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Average Reader Score
Review by Slender Means

Not hugely impressed with this episode, but it was okay. I was actually going to give it a 3, but one thing really bolstered it -- Claudia Black's acting. Fantastic stuff, and it's a pleasure to see just how well she communicates via facial expressions alone. (If anything, I think the script should have trusted her skills more, and toned down some of her dialogue during one particular exchange with her mother. Her looks are far more powerful than the blatant lines.)

I wasn't, unfortunately, impressed by Linda Cropper -- the acting felt very 'off', in glaring contrast to Claudia. To be fair, maybe some of the blame goes to the characterisation in the script, but all I know is that something about her came across as too artificial, too much of a 'I'm a villain, har har!' vibe. They tried to inject a little tenderness and moments of weakness here and there to deepen the character, but none of those scenes worked for me, except for the last one, probably. I felt zero sympathy for her. The decision to kill the mother earns plus points -- some narrative guts are always welcome. I'm still a bit dubious though, because the mother is probably alive due to the off-screen 'death'. Unless you see a character die, especially in Sci Fi, the chances are that they're very much alive. Even if you see them die, you've probably been fooled, etc. Just the way it works. I'll be impressed if she's really dead, though.

This is really a 3.5 episode, in my opinion, but I'll give it 4 anyway, due to Claudia.

Review by dominar

Well, like Johny said in PM: You should meet her mother. Poor Xalax, poor Aeryn. And some action that rocks.

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