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"Out of Their Minds"
Invasion of the body snatchers...

Click here to read the Farscape World synopsis for this episode.

Forget the synopsis – it does this episode absolutely no justice whatsoever. Sure it tells you what happened, but words cannot capture the moments that appear on screen. This episode truly has to be seen to be appreciated – it's superb, and despite having a wafer-thin plot it is a laugh-a-minute. Think the best of Farscape's laughs all tied up into one episode, and you're about a tenth of the way there. I love this episode!

The most standout thought in my mind after this episode, besides the obvious humour, is the star performances from each and every member of the cast. They all pretty much nailed the other members' characters perfectly. Take Anthony Simcoe for instance – already we know he's a superb actor, as he brings D'Argo to life in a superb manner each week, but here he out-does himself with his outstanding performance as Chiana. He managed to nail all of the mannerisms that Gigi Edgley does when playing the character, from the breathing to the walk, the wide eyes to the voice. His reaction as Chiana to seeing Pilot reject Chiana's body was just what you would have expected from Gigi as Chiana, and the whole episode was a lot like that. The only shame is he didn't get to do anything as Pilot.

Ben Browder was superb too, doing an excellent impersonation of Rygel throughout the episode. Let's face it, the moment when he needed to go was one of the biggest laugh-out-loud moments in Farscape ever. The whole scene, and the dialogue was brilliant, as were the directions from Claudia Black as Crichton. It was just superb; all the facial expressions from Ben throughout the whole ordeal were just great.

As for Claudia, she was quite possibly the star of the show as she nailed both Crichton and Rygel perfectly. Spending most of the episode playing John, she had the other remarkable scene, in which it's true to say John does what any man would do in a woman's body – gives them a wiggle, and then a nice feel! After all, he'd been in her body ages, it's surprising he lasted that long! Once again though the facial expressions made the scene even better, from Claudia's mesmerised looks to Chiana in D'Argo and Aeryn in Rygel's gazes, and Aeryn's "I'll break your legs, even if they are really mine" line cracked me up. Claudia not only had that wonderful scene, but also managed to capture some of John's mannerisms too, including the thumb across the lip. The only part of her playing John that seemed a little off to me was her American accent. Maybe it's just me, but it didn't seem quite convincing. However, overall she played John very well, and she also did a great Rygel, even though she was only in his body a little. Particularly when Zhaan got in contact at the end and Rygel was moaning that no-one listens to him, and the classic line "Shoot the damn gun, you blue-assed bitch!" Hilarious! Then there was the final line, back as Aeryn, "You were in my shoes, I was in your pants!" Classic!

Let's not forget Gigi Edgley either, who managed to do a believable Pilot, which is particularly difficult considering she's doing an impression of a puppet that stays in the same place and only moves its arms. She seemed to have a voice inflexion that matched Pilot perfectly too. All the actors really surpassed themselves here, and all showed they can play more than just their usual roles.

There was also that rather unusual scene between Ben Browder and Anthony Simcoe, playing Rygel and Chiana respectively. True to form she wants out, and tries to get Rygel to go with her. Nothing unusual there, but bung the characters into other bodies and you've got one of the strangest and most surreal scenes I've seen in Farscape. Seeing what looked like D'Argo try and seduce what looked like Crichton was a little disturbing at the same time as being humorous, although the latter won out for me.

Despite the main point of the episode being the comedy, I found myself quite taken to some very brief, but very nice characterisation for Pilot. His scene with D'Argo when they're in Chiana and Pilot's bodies respectively was a superb scene, as Pilot admits that he has no memories of love or friendship. It's sad, but at the same time a nice moment, and D'Argo (in Pilot's body) also had superb reactions, particularly to being overwhelmed by all the sounds and senses that Pilot hears and feels. His excitement when he says he must tell Moya about everything that happened was really nice, and it also leaves you with the impression that Moya is a real living ship, something that the Farscape team have done very well so far.

