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Review by Gordon Bennett

Unbelievably beautiful direction throughout. I honestly can't think of a better directed piece of television. It's New Wave Farscape, with rapid cut editing shifting time forwards and backwards, creative framing and superb use of Dutch tilt, bright, colourful yet always suitable lighting and exceptional production design throughout from the vivid liquid in teardrop bottles to the maze walls of the milking room.

Performances were no less impressive and only stood out less because they have always been of a sterling quality.

This was a great Farscape and a great piece of filmmaking. I took in the luxury of every moment as if it were a scent of freslin

Review by hippygeek

The more I watch this one, the more I love. The timing, music, perfect little character moments...in my top five eps.

Review by Tom Vidar

Farscape mixed with the movie Hangover and with a little twist of Family Guy flashbacks (but with coherence) Fun episode, just pure fun.

Review by Hesca Fe'Tor

This is easily on my list of the best 5 episodes of Farscape. When I think of the best of Farscape, I think of the episodes that are so different than anything else I've seen on TV, episodes that could only be Farscape and nothing else. This episode exemplifies that. No other TV show has done anything like this... it's like "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" in space, with aliens. Pure awesomeness, and that's some SERIOUS dren.

And, in case anybody was interested, although the effects of freslin closely mirror that of MDMA, the extraction process seems to indicate that this drug is inspired by adrenochrome, a chemical produced by the human body that has hallucinogenic effects in Hunter Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", but does not have any known mind-altering effect in reality. FYI.

Review by dominar

This is Fs on his best terms. O boy this is one hell of the ride. And I love this deleted scene when John and D kicks Raxill.

Review by dominar

Sex, drugs and killer mupets. FIVE. THIS is Farscape.

Review by dominar

O boy, there is plenty of TV shows on this planet, but only FS has (had tear) episodes like this - five five five

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