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"Bone to be Wild"

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Review by Nanu

All in all, I didn't think it wasn't a bad episode. Yeah, Br'nee looked a little hokey but then again this is sci-fi. In some planet, somewhere, dude fits right in.

The one thing I found a little surprising was that Crichton didn't know that Zhaan was a plant since they had shared unity...

Review by Tip

I thought John's laughing was odd too; I thought maybe he is starting to go crazy; It reminded me of the how he laughed at Scorpio while feeling the affects of 'the chair,' and some other times between now and then.

Frankly, Br'nee's physiology bugged me. I 'spose whatever he is, he is a fertile place for things to grow. That's fine. But it what bio system is that sort of mouth efficient? It didn't look helpful in anyway. Looked like a random one-off mutation. Not something that would evolve gradually in a whole species. Anal, and nit-picky, I know; but i couldn't stop looking at it, haha!

A few episodes back, i wasn't sure how interesting this baby ship would be. But, I ate up the scenes with him and Aeryn. They were great!

Review by Tommy

Again a really good episode with some wonderful Scorpy moments, especially the awesome fight with Crais. The main plot isn't bad either, I like how it keeps us on our toes, we just never know the true colours of the two guest characters until the end. I love the revelation about Zhaan. Also, a little thing I like is how another favourite of mine, Braca, is slowly starting to have some scenes. So this is definitely not a bad episode, well worth watching.

Review by Luke

I was suprised by the number of lack luster reveiws I have read here and tottally disagree with the thought that this was a bad episode, I thought that the creature design wwas wonderful (BR'Nee was my favorite villain in series 1 asides crais and scorpy) The plot solid and it led to a very good conclusion as well as a good twist in the main plot and more development of the back. One of my favorites from series 1.

Review by Rory

Hmm…this isn’t bad by any means, but it suffers from being sandwiched between the superb preceding two-parter and the explosive season finale. The subplots, involving Talyn and the Crais/Scorpius power struggle successfully rack up the tension and set up the events of ‘Family Ties’ but they also overshadow the main plot, which is pretty weak by comparison. M’Lee is a suitably chilling creation, but the plant scientist is just hokey, with neither the costume/makeup or the performance rising above the pantomime level. An uneven, mixed bag, with most the points going to the sub-plots

Review by Steve "easterner" Ca

You can always tell a bad FS episode. The backstory (Scorpius & Crais here) is far more intersting than main story. This episode though contains a major revelation and does require watching. I would have rated it one but after rewatching it recently found it wasn't as bad as I remembered, but still wasn't good.

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