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"Taking the Stone"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Tommy

I like the creepiness of this episode and Chiana's emotional growth, but there's also something annoying about this ep. The cave kids are so far from likeable and the B-plot is kind of ridiculous, I always hate it when they mix fantasy into scifi. So all in all this episode is ok and gets a 3 from me, just barely.

Review by Tip

I liked it for a bit. But, this whole story could have been done in a 22 minute (the length of u.s. half-hour shows) episode. And, things that could have been easily smoothed out, were a mess.

John tries to convince Chiana repeatedly not to jump. Aeryn repeated tells him to cool it, Chiana needs to take whatever time she needs to do what she needs. Then, in the end, she is telling John to hurry Chiana up as she pays her final respects? Made no sense considering their attitudes the whole episode.

Chiana wants to experience "life" in the thrill-seeking sense of the word--danger induced, heart-racing, adrenaline pumping life. She complains about the boring ship. Yet, all the crew is constantly in peril and dishes of danger and excitement are served up to the crew regularly.

That is more "life" or excitement than a bunch of stoners jumping down a hole at a seemingly high success rate. It would be fair to say her life would be more dangerous if she DID return to the ship.

Review by Rory

Ugh. This is without doubt the worst episode Farscape ever made: a dismally disjointed, woefully boring mess thatís pretty much excruciating to have to sit through again. The script is shockingly poor: the plot is practically nonexistent and the episode meanders from scene to scene without ever building anything in the way of momentum. Frankly, I just didnít care. The junkie kids were totally obnoxious and there were even brief moments when I stopped caring about the regular characters. The ridiculous Rygel subplot involving haunted treasure only confounds an already dreadful episode. Avoid this one: at all costs.

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