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Average Reader Score
Review by Julya

Several episodes in, some quick ceommnts.1) Those D.I.D.s or whatever that flit about the ship look like Roombas with worm lights attached.2) The Ben Browder characters on both shows seem pretty similar so far leading man trying to hold together disparate elements and cracking wise while doing so. Claudia Black's are quite different, though.

Review by Tommy

I love this episode, it's the best on season one for me. My favourite character is Scorpius, and not just in Farscape but in all science fiction, so I'm glad we finally get him. His entrance into the series is just compelling, brilliantly twisted, cool and charismatic. I love the Aurora chair, and then we have some other wonderful elements like Chiana acting all flirty and scheming, the sweet Gilina, and also the funny introduction of another great character, Stark. There's also a lot of good action and all the best characters get the spotlight, so for me, this is nothing short of perfect.

Review by dominar

Nerv is Farscape on his best. And introducing two new charaters: Stark (my side your side) and Scorpy - best vilain ever.

Review by dominar

This is one of the best FS episodes ever for me. it has everything: action, drama, love and humor (my side your side). When I think of FS on his best, I think of Nerv. Get the comfy chair!

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