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"Dream a Little Dream / Re: Union"

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Review by julian

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Review by jxnbylg

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Review by hakigs

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Review by Tommy

It's a good episode but nowhere near the best of Farscape. I love these three characters and they are awesome together. Chiana is hilarious in the courtroom and it has other very good moments too.

Review by Rory

Originally this was meant to be the season premiere, but it was moved in place of ‘Mind the Baby’. It’s not difficult to see why. Although there are some good moments, it just doesn’t come together and generally feels lacklustre and pedestrian. That the flashbacks relate in no way to the ‘real time’ story make it all seem rather pointless and mitigates any real sense of tension or urgency. All in all, ‘Dream a Little Dream’ is pretty much a waste of time.

Review by Matt

2 out of 5? No way! I thought this episode was great, aside from not featuring some of the cast. Still, I don't feel it suffered as a standalone episode. The concept was interesting--an entire planet of crooked lawyers. Definitely parallels our own ways. I loved how Chiana and Rygel decided to help Zhaan, even after her giving up and Chiana being threatened, and Rygel really took charge throughout in a way we hadn't seen yet. Seriously, he kicked ass. Finally the end was just epic, how the man behind the conspiracy was brought down by the ancient laws that their society had "built upon" and corrupted.

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