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"A Bug's Life"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Philbert

This episode is actually a remake of 1.03 "Exodus from Genesis" so involves the same basic plotline. This version is much better however and manages to move the show in a darker direction while at the same time giving Aeryn some more backstory. For me, anything with Peacekeepers in it is of the good.

Review by Tip

I figured i should vote since i unintentionally have begun using this site as a companion as I watch this, for the first time, on netflix streaming.(great site!)

I don't know, I found the old plot rather dull. Found myself getting impatient for the next episode. Character growth was well done; just seen the 'one of us is infected' plots too many times.

Review by Tommy

A solid episode. Nice, though not particularly original plot. I love Chiana in this and the scene near the end where everyone's pointing guns at everyone is great. Some parts are confusing but that's the only negative thing about this one.

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