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We're So Screwed, Part 2:
"Hot to Katratzi"

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Review by Arpan

I would say not that they secretly have Christian vauels, but I think it totally coheres to reality that people have vauels, whether or not they want to admit them in intellectual debate. Where there is a value, there must be a grounding for that value. (In that quote, this is where Schaeffer argues that nonbelievers cannot bring themselves to be completely consistent with their own presuppositions.)

Review by Philip DePalma

Maybe the best episode of all.
The characters being quintessentially themselves.
John telling off every bad guy in the galaxy - "I can leap tall galaxies in a single bound...you can't do jack." Aeryn matter of factly detailing their farbot plan. Rygel outwitting the Charids while D'argo decks them.
Chianna trying to kick Jenek in the mivonks.
Our heros putting their butts on the line to save a galaxy thats trying to frell them. And as far as the Farscape world review, it's not a bad plan, it's a desperate plan. It doesn't take mivonks to go in with a good plan.
And Scorpy-he's so tough and so smart its really a shame that he's evil.

Review by dominar

Johny is my hero. Not because he is brave and all that. No, he is my hero because he do what he have to do when he have to do, and he do it well. And Aeryn like back up, great (Isn't that funny?)

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