ben and Claudia.

I also found Chiana's talk with Moya to be a real highlight of the episode. It was beautifully directed, keeping Andrew Prowse towards the top of my favorites list. The lighting was incredible. Do I praise the lighting crew often enough? Well guys, consider yourselves highly praised!

Another mixed-reaction moment I see will come of the Chiana of John's visions. "Oh no!" I can hear them saying, "Not Chiana as a slut again!" No, it's Chiana as Chiana. The point of the visions was not to say that Earth values are superior, but to say that Earth and his alien friends are not compatible. Chiana has never struck me as a "slut" except by our Victorian standards. She uses sex as a weapon, yes, but she generally uses it wisely and she's also her own person. It's a Chiana thing, and I for one am loving the character and what they're doing with her.

The heart-to-heart that Jool tried to have with Aeryn spoke volumes about those two characters. Jool is finally getting how to connect with Aeryn, even if Aeryn isn't in a very connecting kind of mood. Aeryn's instant defense of "I'm not Crichton's mate" was very telling as to her state of mind and where her thoughts were. And getting Jool to scream and melt the prowler part for her? You have to love a show that can throw something like that into an otherwise rather touching scene without breaking the mood at all!

In another series of heartfelt moments; the burying of Talyn and destruction of the other Leviathan. We continue to see these ships as alive as any of the humanoid cast. The still silence after the destruction of the rogue Leviathan really drove it home. Chiana gets another fantastic moment in trying to deliver a eulogy for Talyn and Rygel gets a fantastic moment in succeeding. Rygel's comments afterwards that they're all unhurt and free to go home were also driven home hard. The shot of Aeryn's face when he says they're all unhurt and healthy - not all of them. They've lost Zhaan, Talyn-John, Talyn and Crais. The look on both Aeryn and John's faces when Rygel says they can go home. Not everyone can. It's a moment of huge joy for some, reminder of great loss for others. Beautifully written, beautifully executed.

But the spotlight in this show really belonged to John. Well, during the climatic scene in the hangar, John and Aeryn. But the ep as a whole, John. Point of mixed reactions number, well, several. This episode made me wonder if maybe the Farscape Powers That Be really do listen to the fans, and this is their way of saying "It. Wouldn't. Work!" So many fans do so much culture-centric judging of this show and its characters, seriously wishing that John and Aeryn could have this fairytale relationship and Earth-like wedding. Even imagining them living happily ever after on Earth. Well folks, here it is; John and Aeryn in a fairytale Earth wedding. As Scorpy said, "What did you expect?" Could Aeryn really be happy with that? Think like Aeryn. Not like your Earth-centric self and what you want her to be, think like Aeryn.

Like so many of these fans, John also secretly wanted the fairytale ending, but is being faced with the facts that it's so not happening. D'Argo walking along the docks, no one making a second glance. Chiana, trying to fit into this repressed culture. Aeryn, living like Betty Crocker. Don't think so. Even the opening credits have posed the question all season long - do I return to Earth or stay with my friends? Can't have it both ways. In one of the vision scenes with Chiana, John wishes she would act like she always has, fit in. Therein lies the point; she is acting like she always has. And here, on Earth, she simply doesn't fit in.

The visions were a perfect way to convey this - although again, I fear it will leave a number of fans confused, wanting, or just plain not liking it. Can't please everyone, right? I can think of no greater way to get the point across than to show the fairytale John and Aeryn wedding, and Peacekeeper troops cutting it all down in a bloody massacre.

So the dog can have only one bone. And John chooses. But he is only 1/2 of the relationship and Aeryn feels it's too late for her. That scene in the hangar had to be one of the more intense "shippy" scenes I've seen on TV, but without all the mush and angst. I've loved throughout the show that the John-Aeryn relationship can be so prominent, but without overshadowing the rest of the show and without becoming an angsty romantic drama. It's harsh and it's real. It's the kind of conversation you or I might have (if you or I were lost in deep space and had been twinned or had our lover twinned by a mad scientist and one of those twins died). Once again, Ben and Claudia are electrifying to watch. Ben carries the entire vision-of-dream-that-can-never-be throughout the entire episode. Last episode was a culmination of John and Scorpy's relationship. This episode was John's time to get introspective about John. The entire thing was wonderfully played and the hangar scene, with Ben and Claudia drawing off each other's energies and building upon each other's energies, was the icing on the cake. If "The Choice" was the most powerful piece of television I've seen, this is quite possibly the most powerful single episode. And much of that power is found in the understatement.

And finally, that ending. Like Aeryn's revival in "Season of Death," I think this one will leave some fans wanting. But others of us will find a great beauty in the simplicity. In one quick moment, John learns that Aeryn is pregnant, watches Moya suddenly sucked into a wormhole, and is left adrift alone in space with almost no fuel. No fanfare, not even a whole lot of dramatic music (like the post-destruction of the rogue Leviathan, the silence speaks volumes here). The implications of it all are staggering and while it could have been done with a lot of fireworks and fanfare, The Powers That Be of Farscape chose to let the situation speak for itself. Buffy does this. I've seen it in Anne Rice books. A scene or line that comes almost as an afterthought, but radically alters everything. Some will find it frustrating, anti-climatic, or might not even really get it. Others of us will find it to be absolutely brilliant and a good part of the reason we watch this show!

A script loaded with beauty-in-simplicity by David Kemper, beautiful direction by Andrew Prowse, and as always, a stellar cast and crew, caps season 3 off quite nicely in this reviewer's opinion!

Agree? Disagree? Comments? Questions? Email me! Written by Mary Wood.

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Fun Factoids

Had this one pointed out to me via a post by YourSideMySide over on the SciFi board. In John's Chiana vision, where she says "I went shopping!" She's holding a red bra. Crichton says "You don't have any money." Quick cut to the front of Chiana as she says "Lifting. Shop-Lifting." But the red bra has instantly turned into a black shirt.

Best Line:

Old Woman, summing up the episode and the season:
"Is this dog smart enough to learn? ... If the dog could have had only one bone, which would it have wanted?"

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Episode Credits
Season 3, Episode 22 - "Dog with Two Bones" (Part 1 of 2)
Writer: David Kemper
Director: Andrew Prowse
Production number: 10322
First UK Transmission: 31st Jan 2002
First US Transmission: 26th Apr 2002
Guest Stars:
Tammy MacIntosh (Jool); Kent McCord (Jack Crichton); Melissa Jaffer (Old Woman); Samantha Wellington (Woman behind counter); Jacob Vanderpuije (Boy #1); Dion Bilios (Boy #2)
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