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"The Choice"

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Review by Slender Means

I just want to take a moment to say that I love the reviews for this episode (by Dani Moure and Mary Wood). A lot of feeling and astute observations in them. On the note of the episode itself, I really liked it. From the very opening scene, there was something utterly distinct about this episode -- a languid, nightmarish quality. The setting is very Cyberpunk, with a sort of noir feel as Aeryn sits on windows overlooking a sort of desensitized, dark world mirroring her numbness. Her raggedy room, the lighting, everything bleeds loneliness and self-imposed isolation. There's a sort of festering hurt in every action and glance from the actress. Claudia Black is required to carry this episode on her shoulders, and she not only does so, I personally think she elevates it beyond what would be expected on paper. She nails pretty much every scene she's in, which is difficult when considering how many phases she goes through in this episode -- a miserable numbness, an almost hysterical outburst, melancholia, nostalgia, anger, and at the very end of the episode, a perfect display of raising emotional walls and becoming outwardly icy and eerily calm and collected. She never comes across as melodramatic, either.

This episode didn't quite impact me enough for a '5', but it did something I love -- it focussed on the character dimension, and it did so in a mostly effective way. People are always hailing Farscape as being a great 'character show', but I haven't always seen this in action. I think the new Battlestar Galactica, while being quite flawed in some ways, is a much more effective character show (but of course, it wasn't around during Farscape's run, and Farscape probably even influenced it in some ways). Farscape has flashes of great character moments, but it doesn't feel consistent to me, and it sometimes fails to reach its target. This episode is special because we really do get a character profile here, a lovely portrait of a woman in quiet despair, very much alone and hurting. The quiet scene in which Aeryn is copying the way John slowly nuzzled up against her and kissed her in an earlier episode is particularly wonderful -- it says so much with literally no lines at all. The scene where she saw the couple kissing in the hallway is also ace, but hindered by flashbacks that patronise the viewer -- the simple act of her watching the two should be enough in itself, especially with a talented actress like Black. The scene in the hallway is lovely in the way she tries to force herself upon him in desperation, and he knows exactly what she's doing and recoils.

The final scene was right on the nail. You can practically see the walls coming up around Black, inch by inch, as she finds her answer to pain -- donning her old, familiar armour. The cold dismissal of Memory John was really saddening to watch.

Review by Lisette

I agree just about completely with your review.I've suffered several losses of people close to me in the last few years,and Aeryn's numbness,withdrawal and downright anger at the person for dying all ring true.A truly emotional and wrenching episode.Rygel's scene proves once again how much more than puppetry is the artistry that brings him alive.
I only have 3 niggling criticisms:considering how much Crais has ruined Aeryn's life(exiling her from the Peacekeepers;bringing Scorpius and co after John,killing her mother) I find it hard to believe she could tolerate his presence so easily.
Secondly,surely it must have occurred to her that John-Moya was still alive and may not be the clone? That he has never really left her? If my beloved were still alive in some way,I would not forget it for a second.
Lastly,great scene of Xhalax meting her end.But Linda Cropper is so marvellous in the role,it seems such a huge waste not to keep her as an integral part of the show.If Xhalax had been redeemed and come aboard Moya as a regular,what a stunning addition to the cast she'd have been.I like Tammy McIntosh(I'm an Aussie and have seen her in loads of local tv) but Jools is nowhere near as compelling as Xhalax is.I'd even forgive them for losing Zhan if she'd come aboard.

Review by Ben

This may well be my favorite episode in what is now my favorite show of all time. I only recently stumbled on Farscape. I don't have cable and had never heard of it until it popped up on my Netflix recommended list. I started going through the episodes until I was so deep that I was using all 3 of my Netflix slots for Farscape. Then came "The Choice." I convinced my sceptical wife to start watching from the beginning and started the series over again--how's that for obsessed. "The Choice" is absolutely breathtaking in its emotional honesty. One line: "You have to go now." After 75 years, that was the moment that the television medium finally lived up to its potential.

Review by Ben

I agree completely with the review and would just like to add/emphasize that Claudia Black has become such an incredible presence. She appears to have matured physically in the three years (and looks older still in season 4) of farscape. I can't put my finger on how. In our age-obsessed culture this sounds like I may be insulting her. Please, let me clarify that I think she has become breathtakingly beautiful, whether its the familiarity with the character or sympathy for her, but she has become the most engaging character on an extremely engaging show. I'm new to Farscape and utterly, hopelessly engrossed. I rent on Netflix and watch each episode 2-4 times before I send it back. So, I've seen the changes in the characters take place more quickly than is "natural." Aeryn seems to have changed the most, though much of the emphasis has been on John. Of course this continues in the 4th season. This show was so poignant and Claudia Black was so effective and empathetic through an understated, but tense, performance.

Review by dominar

Choice is good ep. Sorrow and all that pain, but Rygel and Stark make it work for me. And, you know, if John consider gen pool in Aer family, he should be worried about that (I mean her mother killed her father, and she killed her mother)

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