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"The Way We Weren't"

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Average Reader Score
Review by jollybard

Overreactions upon overractions upon overreactions...
The characters' reactions were ridiculous and cheesy. Can't they just accept their past? And Aeryn's character doesn't make sense...

Review by Slender Means

Wonderful episode. I was actually tempted to give this one a 5. (The only other time this has happened so far is for A Human Reaction.) I think about 4.5 is more on the mark, though. I love the way the episode turns expectations on its head -- Pilot goes from victim to part of the 'guilty party' within moments. His outburst of rage at Aeryn is also particularly good, in how it is implied that much of that anger is directed at himself more than anything. We then see Zhaan's hypocrisy at work -- condemning murder, but being only too happy to maim Pilot earlier in the series, as well as killing someone herself -- as well as John's compassion and surprising empathy. Aeryn, of course, is one of the focal points, and she doesn't disappoint -- a strong performance, and even the guest star worked very well for his role. This is probably the best 'character episode' of Farscape that I've seen so far, and maybe the best episode in general from the series so far, too.

Review by Rory

Wow, where to begin? This is a phenomenal episode that shines like a diamond amid the dross of the early second season. In short, itís perhaps the best episode of Farscapeís entire run. Gripping, intense and at times unbearably moving, this is an example of television at its finest. Brilliantly written and directed, it features some award-worthy performances, notably from the always-excellent Claudia Black and guest star Nick Dimitriades. Itís shocking, uncompromising and riveting from start to finish and even after repeated viewings, this episode still moves me to tears. It doesnít get much better than this.

Review by dominar

One of the best FS ever! (And I'm glad that Velorek is dead too)

Review by Steve "easterner" Ca

Hands down the best stand alone episode of the 4 year series.

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