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"Won't Get Fooled Again"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Vinay

Delilah, This book was very thought ponrvkieg. There is a Delilah in every church or community. Everyone knows or knows of a Delilah. In am hoping for a sequel to Delilah. I am curious to how this Pastor, Julia, and church family lives are restored and redeemed these betrayels.

Review by Slender Means

The first Farscape episode I ever saw. It's obviously much more coherent seeing it the second time -- an enjoyable episode, if in a very wacky way. The mind chip detail was particularly interesting, as was the artful way it was blocked from John's consciousness later. All the characters do really well in their 'alternate personalities'(something that I didn't feel anywhere near as much when watching the older episode in which they switched bodies). Ben Browder in particular deserves credit, as the script was written in a way that placed all the emphasis on his character -- it demanded him to carry the episode on his shoulders, and he came through very well. It's fitting that he quotes Hamlet at one point, because he almost seems to take on that sort of 'antic disposition' during the episode, where he becomes utterly reckless and daring, a 'madman' in an even madder world.

The gun detail is a bit convenient for the plot (even if it couldn't harm his captor) but it's within the realm of possibility. A solid episode that combines a surreal darkness with humour seamlessly.

Review by Tommy

This. Is. Perfect. I love Farscape when it's at its strangest, and this certainly is that! So much fun, yet also those wonderful dark tones. Harvey is great and I adore his interaction with John in this episode, and of course the whole neuro chip explanation, which is just a genious idea. I can't praise this episode enough.

Review by dominar

O boy! What a ep! Poor JC, there is no wander that there is that Society against cruelty to Crichton (or something like that).

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