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Into the Lion's Den, Part 1:
"Lambs to the Slaughter"

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Average Reader Score
Review by hermantheowl

Great episode. A moral dilemma for John and a tracherous new villian. Now Scorpius is going through what he did to Crais. (He's in conflict with the other PK's who can't stand his obsession).Great plot. Also good to see Crais's and Aeryn's reaction to being "home" again. Also, Scorpius's sufferning from John being in a fight was an amusing toutch (becasue of the bracelets). That part just got me.

Review by Gordon Bennett

I loved every minute of this fantastic episode, from the intrigue on the Command Carrier within and around the Peacekeepers to Jetpack John in the generator. This episode serves well to connect everything that has gone before with the larger scope of this part of space, raising the consequences to new heights.

Review by Slender Means

Not impressed. Not as bad as the previous episode, but still bad. The first half of this episode felt utterly terrible, in fact -- I'm not even sure how to describe why. I think it's because the concept is delicious -- your protagonists are heading into the den of Scorpius, putting them in their most dire position. Enemies must work together, find a way to simply speak together, in the same room. The bracelets were another lovely touch, inserting yet another interesting dynamic into the interaction between John and Scorpius. Then we have the fact that both Crais and Aeryn are returning to their old 'home', their people, which should clearly result in very mixed emotions, very fertile ground for writing. The foundation for drama and a '5' star episode is right there, hungering for the right execution...

But what we instead get is utter silliness for the most part. Oh no, D'Argo being attacked by a snarling fat man with a mechanical arm! (A scene utterly devoid of any real tension, in fact it was almost amusing.) The token, scarred 'bad guy' Peacekeeper, who sips his drink and scowls, plotting murder and rebellion. The 'drink in the face scene' with Aeryn, which surely earns the Most Predictable Moment of the year award. There was so little subtlety here...so much was on the surface level, and seemed as if minimal thought had been put into it. There didn't even feel as if there was any chemistry between Aeryn and her 'friend', or Crais and his love interest. It felt very artificial. (Although I like the idea of her confession being fake, or her loyalties remaining unclear, for a sort of double-double cross scenario.) Scorpius and Crichton were squandered for the most part, when more interesting interactions between the two of them would have been lovely. The whole episode just felt like a missed opportunity on every level.

The new female Peacekeeper 'villain' seemed decent, though, and with the stage set for more political machinations and an explosion or implosion, things could hopefully improve in the next episode. The series can do better than this.

Review by Tommy

One of the best episodes ever. A whole episode concentrating mostly on the interaction between John and Scorpius? YES. It's perfect, especially the ending. And the moral dilemmas are intriguing, now that a part of John wants to help Scorpius. It's a very difficult situation, which makes it perfect for a tv show.

Review by T-Warn

The best part of this episode-although it could have been better-was the duel-fighting sequence near the end of the show. It is really cool when Aeryn realizes that she and John are being tracked, and as soon as she warns John, the 2 hunters emerge. Aeryn, realizing that there are probably more hunters on the way, says, "I doubt our odds are going to get any better," and she and John split up to begin the fight. John jumps out to fight the chief male enemy of the episode, while Aeryn begins fierce hand-to-hand (and foot-to-foot) combat with the female trooper who was seen earlier in the show. Both fights are extremely aggressive and vicious, and are fairly evenly matched. However, when Aeryn gets a slight upperhand on her female foe, the woman picks up a gun and fires it at Aeryn, who cleverly ducks behind a generator. When the woman fires, the shot strikes the generator, and bounces back at her, vaporizing her. Meanwhile, John continues his fight, but eventually wins, after he launches himself upward with a jet-pack.

Review by dominar

Great. I just love that scene when they're comming from pod. That is gang, huh! All in black and so so mean. PK's be alert, they're going to blow away your ship

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