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Self Inflicted Wounds, Part 2:
"Wait for the Wheel"

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Review by Anna

the first response is fully ccrreot. This is too new of a model year and the type of vehicle you are looking at is a vehicle which won't get a lot of reviews to begin with. The buyers for this type of vehicle are not generally shoppers, these people are what they call in the business lay downs. They come in generally knowing little to no information about the car that they are interested in. They test drive one car after looking at it for five minutes walk into the box with the closer, get pounded like an SOB by the desk jockey and leave so sore and buried from that deal that the next 72 months are just going to be excruciating for them. And the best part is although it is a decent vehicle for the money, they could've had some really really nice cars for the same kind of money.I'm not saying this is you, because let's face it your shopping just by asking this question, you are showing that you are interested in consumer reviews. I will tell you from personal experience, don't trust what other consumers tell you. generally people that leave reviews are one of two things, still in the Honeymoon Stage and are so in love with their new purchase that they cannot see the forest for the trees, or, they are pissed off and full of buyers remorse. Neither of these two reviews are going to be helpful for you because they were both written with angst and with passion for their opinion, so that passion is just going to cloud and clog the information they are trying to portray for you.EDIT: to the guy above me, the hyundai santa fe is actually a great SUV, and I **** hyundai as a general. I can understand them not replacing that lady's transaxle. A ****** flush is a very vital thing, whether or not you would concur, it is the difference between a 180K ****** and a ****** going out.And the Mariner and escape, have consecutively recieved some of the worst reliablility and safety ratings over the span of their productions.The Equinox is a good vehicle four or six cylinder, i preferred the torrent just for the appliques that it came with, poor poor pontiac. The Rogue is a lot smaller than the Sante Fe, the Morano would be it's competitor, and, the morano is a lot more mula.

Review by Tip

Easiest way to write off a character is to kill them. This two-parter was the first multi-episode title i didn't like. For me, Farscape isn't a superlative show. But, when it is at it's best, it is greatly enjoyable. And, then, those random lame ducks are weak enough as to actually make them difficult to watch. I took so many breaks, could not get into this story.

By the way.. John is treated like a jerk, while Zaan is telling Rigel how good he is--two seconds after talking him out of murder!

There were a lot of other similar inconsistancies this episode that just seemed like a lack of attention to detail. Both in the plot, and in the characters' behavior.

another sidenote--So Stark's evil side comes from the 1000s of souls he has helped guide to death, absorbing a bit of each one of them or something. So, if instead of being a "good guy," he were a "bad guy," would he be infected from the bits of good he has absorbed over the years?

I would think all the good bits he has accumulated would have a profound effect as well.

Review by Tommi

I loved this episode. Zhaan's death here touched me way more than Aeryn's in Die Me, Dichotomy. Part of this was because of the beautiful speech she made, and the reaction from Stark. There was just something etheric and beautiful about their honest love for each other, and I almost always hate all ships in science fiction, so the fact that I liked it says a lot.

There's also lots of good action and many suspenseful scenes. And oh how I love Harvey now that he has become his own entity! Scorpius is my ultimate favourite forever, so it's great to have another different version of him that now is becoming more and more distinct from him. I really liked the scenes between Harvey and John, these two are just great, and the various imaginative circumstances they have when they 'see' each other are always great to watch.

It's so sad to lose Zhaan, who was always one of the most fascinating characters on Moya, but if she had to go, this was a perfect way of doing it.

Review by Brian

Overall, the complete Farscape saga just doesn't seem "complete" without Zhaan. I enjoyed this episode very much but I think they should have found another way to deal with Virginia Hey's departure. Zhaan should have been planted. I missed the group dynamic the show had going up to this point.

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