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Look at the Princess, Part 3:
"The Maltese Crichton"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Tip

Rating the 3 part arc as whole, it was one of my favorite stories. Ben, is right, that plot hole is pretty big. But, I was greatly entertained for all 3.

Review by Wetnose

I love this trilogy. When I watched it for the first time it was the one that converted me from being mildly interested into a real fan.
It was the layers of deceit and intrigue that got me. Mainly from Scorpius. What the main review seems to miss here is that although we are informed that Scorpius gets weak around heat, he doesn't. It merely suits him to pretend to.
Unless I misread it. After John leaves him at the end he immediately perks up and is clearly unaffected. Going to so far as to nonchalantly run his fingers through the boiling acid.
Yes he knows John won't kill him. John can't anyway, and Scorpius has set him up to believe in a weakness he doesn't possess. Something he may use to his advantage later. What a great baddie.

Review by Ben

I was not as impressed with this trilogy as some others. I love Farscape (to a degree that worries me a little, frankly), but let's be honest, the writers can be a bit lazy with the plot holes from time to time. These episodes were particularly rife with credibility challenging lapses. One of the recurring points where they stretch credibility is when heads of state/planet allow the crew complete, armed access to them. That happens here, again. My biggest plot hole concern: Clavor and the Scarran lop off John's head in the presence of the princess. It's been made abundantly clear that she can hear and see everything and can communicate what she sees and hears through the magic walkman headphones. Why did they let her see and hear them? Why didn't the first person on the scene just ask her what she saw?

Review by dominar

That kissing scene on the end! They're compatibile. Hurray! (little D'Argo is on his way)

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