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"The Locket"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Tommy

Ugh. Well, as an anti-shipper, this wasn't very good. At all. The Star Trek physics is not believable, the plot has been done, the focus is on the boring romance so even the 'touching' scenes didn't really touch me at all. There are only two things that keep this from getting a 1. First of all, Stark is back! It's about time, he's been missed. I love his interaction with Zhaan here, especially the casual nude scene. Secondly, anything with a Harvey appearence can't suck that much, even though that appearence is very brief.

Review by Eric

One of the Best Farscape episodes. A must-see for the series..

Review by dominar

On one web page I found that this script is best tv script ever. Well, I agree. We all knew who was in that locket, don't we?

Review by dominar

Again great shipper story. You love that couple or you don't. So if you don't this ep isn't something much, but if you do that is one of the best FS

Review by dominar

This is a dream of every pure shipper. I'm too old for this shit...

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