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"Family Ties"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Tip

Great Episode, great climax. Though, as a policy I hate season ending cliffhangers. Fortunately, I am going straight to the next season:)

Only thing that bugged me was they were too quick to trust Crais. Asylum is one thing; but why did they let him just wander around freely. If 1 of the 6 of our heros were as smart as they seem to be, they would not have given him access to Tayln: a new powerful weapon that the Peacekeepers have been hoping for for years. Yeah, yeah it advances the story, but characters need to have logical motivations. And, I would expect any of the crew to insist his asylum be served from confinement until they can release him safely at some other location.

Everything else? Tight!

Review by Tommy

One of the best of season One. This truly is a touching episode, and the ending is too awesome for words (visually, too; the image of D'Argo and John hopelessly floating above the burning base, just... wow!). Other elements I love include Aeryn's bond with Talyn, Rygel's deception, interaction between Scorpius and Braca, and also John's interaction with D'Argo, Crais and Rygel. A very good episode where almost every character has some sort of role, and it's one of the most emotional ones with everyone exchanging goodbyes and all that.

Review by Rory

ĎFamily Tiesí successfully ties together all the main elements of the season into an exhilarating, gripping and emotionally potent season finale thatís capped by one hell of a cliff-hanger. Whilst the plot is well crafted and suitably exciting, itís the character moments that make this truly shine and there are some surprisingly moving emotional fireworks throughout the episode. Itís wonderful to see just how close the crew have become over the past season and their farewells were simply tear-jerking. There are twists and turns aplenty, particularly where Crais is concerned and the cliff-hanger is emotional, gut-wrenching and thrilling all at once. Truly superb: Farscape has already become one of the best sci-fi shows ever made, make no mistake.

Review by dominar

I love hangin' with you dude! John Crichton was here bastards. Gammak base go south. Up to yours Scorp.

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