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We're So Screwed, Part 3:
"La Bomba"

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Review by Xeddicus

Wish I had seen this site at the time the show was on, but oh well.

I think the reviewer is projecting his own reactions onto Crichton and Co. Aeryn straight doesn't give a crap he blew the Scarran's up, why should she object? D'Argo? Same deal. He's a warrior. You kill your enemy, especially when your (and all your loved ones) back is to the wall. Chi does what needs to be done to survive.

John had no choice. Or rather, his choices were do what he does or let everyone die. He just doesn't totally accept that reality and doesn't particularly like it even when he does. He doesn't WANT to blow people up. But everyone else realizes it was the right thing to do, so they're not going to pile on his guilt over it. He just doesn't want to really crack and slide into Peacekeeper land.

Review by Ben

4 Scarran Soldiers in an elevator! That was HI-Larious!

Review by dominar

OK. Political corections on side, we all enjoyed when he blowed them up. They tortured Aeryn for God sake. JC is man who has that dark side, and who can say that he didn't do it deliberatly? My boy Johny!

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