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Average Reader Score
Review by Weni

So of course the February pic is my frvoaite! I remember getting your text while I was in Boston at lunch with my sis and Steve! Funny how I remember that :)What an amazing year you've had! And I love the caged heels, you need to wear those more!

Review by Gordon Bennett

Intrigue, mystery, suspense, sadness, gore, comedy, action, new faces, old faces, a creepy Peacekeeper tech and kinky Hynerian sex. Something for everyone here and while it wasn't to the very highest standards Farscape has set before it was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.

Review by Slender Means

Orrhn makes this episode almost farcical, but the wonderful Aeryn and John scenes are definitely worth watching. A shame that they're surrounded by quite a dull/flat plot, utterly lacking tension.

Review by dominar

Sometimes I really hate Aeryn. C'mon girl I know ha you are in pain and all that, but geave guy a chance (he's crying, for God sake). Good action too (I think that guy was from matrix but I'm not sure).

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