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"The Ugly Truth"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Max

oh neat, this answers is dilfniteey helpful and without a doubt is thoughts suitable! hehe. I'm going to watch if I will be able to have a shot at to utilize most of these details for my own personal blog page. Bless you!

Review by Xeddicus

The review is spot on, and I noticed how Aeryn heard John say "phone us" vs "call us" which was what he really said. She's assuming human-centric words from him or just plain picking them up at this point apparently.

Review by Steve "easterner" Ca

An excellent take on the Japanese classic RASHAMON in full FS style. Zhaan saw no evil, heard no evil, said no evil. she watered down all negative comments on Plakavians and praised them while lying to protect Stark. Stark lied to implacate Crais. D'Ago spoke what he thought was true to impacate Stark, he also saw things differently than the others with himself as center of universe. Aeryn lied to protect John & Talyn. Creighton who was the only 1 positioned to see the truth lied to protect Talyn. The crew all saw John as agreeing with them and saw Zhaan as dithering.

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