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"Vitas Mortis"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Mercya

I noticed that you didn't moteinn the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series as part of your watching regiment (though you've been watching some great shows). I highly recommend it. And Randy being able to write more is a great thing--I'm loving the Spinward Fringe series. Keep 'em comin!

Review by Tommy

Boring, and gets more boring every time I watch it. There are a few funny scenes between Aeryn and Chiana and also of course there's Rygel's ass. But that's about it, anything about Nilaam and D'Argo is a snoozefest.

Review by Tip

Yeah, mixed bag. I am still not completely understanding the priestess. Isn't she familiar with the renewal spell? If it the spell was meant for Dago, wouldn't her years pass to him, and wouldn't she know that? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I still enjoyed the episode alright though, more than Bug's life.

Review by Rory

‘Vitas Mortis’ is a distinctly pedestrian love story for D’Argo. In fact, was it even a love story? Did he actually love Nilaam? Hard to say because the relationship between them falls completely flat and I never once got a hint of any genuine emotion. Nilaam isn’t a remotely likeable character, so the predictably ‘tragic’ conclusion bore very little weight. The plot, though serviceable is pretty thin and is barely able to sustain an entire forty-five minutes of drama.

Review by Shellix

While i agree that this episode was quite dull and weird i just can't forget the funniest part that stayed with me ever since i started watching Farscape. this is Rygel getting stuck in Moya's bulkhead with his ass out in space!! i especially love john telling pilot they're lucky sparkys got a big ass and pilot says "Pardon?"

Review by Jeff

You are a little bit hard on this episode but I agree with you with the dialogue. Crichtons acting was a bit overboard when they entered the place, it was a bit annoying. Hey, what happened to the guy who didn't talk at the beginning? It was a bit weird of Aeryn to decided the shoot first before asking questions. It was funny when Rygel's butt saved the day, he must be pretty tough.

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