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"Mind the Baby"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Tommy

In many ways it's an interesting and good episode. I love the Scorpy and Braca scenes. It's a good-quality opener and pretty exciting. The best theme here is the situation of Crais, this character has developed in an interesting way and I've come to like him a lot. Moya and Talyn are also wonderful in this episode.

Review by Slender Means

A bit underwhelming...it opens in a way that almost feels 'cold', as if the actors are trying to remember how to settle back into the old rhythm and play their parts. After the first segment things become smoother in this department, but I find it a bit too convenient for the plot that Talyn would choose Crais over Aeryn, especially as she was the one the 'baby' had known longer. It's not impossible, though, so it can be overlooked.

Review by Rory

While lacking the dramatic and emotional punch that made ‘Family Ties’ such a winner, ‘Mind the Baby’ is nevertheless a very solid opener to the second season, which successfully resolves the fate of the characters while sending the series spinning into an interesting new trajectory. In some respects, not a lot actually happens: the resolution to the seemingly insurmountable multiple cliff-hangers of the previous episode were disappointingly easy, but there’s still plenty to enjoy and the episode is extremely well executed: the directing, performances and production values were uniformly brilliant (as per usual) and the tight pace is maintained throughout. Overall, a strong season opener.

Review by dominar

I hate that bastard Crais! I'm glad that he is dead. Nobody mess with John's girl!

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