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"Green Eyed Monster"

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Review by Slender Means

It's a little sad when one of the actors can write a script that actually surpasses a large chunk of the quality previously shown on the series. It's not the best episode of Farscape, but it's easily in the top five so far, in my opinion. This is because it does something I consistently wait for this series to do -- it settles down and really focuses on some CHARACTER MOMENTS. Yes, that required capital letters, because it always frustrates me how skittish the series is to engage with the character realm in an intimate way. It's frustrating because, when the series -does- head in that direction, the results are lovely, like in The Way We Weren't. But it happens so rarely that it dooms large chunks of the seasons to never achieving their potential, and the potential -is- clearly there, as Ben Browder shows in this episode, so it seems a crime to let it go untapped.

Even Browder didn't go far enough, I think -- there was room for even more character exploration, especially in regard to Crais. I also didn't think he should have spelled out the fact that he named the star Aeryn -- it was pretty clear from the situation and the sentences beforehand, and it would have been more touching if left unsaid. I don't want to take away from the episode, though, because it was great work from Browder, and I really hope that he writes more episodes in the future, because, as I said before, this was actually better than a lot of the work from the 'official' writers, who normally concentrate too much on the plotting, and often have a more shallow take on the character department. Good episode, and great performances from all three main actors.

Review by dominar

Like I allready sed, I hate Crais. But our boy Johny gets the girl on the end. Rygel and Stark - splendid (ah that Gruntschlk)

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