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"Bad Timing"

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Average Reader Score
Review by ally

so did not like the ending,, looking foward to a better ending

Review by Dave G

SCORPIUSzap, did it ever occur to you that people may have NOT seen the Peacekeeper Wars prior to reading your review? Why did you feel it necessary to include spoilers from a future episode that you were not reviewing??? You did spoil it for me and no doubt, others.

Review by Zak

Superb !!!

Review by Ninja K

im dissapointed with the ending of "bad timing" since john and ayerin and the rest of the crew for that matter have been through so much and suffered endlessly. so to just hav them finally happy with a child and marrige and then be shot into nothing more than a pile is plain wrong. and this is comming from someone who has always enjoys seeing the bad guy win. this time im just let down that theyd choose to do that. i do agree that it gives a feeling of finality to the story but not the one i'd have liked or many others im sure, and i know that there are others still who will see this as a fitting ending but i just don't believe that for myself, even though the old live happily ever after role has been played to death i still believe that farscape could have done well to at least keep the couple alive. im marking it as a 5 but only for my love and respect for the show, i have greatly enjoyed every episode made and wish it wasn't over. and if they ever decide to bring it back it would be the smartest decision they ever made.

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