The only complaint I have with the episode is that Zhaan was left out of the main body-switching, although she did get some pretty good material on the other ship, particularly again the use of facial expressions to show her feelings. And she got to use her plant-powers. Or at least I assume it was her being a plant that allowed her to crush and shred her hand to get out of the chain. It's just a shame Virginia Hey didn't get to kick some acting ass as one of the other characters.

I must mention the puppeteers too, as they brought the various characters to life really well. Also Lani Tupu and Jonathan Hardy, the voice actors, deserve a mention for getting the tones of the other characters voices down so well. Finally it was nice to see Crais and Talyn back, for the first time since the premiere (Mind the Baby). Hopefully we'll pick up the Crais/Talyn story again now.

So a superb episode, that really is a must-see, particularly for fans. It's a roller-coaster ride through each of the characters, and the most hilarious and light-hearted outing yet. Delightful stuff. As a final note, I would like to say that if you were left at the end of the episode wondering "Where on Earth was the plot?!?!", then you've sadly missed the point.

I love to hear your views, whether you agree or disagree, so feel free to e-mail me your feedback. Review by Dani Moure.

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Did You Know?
Although freelancer Michael Cassutt wrote the original script, it underwent a heavy re-write to get it right in terms of the Farscape characters and what they would say. So who was the person to do this? Why our very own Justin Monjo (on of the best character writers) of course!

Zhaan can apparently pull her hand out of tight spaces (because she's a plant), although if the fibres are torn they may not heal if they're extensively damaged.

Crais appears to not be leading Talyn astray, since they only fired on the Halosian ship after being attacked first, and then they didn't destroy the ship.

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Favourite Quote
There're so many great quotes from this episode, so here are just a few:

Pilot: "The ship is badly damaged, and their comms channel's not functioning"
John: "Have we sent the 'don't shoot us, we're pathetic' transmission yet?"

Rygel (in Crichton's body): "I have to... [pee]"
John (in Aeryn's body): "Now?"
Rygel (in Crichton's body): "Yes, now... right now..."
Chiana (in D'Argo's body): "You can't go now, you have to hold it."
Rygel (in Crichton's body): "I don't know how to hold it Chiana, I don't know this body."
John (in Aeryn's body): "Then go, j-just go!"

Rygel (in Crichton's body): (about peeing) "Could you show me how to do this?"
John (in Aeryn's body): "Oh my god... unzip."
Rygel (in Crichton's body): "Right!"
John (in Aeryn's body): "Pull it out. Point it like a gun. And shoot."
Rygel (in Crichton's body): "Aimed the right way?"
John (in Aeryn's body): "Yes, that's fine."

Chiana (in D'Argo's body): (to Tak) "Face the wall and spread your feathers, big guy."

John (in Aeryn's body): (about the "feeling") "I'm a guy. A guy. Guys dream about this sort of thing."
Aeryn (in Rygel's body): "I'll tell you one thing Crichton, if I find you've been dreaming anything else to my body I'll break your legs, even if they are mine."

Aeryn (in Crichton's body): "She wants me?"
John (in Rygel's body): "Yeah. Zhaan wants to hear it from you – she won't listen to Rygel."
Rygel (in Aeryn's body): "I told you. You all say I'm paranoid, but it's true – no-one ever frelling listens to me!"
John (in Rygel's body): "Can it, furball!"
Rygel (in Aeryn's body): "Great! Now I'm getting yotz from my own body!"

Zhaan: "By the goddess! What is this madness that has overtaken all of you?"
Aeryn (in Crichton's body): "We'll explain later, just shoot us Zhaan. Full power, and don't worry we'll have the screen up."
Zhaan: "Are you sure about this Crichton?"
Rygel (in Aeryn's body): "Shoot the damn gun you blue-assed bitch!"

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 9 - "Out of Their Minds"
Writer: Michael Cassutt
Director: Ian Watson
Production number: 10209
First UK Transmission: 4th Sep 2000
First US Transmission: 7th Jul 2000
Guest Stars:
Lani Tupu (Bialar Crais); Dominique Sweeney (Yoz); Thomas Holesgrove (Tak); Angie Milliken (Voice of Yoz); Nicholas McKay (Voice of Tak)
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