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"Home on the Remains"
Down on the Budong there's a lot of killing. On Moya, Zhaan buds...

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"Home on the Remains" is by far the goriest episode of Farscape we've yet seen. It had some very gruesome scenes, and was fuelled by a dark overtone, and yet I quite liked it. Well, it was better than some of the dren we've been getting lately. That and I'm a bit partial to gore (as long as it serves a purpose).

One of the most striking things about the episode in general is definitely the stunning visuals. From the sets on the Budong, to the aforementioned gore, the designs and imagery used in this episode were fantastic and quite unique. The aliens had the usual interesting look about them that we see so often thanks to the wonderful imaginations of the people at the Henson Creature Shop, and the only thing that let the visuals down a little was that the Keedva looked a bit stupid. At least I thought so; to me he reminded me of one of the apes from "Planet of the Apes", but that could just be my freaky mind.

I liked that we saw a bit more history from Chiana, since really we know very little about her, particularly compared to the other characters. So far the little back-story we've seen has been in her debut (Durka Returns) and in Taking the Stone, so it's nice to not only find out a little drizzle more, but also to see her past actions catching up with her. It was made clear she had previously chose Temmon over B'Sogg, although the latter obviously was after her too, since he later wants her indefinitely in exchange for food. But he was a downright evil person, who killed his brother and everyone else just to keep control of the food. So I can't say I was sad to see Chiana shoot the Budong, and then all the poison flow over his hand and shrivel it, although that scene was particularly disgusting, especially when all the flesh fell to the floor. I also liked the way Chiana finished Temmon off at the start of the episode. She's never one to like seeing people suffer, and she definitely is the type of character that would rather put someone out of their misery than watch them suffer.

The other key story that evolved over the episode was what appeared to be a huge leap in the D'Argo-Chiana relationship. Although things move quite fast during this episode, the seeds were sown in Mind the Baby (see the movie theatre for the deleted scene between the two), and also in Vitas Mortis when Chiana does his washing, but D'Argo really shows his feelings proper in this episode. I loved the way he got very jealous when B'Sogg was all over Chiana, especially when he punched B'Sogg (can you tell I really didn't like the man?), and I also thought the conversation he had with Altana about Chiana was really nice, mainly because it's one of the few times we actually get to hear his true feelings. He's often so hard, and hides his true feelings when he speaks, that it was nice to see him open up, even for a few moments. Anyway, it would appear that Chiana might just feel the same way, so it looks like their may be a new romance in the air, even if it does come a little out of the blue (although there have been a few seeds sown).

Another interesting plot in this episode was the Zhaan budding saga, which I have to say was something that most shows would never even attempt (although most shows wouldn't make one of the lead characters a plant). It was again nice to learn some more about her character, because since the "I'm a plant" bombshell was dropped, we haven't really seen much of what implications this has. So here, we learn that Delvians bud when they starve, and produce poisonous spores to kill animals, which they then eat. Now whilst I found that fascinating, what I found more interesting was the way this condition made raw feelings show, as she returned once more unto the dark side, although this time not by choice. I like seeing the darker side of Zhaan, as it gives some insight into her feelings at the raw emotional level. She shows her hate for Peacekeepers for what they did to Delvia, and she lashes out at Aeryn, who we know was really trying to help, and the brutal fight where Zhaan strikes Aeryn down was well done, particularly the way Aeryn has to headbutt her to help; it kind of brings the brutality full circle, in that it makes Zhaan nasty but then helps her.

One thing that was a little disturbing was John murdering the Keedva. Now I know he's been through a lot of changes, and he's not quite the innocent man he was when he first arrived here, and that he needed meat for Zhaan, but I was left thinking that had this been a while ago, he would have chosen to look for the meat instead of killing the Keedva. Instead, rather than leave it locked in behind the door he first traps his hand, and then just kills it in the bar. I found that quite indicative, in a subtle way, of the change that John has gone through, and I did feel a little sorry for the poor thing. The scene he had with Rygel when the Keedva first came after them was hilarious though; I love it when the two characters fight – they have such great chemistry.

I did find the end of the episode a bit unsatisfactory though. I was left wanting more, and the way it abruptly cut from B'Sogg's melting hand to back on Moya was a bit annoying, in that I wanted to see what became of him.

So "Home on the Remains" is a good episode, and very interesting visually. The story isn't bad, and the director Rowan Woods deserves a lot of credit for the episode, but the whole thing didn't mesh quite as well as it could have. For me, it was one of those cases where you're just left at the end of the episode thinking, "I liked that, but something just wasn't right". So it was good, but not great.

I love to hear your views, whether you agree or disagree, so feel free to e-mail me your feedback. Review by Dani Moure.

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Did You Know?
A Budong is a giant creature, on which people can live, but both its flesh and blood are poisonous.

When Delvians starve they bud, and produce poisonous spores to kill predators, which they will then eat.

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Favourite Quote
John: "C'mon, let's go."
Aeryn: "Oh, that's just great. I have to stay on board with the blooming blue bush, and you get to play with your favourite little tralk!"

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Episode Credits
Season 2, Episode 7 - "Home on the Remains"
Writer: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Jr.
Director: Rowan Woods
Production number: 10208
First UK Transmission: 7th Aug 2000
First US Transmission: 16th Jun 2000
Guest Stars:
John Brumpton (B'Sogg); Justine Saunders (Altana); Rob Carlton (Vija); Gavin Robins (The Keedva); Hunter Peske (Temmon)
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