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"The Hidden Memory"

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Review by sammy

GHbXdY http://www.QS3PE5ZGdxC9IoVKTAPT2DBYpPkMKqfz.com

Review by tech

Giana dying pissed me off and he couldn't say I love you back!? WTF!!?? Giana is way better than Aryin. This was my first turn off of the series.

Review by Zoran

Who is Shane going to kill in a survivalist rage? We all know that Shane’s in-it-for-himself mode is at once inasne and completely rational, given the circumstances. But at a certain point, his recklessness is going to result in a non-walker-related fatality. He’s already confronted Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), who thinks Shane is a danger to the group. When Shane uttered the title of this episode, “You’re pretty much dead already,” he had a point: it’s only a matter of time before the walkers get everyone. It’s the ones in it for themselves that will live the longest. The next time he’s faced with life or death, he may aim higher than someone’s knees in order to escape.

Review by Spanky

I'd delete half a star for the rescue party's being able to land undetected. Otherwise, top-notch. One running theme for the show that really came across in these past 2 episodes is "loyalty."

Review by Tommy

An excellent conclusion to the plot that started in Nerve. A lot of interesting things happen here. It's nice to get to know more about Stark, and I love his interaction with John. Scorpy is brilliant in this episode, especially in the end where Crichton runs straight into him. I loved the part where Crais gets some chair, and his and Aeryn's communication. I also must mention the little part in the pressure chamber between Chiana and Rygel - it's hilarious. Gilina's death was touching.

Review by dominar

Great conclusion for Nerv. And Aeryn in her commando mode is just awesome (radiant Aeryn Sun, indeed)

Review by dominar

Sequel to Nerv and excelent one for me. Aeryn in commando mode, ugh. She is realy radiant (like someone already say). This is FS on his best.

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