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Review by Mnax

I am reading all these cenmomts and the one thing that keeps crossing my mind is that, although I have always been a frugal shopper, it has never even crossed my mind to search the internet to learn how to save money and use coupons. SO, my thoughts are that Mrs. Smith has not only saved all of us the time and effort to learn all these very valuable tips and cost saving ways on our own, but that if I hadn't taken her class, it may not have even been a consideration to sit down and find all this information quite frankly even if I did have the thought, I would have likely put it off and not done it. And who is to say that I would have found all the information I learned from Mrs. Smith some people may not even know where to start searching the web for this info. There really is alot to learn. Not to mention, taking the class was exciting, fun and interesting.And something just isn't right with knocking someone's business and then going and promoting the same thing for yourself or others. Already off to a bad start as far as reputation goes.Mrs. Smith is very professional, friendly, helpful and considerate. She also continues to help after you have taken the class .and her enthusiasm for saving money, for herself and others, shows and is infectious. You can't get that for free off the internet.If I didn't take her class I wouldn't have been able to save as much money as I already have .and will continue to do for the rest of my life. From one money saver to the next .Mrs. Smith's small fee is worth every penny!thank you Mrs.Smith!

Review by Rob Harwood

Having watched the episodes serially, I came to this episode with no conceptions about future episodes whatsoever. So, I was completely surprised by the handling of the two Crichtons and the splitting of the two crews. I enjoyed the pop culture references, especially the aborted A Few Good Men quote; I thought that was obvious and yet subtle at the same time. For me, this was the best episode to date. Maybe it's because I didn't have to wait between episodes, maybe it's because I don't know what's coming next, but this episode introduced a level of complexity that was unexpected and refreshing, unlike any previous episodes. In fact, given the high praise I've heard of Farscape as a whole, I'm surprised at the weakness of the overall series so far, and it is only this episode that gives me hope for the possibilities of the remainder of the series. I liked how the two Crichtons were not unrealistically antagonistic, and yet distrustful of each other; how they were able to outsmart the lie detector in a cooperative fashion; how Xhalax Sun is introduced as a totally savvy character (including the handling of the shape-shifter); and how Crais and Talyn were revived as major players in the plot rather than merely bench warmers. If the remaining episodes can maintain this level of intrigue, I have high hopes for the series as a whole. Otherwise, I'll plod through it just to know what I'm talking about when I say that Farscape was 'ho hum'.

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