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What Was Lost, Part 2:

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Review by Andre

Hey ZQFMBG Thanks for the kind words about my comic. I always love to hear loeppe saying they enjoy it.As far as The Walking Dead goes, what you're seeing on Netflix is the first season. It was short because it was kind of an experiment. The network didn't know if it would work, so they gave it six episodes. It was a ratings monster, and got picked up for a second season almost immediately.We're watching the second season now, which is showing on AMC on Sundays at 9 Eastern. Tonight is the last episode of the first half of the season. They'll have a break for a couple of months, and then pick it up for the second half next year.

Review by Gordon Bennett

I wanted to like this one more, I really did. There were some great touches, like the interaction between Rygel and the dying female Pilot and the gradual overexposure of the footage to show the magnetic effect on the planet. As it is, the plot was lost somewhere and the actions didn't fall together well.

However, there appears to be some great new potential opening up. I like Sikozu, and hope to see more of her character and development. The possible Interon/Sebacean/Human connection can build to something quite epic in the hands of the Farscape writers.

Review by Huminanumina

This was a goulash of an episode. The characters did not act true to their motivations. Um, Crichton wants to get home! And yet when the priests are reawakened, he has not the slightest interest in questioning them about the Interion-Sebacean-Human connection--the clearest clue toward his goal yet! Yeah, PKs are chasing him; so what? He could take a priest along for the ride, and question him along the way. This ep almost falls out of Farscape reality.

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