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"The Peacekeeper Wars, Part One"

Add your own Reader Review!
Average Reader Score
Review by eric

i wish that there were more episodes/and that the peacekeeper wars was free!!!!!!
i just love farscape

Review by Veronica

It brought me peace to see that love realy can survive so much conflict. And family doesn't always have to be blood related to be family. I just wish the show was still on tv with new adventures.

Review by Philbert

While the miniseries was somewhat truncated (due to the fact 22 episodes were jammed into 4) overall, I thought it was an excellent way to end the show. The story was interesting, the dialogue first rate and of course the acting was as good as always. Yes, one or two plot lines were left dangling but that is a small price to pay to get the ending that the fans and the characters deserved.

Review by Jamie

Freakin' awesome overall. The last scene with the baby was just meh for me. I like the naming part, but seriously, who holds their kid up that high for that long? got on my nerves. Just some of the faces the baby made cracked me up though. like when A/J kiss just after he's born, he has that "what the hell?" look on his face. haha. priceless. I really do love it overall.

Review by Gina

All I have to say is fantastic. This was just awesome and great, and I just can't describe it.

Review by Mal Wood

Okay - let's try again. I enjoyed peacekeeper wars but it wasn't a patch on the series. Too many unresolved issues - Sikozu (a bioloid or genetically engineered Khalish?) able to subdue Scarrans but not Scorpius, also a (highly intelligent) member of a resistance movement but actually dumb enough to enter into a pact with the Scarrans? It just doesn't wash. Also the characterisations of Noranti and particularly Rygel were poor. Rygel seem to be the cuddly muppet puppet rather than the devious Dominar of past episodes. All in all - Ok but not topnotch.

Review by Mal Wood

At the risk of annoying everyone I was very disappointed with Peacekeeper Wars. Don't get me wrong I think it's great that people got to see some sort of resolution to the soap opera that was Farscape. It just wasn't for me, I'm afraid. Particularly frustrated at the poor characterisations of Sikozu, Noranti and Rygel. The latter was reduced to a
cutesy muppet sidekick rather than the devious and clever little devil he had been in earlier episodes. A sad ending to a wonderful series.

Review by dominar

Like proper end for one great show this two eps are very good. Rygel like mother, that is FS that we all know and love. Good, very good

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