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"They've Got a Secret"
D'Argo and Moya's deepest and darkest secrets revealed! But just what are they?...

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Blimey! They've Got a Secret contains more revelations than, umm, well, any other episode that comes before it. We found out the deep dark secrets of D'Argo's estranged past, and big revelations are in store regarding out wonderful living ship. This episode was a total character drama, very low on action, but containing some well-acted and moving scenes. And of course the aforementioned plot revelations.

So, the big mystery of this episode was just what was happening aboard Moya. Why had all the DRDs turned a little bit psycho? What had happened to Pilot? Before he fell unconscious he said he found evidence of sabotage. Well, we soon found out that it was in fact Moya trying to kill everyone. But why? Because she was scared for and protecting her baby, yes she's pregnant, like any mother naturally would be. She felt that they would not want the baby, or would try to kill it, which of course inadvertently they did. When she began diverting resources, like the DRDs and life support, they began doing everything they could to get the systems back, although they did not know they were actually hurting the baby. But eventually our homeboy John went down and took a wild guess, that turned out to be right, that Moya in fact was pregnant. I have to say I admire the writers for taking such a bold move. Though Moya is a living ship, to my knowledge I can't recollect another one that was pregnant with a child. The great thing about it is that it makes Moya seem like more than just a ship, she's no longer a two dimensional character, but a fully fledged member of the team herself. She thinks, she feels, she has emotions. It's different than the norm, but in this case it's a great thing.

And oh, the rest of the story. Well, it was almost entirely about D'Argo, and exactly what happened in his secret past. But I won't get ahead of myself, so it all started when he knocked out a PK shield that was holding back the catalyst that encourages Leviathan pregnancy keeping Moya from gestating. But hey, he was told to get rid of any PK equipment, and he does. So technically I suppose he did the right thing. But the ensuing trip down a chute into outer space made his memory go a bit loco, and when he was revived back on Moya he started calling Zhaan someone called Lo'Laan, Rygel someone named Jothee and Crichton someone named Macton.

Shocking revelation number 1: Lo'Laan was D'Argo's wife. In an ingenious twist our young, immature warrior was in fact married, to a Sebacean no less! What we also find out about this marriage is that originally, Lo'Laan's parents rejected D'Argo, and didn't want to him to stay with them. We learn that Peacekeepers are taught from their very birth that they must keep the bloodlines pure, and any union that is not pure is simply evil. Since everyone rejects him, they run away, and find a planet away from everyone. D'Argo destroys their ship but alas, Lo'Laan's Peacekeeper brother Macton would definitely rather keep the lines pure, and murders his own sister to stop the evil union. But he wasn't finished with D'Argo, and arrested him, charging him with Lo'Laan's murder. D'Argo knows it was him, since he when he arrested him Macton had her blood on his hands. It's clearly been eating at D'Argo, and all these events he's tried to forget have now come to light, and cut him deeply. He was wrongfully imprisoned. But that's not all. You see before Lo'Laan was killed, she actually had a child...

Shocking revelation number 2: D'Argo's a daddy! He has a son, named Jothee, who is his very driving force to return home. Poor D'Argo and Lo'Laan had to send him away before the PKs caught up with them, as a result Jothee barely knows his father, and D'Argo barely knows his son, but misses him greatly. This is also a shock on a few levels, for a start when you originally see D'Argo's character it's difficult to picture him with a son. Not only that, but he's hid his son from the PKs and has waited so long just to see him, and it's another thing that burns his soul. But he clearly hopes one day he'll reunite with his son, and that seems to be his main reason for staying alive.

Though many of the story scenes were touching, in my opinion I thought the final scene between Aeryn and D'Argo was just amazing. They're continuing to build a friendship, through their mutual admiration and respect. Aeryn sees her comrade's pain, and knows how troubled he is. Though he doesn't mention it, I think it's clear that in his situation you'd be worried about a Peacekeeper knowing, considering their views and what pain they've caused him. So she comes in to reaffirm him. In a sweet moment, she asks to see Lo'Laan, and mentions how beautiful she is. D'Argo asks if is shocks her that someone like her could love someone like him, and asks if she considers his son to be evil, because of PK beliefs. She says no, and beautifully says it's because she sees him in Jothee's eyes, and she assures him in a kind act of assurance that no matter what happens, she will never tell. It's a really nice thing to say, and as I mentioned furthers their gradually growing relationship. D'Argo can fully trust her because he's learned that despite her PK origins, she is honourable.

I liked the whole intrigue of the story, that was well written in most respects, and also the fact that we got to see much more of Moya (including the huge number of DRDs that are on board). I did like the direction of the plot, and the possibilities the revelations open up. But, I do have one major criticism that affects the rating I have given this episode. Whilst there was a lot to like, and some stunning performances (most notably Anthony Simcoe and his portrayal of D'Argo), I felt there was a little too much revealed in a short space of time. Though there are only really two stories in this episode, the amount of revelations they contain are great, and the implications huge, since they dictate a lot of what drives the characters not only this season, but the second too. It's a shame, but I just felt that there was a bit too much to take in with regards to key plot points. But this is still a very good episode, and well worth watching, especially as it's so important to the arc of the show.

I love to hear your views, whether you agree or disagree, so feel free to e-mail me your feedback. Review by Dani Moure.

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Did You Know?
The revelation that Moya is pregnant was originally written in to very first version of the Premiere script, which Rockne O'Bannon used to try and sell the series to Fox.

Moya's set is made up of ten pieces, including one junction, which are all on wheels and make up every version of the corridors we see.

Originally Moya's junctions could have up to six directions, including up and down, however the production team couldn't achieve it within their budget.

Additionally, Moya's sets were to be built on rostrums, so they could bring things up through the floor. The consoles used by the crew were going to do so, but again they couldn’t fit it in.

Producer Matt Carroll assigned Ian Watson as this script's director because he is known as the performance director, whereas the other three regulars (Tony Tilse, Andrew Prowse and Rowan Woods) are more action-oriented.

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Favourite Quote
Zhaan: "Pilot, we're all glad to see you're up and back on your feet."
John: "At least up, anyway."

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Episode Credits
Season 1, Episode 10 - "They've Got a Secret"
Writer: Sally Lapiduss
Director: Ian Watson
Production number: 10110
First UK Transmission: 21st Feb 2000
First US Transmission: 25th Jun 1999
Guest Stars:
Alison Fox (Lo'Laan); Grant Magee (Jothee)
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