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"Eat Me"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Spanky

The music enhanced the tension - very well done.

Review by Tommy

I love this episode, it's like a short horror movie. It's so tense and suspenseful and I love the darkness it has. The cloning business is ingenious, especially the radical choice of keeping both John's alive. This is as good as any non-Scorpy episode can be.

Review by Pierre

I missed this episode the first time around and had to ponder the results there after for the rest of the season as to why there was two of the main character, I watched this episode and though.....Why?...It's not bad but it's an odd one indeed, after thinking about it the result gave season 3 a more emotional feel and I can see why they went about creating duplicates...but it could have been done better?

Review by Steve "easterner" Ca

An episode many viewers found repulsive. A true horror episode about a brain sucking psycho who was freed from PK control after a Scarran attack. His actions would affect the 3rd season and the survival of the cast was in grave doubt.

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