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"Crackers Don't Matter"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Nienna

This was absolutely the best episode that I've seen. It had the characters in character out of character (that is, realistically insane) lots of hilarious lines without being at all a comedy. I have seldom seen to clean and effective a mix of dark and light. Brilliant.

Review by Rory

This is an insane episode, but in a decidedly good sense. Although this isn’t the first instance that we see the crew starting to act out of character (and nor is it the last), it’s executed with considerable finesse and veers between outrageously humorous and disturbingly dark with disarming swiftness. It takes a while to build up, but the wait is worth it, for the sight of the begoggled, puke-covered Crichton is simply priceless. Overall, ‘Crackers Don’t Matter’ is a trippy, highly enjoyable romp with an edge to it. It’s interesting to note that the insanity of John Crichton (for which T’Raltixx is only slightly responsible) continues apace.

Review by dominar

I love FS because episodes like this. John is sooo bad (hit D'Argo in wounded leg and Chiana thing). But flat PK, that is something. And: "We're going to die" Humans are superior!

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