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"Die Me, Dichotomy"

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Review by Slender Means

It's funny, because I was just thinking, before watching this episode, that Farscape was definitely very good in spots, but it never really reached that top level I expected. There was always something critical missing, something certain episodes of Babylon 5, DS9 and the new Battlestar Galactica could lay claim to -- moments that blew you away, left you reeling. Moments that reached out of the screen and shook you. While Farscape came very close to this level on one or two occasions ('The Way We Weren't' being the finest attempt, in my opinion) it never quite reached it. This episode, however, is the first real '5' of the series, in my opinion -- the first time where I was almost teary eyed when watching it.

The Scorpius-Crichton figure was horrifying, and utterly effective in every scene he was in. Just the right blend of silkiness and malice. The actress for Aeryn was, as usual, very good, as was the actor playing Crichton, and their scenes together were excellent. D'Argo was solid, although he had no stand-out material here, and his son was surprisingly tolerable. Rygel showed an incredibly rare flash of tenderness at the funeral, which I particularly enjoyed. The only thing that left me cold was Zhaan -- at the start of the series she was easily one of the most promising characters. Over time she has inexplicably become one of the worst, due to lack of good material for her character, a strange whining quality that has crept in, and her far too sudden attachment to Stark. I also wondered why she didn't partly blame herself for what happened to Aeryn, after she was stupid enough to go into John's mind, KNOWING that he was dangerous, mentally compromised and had previously assaulted Aeryn. It was idiotic beyond belief.

That being said, this was still a stellar episode, the best of the series so far. It unfortunately offers the biggest problem so far, too -- Aeryn, and her relationship with Crichton, is arguably the facet of this series that works best, and keeps everything else aloft. They have undeniable chemistry on screen, due to the actors and the way the characters are written. Without this element, I'm tempted to say that the show is effectively crippled. And yet, if she miraculously comes back from the dead, the viewers would feel cheated. It's as if the writers have delivered their best ever episode, but put themselves in check-mate as a result. A Pyrrhic victory? We'll see.

Review by dominar

O baby! This is "splendid". And that guy Grun something (splenid). And funeral. I cry every time when I watch that. I LOVE Farscape. That is the best TV show ever.

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