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Review by sally

cW8L88 http://www.QS3PE5ZGdxC9IoVKTAPT2DBYpPkMKqfz.com

Review by Spanky


Review by Gordon Bennett

Overall it lacked structure and while the tension of the threat felt real, most of what was meant to drive the plot failed utterly.

What was interesting about this episode was the way we saw each of the characters' desires intensified. John's desire for Aeryn, Aeryn's for John, Crais' desire for the authority he once had among the Peacekeepers, Rygel's appetite and even Stark's desire to save others.

All of these were shown escalating beyond their control. While it may not have worked well as a story overall, it was effective in exploring the personalities that have developed throughout the series as a whole.

Review by Luke

I thought this one was a real stinker, I did not even laugh out loud once through out the all thing at the intentionally funny bits, didnt care about the 'innocent spirit trapped forever with the ugly monster' sub storyline, and I found the script to be very dismally disjointed, in my sole opinion: A very poor attempt.

Review by Diane

Ithought that this episod was great I loved that iit showed the acction between John and Aeryn. finally ! man I love this show!!!

Review by Ben

Of course it was fundamentally flawed. May Farscapes are. Part of the Fascape sensibility is that its weird, it's out there, the plots don't always make sense. It's a flawed show about flawed characters in a flawed universe. And god help me, I love it. The acting was great. I loved Crais' petulance. Most of all the show was memorable with great interaction between John and Aeryn. I feel like the Chris Farley character who did celebrity interviews on SNL, I'm so smitten with this couple: "Remember when Aeryn leaned over to pick up the tool or when John admired her navel or when she straddled him, weapon drawn, guarding the passageway? That was great." Sure the Stark subplot was preposterous and the moth to the flame scenario was contrived. Those problems did nothing to diminish the great scenes.

Review by kam4o

Very good episode, my favorite. There are little of all love, drama, action. It is episode that everyone must see

Review by dominar

Hot, hot, hot! Lausy plot, great chemistry. And I LOVE Stark, he's the best lunatic ever. Like shipper I give five

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